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  1. In your account settings, there is a bit called 'Family View'. This lets you set up a PIN and restricted access to certain items, then you can toggle it on and off like parental mode on the TV or whatever. That way you don't have to create a new account. The only other way I think is what you suggested, which is to create a new account and use family sharing, but I believe that just shares your whole library anyway. Maybe someone else can chime in on that?
  2. I haven't been able to even play this lately. Finished a load of work that I'd been flooded with, go to load it up and check out the new classes and expansion and bam, fecking anti-cheat bs flags the latest Windows Insider build as a hack so I can't even load the game.
  3. I've been real busy with work and haven't had much time to devote to this. Should be better soon and I'll have more time to spend in the evenings. Admittedly I find it hard to play this for short stints, I just don't enjoy it. It's far better having time to spend to explore and take everything in as there's loads to appreciate and do. Great to hear Mediah is coming soon though, I think when it released in Korea it came with a couple of new classes too.
  4. Only picked this up a few days ago and have been having a blast. Added a few of you PC guys that I've seen uplay tags for, mine is mattgirv. Disappointed with the drop in/matchmaking design of this game after my experiences over the last couple of days though. Yesterday I'd spent about 2 hours going through the mission with the cleaners. The first couple of times, people were leaving half way through after dying/failing/whatever. The last time was the worst though, we got through till the end boss, spent ages chipping away at him and then I got kicked by the group leader. I was so pissed off, apparently it's a way of boosting other players, getting someone to do all the hard work.. boot them then invite your buddy for the XP/loot. Tossers. I think until they change the way it works currently, either by disabling the ability to kick or to keep you in the mission solo rather than booting you back to the safe house, I'll be avoiding any pub play on this outside of the DZ.
  5. Oh man, servers down till 1700 now. Feels like my daily southeastern commute..
  6. I've just ordered this. Been sitting on the sidelines and saw some early previews of CBT1 but this looks really engrossing with a nice sized world. I remember seeing quite a few people saying the world seemed quite empty with a lack of direction in the earlier tests, but I don't know whether that was a lack of things to do or more freedom in choosing progression yourself. How are things looking now for those that are actually playing?
  7. Picked up quite a few games, including Dying Light which I'd missed out on earlier in the year. Is the multiplayer just that spotty or does no one really play anymore? I keep getting these popups saying there are people nearby to join, but the server/game browser always appears empty. Shame as it seems most of the fun is playing it in a group.
  8. I bought Dark Souls 2 from G2Play for £15, but it was the RU version and had to be activated through a VPN. Had it about a week now and played it a few times and it hasn't disappeared yet.
  9. I just picked up Dark Souls 2, I'm very tempted to use GeDoSaTo/ENB but want to wait and see what happens with VAC bans over the next few weeks. Aren't any of you guys worried about that?
  10. Amazing scenes, glad that this worked out for you in the end hat. Sounded very promising and looks like it turned out to be a great haul. Certainly not something you see every day.
  11. It's pretty bad all round now, but it's definitely worse on the newer maps (Second Assault) in the bigger game modes. I've no idea about Naval Strike as I am on the PC but I saw a few vids and it looked pretty dire in some cases.
  12. In all honesty, I've found it hard to actually judge the quality of anything released since practically the first DLC as since then I've had that stupid 'packet loss' thing constantly popping up ruining my time. I have moments where it can be fine, and for those moments I do have a lot of fun. And it's not just me, I have a couple of friends who play and have fibre connections and they have the same problems. The netcode in BF4 seems to be gradually getting worse as time goes by, it certainly wasn't this bad at launch. DICE themselves have acknowledged that there are some serious faults that they need to work on. Sadly they push out DLC every couple of months rather than devoting their time and resources to fixing the game properly in the first place. And it's not as if this game was cheap, let alone those who paid for Premium/DLC. I think people have a right to bitch about it.
  13. I've still got my crusty G25, it's about 6 years old now but still as good as the day I bought it. Best £150 odd I ever spent. I was always tempted to upgrade to a Fanatec but I remember them having some problems with the belts when they launched and I sort of got put off by them. They're meant to be pretty great though. I want to buy a seat or frame thing for my pedals/wheels though as I'm playing on a swivel office chair at the moment so it's not exactly ideal.
  14. Man I'd be tempted by rFactor 2 but it seems pretty pricey for a life-time membership, and I still don't really understand why they'd charge for online features though I admittedly haven't done much research. It'd be nice to have had a setup similar to the original rFactor. Same reason I don't race iRacing anymore, it's too expensive as a hobby for me for the small amount of time I can put in to it. Assetto Corsa is extremely tempting. I love netKar Pro, it's one of my favorite sims in terms of realism so I expect pretty good things from them. It's shaping up to be a great game too from what I've seen. You think it's worth grabbing Dimahoo? I've spent a bit more time with pCars over the last couple of days and although it has come a long way, there are still some pretty big problems, namely with the tyres constantly scrubbing and the strange low speed abnormalities that seem to happen with a lot of the cars. And I haven't tried it since it just got updated, but that Focus RS was dire!
  15. Cheapest option in that regard imo is to pick up an A600 (which you can fit a 2.5" HDD to, has internal IDE/PCMCIA slot), and set up WHDload on that. If I remember, nearly everything worked on the A600 anyway, barring a couple of things and they can be had for next to nothing.
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