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  1. I think they have increased to 1080p with the new series X servers. I tried it last night and it looked terrible blown up on my 55" OLED. At best the image looked softer/blurrier than normal, at worst it looked like a low resolution youtube video. There was also an odd thing where a scan line would run down the screen every so often creating judder. Xcloud has worked well for me on my mobile maybe because the screen is smaller but doesn't scale well in my experience. I can see me using it to quick try out a game (it would have saved me downloading GTA SA for example) but its a very poor substitute for local gaming on console.
  2. Hmm I can't see streaming as an option, presumably it's accessed via the gamepass app? The press release is a little vague in saying it will be released to a subset of Xbox gamers. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/11/17/xbox-cloud-gaming-launches-on-console/ Scratch that, it's appeared after updating the console
  3. Does anyone know how the game of the year edition will be handled? My assumption is that, if you are ok Xbox and playing via gamepass, the game will just auto update to the new version?
  4. I would be playing with fellow forum folks Would setting up a rllmuk halo club be the easiest way to organise? my GT is Tobert1979
  5. This is very good advice. I tend to look for the highest scoring player on my team and stay close to them
  6. Playground have gifted a Free 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder for the Xbox's 20th Birthday. Check you inbox, there should be a message in there.
  7. And the lead platform for BF2042 was Xbox... This is sublime, I topped the leaderboard in my first game of big team battle. I stress I have average Dadcore level skills at best but a lot of that players in the game seemed very green. I spent some time in that match in the middle of the map mowing several members of the opposing team on a stationary warthog...maybe I got lucky, or maybe I am playing against bots without realising...
  8. Boot camp was cool but cutscenes seemed more juddery, like it was dropping to 30fps for those parts
  9. Go to one of the festivals and there is a Barn find option in the menu there
  10. Where? Or rather, how do I activate then?
  11. Are there show stopper races in this like the train and the hovercraft from FH4? I know there are the big events tied to each outpost but these seem to be more like straight races or chatting whilst driving through a storm
  12. I had a look for a refund but the option wasn't available in my purchase history. I will just wait until Tuesday ...or presumably Monday if I set my machine to NZ?
  13. I managed to buy the wrong bundle on the iceland store and ended up just getting the two expansions rather than VIP bundle. However the two expansion bundle was cheaper ( around £15 vs £25 on the iceland store), what does the VIP bundle add other than early access?
  14. tobert

    It Takes Two

    Everyone should play this, I would put it up their against Astrobot as a great non-mario platform game
  15. The best thing about the multiplayer was the sandbox, everything felt really slick and was ripe with possibilities. Hopefully they will be leaning into that for the wide up campaign
  16. I use the Xbox app on my Chromebook (which runs android apps) to connect to my Xbox remotely and can then cast this to the TV. It probably adds a tonne of latency though
  17. 343 were doing a lot of things right in the Halo Infinite multiplayer test flight, if that carries over to campaign then, combined with gamepass, I can see it being a surprising hit (at least compared to the beating it has taken pre-release)
  18. tobert

    It Takes Two

    Finished this last night, such and wonderfully well designed game with the final level being a real highlight. Hopefully this will Hit Game pass/EA play soon so more people can discover it
  19. Are spoilers in racing games a thing now...?
  20. I have a nearly have all the upgrades from the mirror, I am working on the ones which increase the chance of rare boons. I generally go with Skelly tooth trinket
  21. I have something like 45 attempts have escaped once. I think the time I escaped I had a boon which mean I gained 2% health for every attack. God mode is currently 52% resistance! I really like this game but I can only really play late at night and sometimes find it too frantic/hard.
  22. Went back to this tonight, went looking for my bike but every time I went to the location indicated on the map, it wasn't there. Then when I went back to look at the map it indicated a different location. After trying 3 different indicated spots I turned off...
  23. I feel this describes spotting in nearly every BF game I have played
  24. I was the same, I ended up stop playing because it was making me feel queasy. Its a shame because it feels like there is a seed of a great, really chilled game, but the technical stuff just gets in the way too much. Hopefully it will be patched down the line
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