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  1. This is the best news ever, if jesus came back on the same day this was fansubbed I'd watch this instead.
  2. New Berserk anime?! WHAT!????????? I'm nursing a semi right now.
  3. mr.miffed

    The Suburbs

    I'm on my first listen and this just came on. Fucking great song. In general I'm liking it, it feels like a proper grower which TBF so far all three albums have been for me. I hated them when they first appeared but now I love them.
  4. I wondered where this thread had went. Gief me some good alternative comicbook universes please. I'm really enjoying 1602 ATM and would like more plz.
  5. He made Passion of the Christ you heathens, no amount of Zionist propaganda can unset him in God's eye's now so really your opinions are all invalid.
  6. I thought it was awesome. I thought the central mystery was handled very well, I kind of agree that it is a quite generic sort of mystery and it's nothing really new but I thought it was quite nicely handled. As for shoddy detective work, I think the suggestion is that it was handled by a small broadly ineffectual local police force who didn't have google in the sixties, couldn't be bothered looking into such an old case and that the protagonists merely joined the dots. TBH, and I'm not getting at anyone,
  7. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Is possibly the best film I've watched since The Lives of Others and Memories of Murder. Pure class from start to finish, nicely paced, suitably tense and stunning performance's all round. Hollywood remake on the way ofc, and Natalie Portman has apparently been considered for the lead. Highly recommended, watch it now before Hollywood does a big poo on it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1132620/
  8. I thought you were talking about http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095215/. Until I clicked the link. I've been trying to source the one I posted for many years after seeing the trailer on a VHS of "The Bite" many many years ago.
  9. I'd be up for this if anyone needs an extra man. I'm ok at it, got positive ratio anyway. My Gamertag is "mr miffed" for anyone with sigs switched off.
  10. I think we should, I'm absolutely loving it.
  11. My PC cost about 250 quid and It runs it on balanced with almost no dropped frames. Thats a dual core athlon 4400 with 2gigs of DDR2 667 and a 1gig geforce 8600GT. Still looks gorgeous on balanced.
  12. Yeah it does, I was getting really tempted to start a Black Orc because I was so sick of getting killed by everything but once you hit 11-12 you'll start to get some nice talents. There's a total of three Ailments, two from ranged and one from melee at my current level that fairly suck out the HP. You'll still lose against Hero's without help though. He is definitely a support character, forget about hand to hand unless you decide to explore the path of stabbin but you'll still not be as good as a Black Orc. I find it best to think off him as bonus DPS for tank's and for picking off the chaff. He's real handy in RvR though, stop runnin and run and shoot are well handy for chasing flag carriers. You also get sticky squigs that stops people moving for a few seconds so long as they don't take damage, it's let me get flag caps loads of times. He seems to be a good counter range class as I can usually take out mages and healers of equal and higher levels with ease but my biggest foils seem to be the Dwarf tank class, Witch Hunters and Warrior Priests. He definitely needs a lot of protection. Fecking Warrior priests, I hate them so much!
  13. I just reached lvl 16 as a squig herder(on Karak Vlag if, anyone wants to play there my Character is called Miffed) and had my first big open RvR experience. Stupid order tried to take over Dok Karaz or whatever it's called and me and my guild mates and some other lads give them a taste of warm daemon possessed steel and sent them running off like the poncy elfy ladies they all were. It was awesome far better than anything I've experienced in WoW. I think being in a decent guild really helps the game along, giving you a good pool of support for tricky PQ's and whatnot. And whoever said the classes come into their own at about level 15 is soooo right! Once I got Explodin' Arrer and Lots o' Arrers my DPS seems have flew up. One more lvl and plink's buildup is halved making 17 A huge milestone for Big Shootin squid herders. I really do hope this gets a sub forum soonish I'd love to chat talents and tactics with everyone.
  14. Hello, I like this game a lot. Why no sub forum yet? I've been playing a core rules server and I'm really enjoying every aspect of it so far. I played WoW to 37 with an orc hunter prior to playing this and although I accept it's not better in every way it's better in all the ways I want it to be. And it has proper goblins in it. Not like those high pitched fruits in WoW.
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