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  1. From BF3 to BF5, the community, I agree. However this feels different. They can patch the bugs, make improvements and I’m sure many will be happy but for me, specialists are not BF. The series has been built on dynamic, squad based gameplay at its core which has been discarded by the current developers. Voice chat? Scoreboards? I fondly remember my clan on BF1942 and BF2, which is many years ago. Series evolve and innovate and I’ll always support that so don’t want you to think I’m against change. It’s just I have so many great memories with this series. Thinking I’m coming across as just a grumpy old man and this game isn’t aimed at me and that’s fine and if your enjoying BF 2042, cool. But this ain’t Battlefield. http://www.embark-studios.com
  2. Love to hear it, winner winner chicken dinner.
  3. Super Castlevania IV - Been revisiting the SNES library with my son and this still stands the test of time. It was fantastic revisiting all the classic stages and the gameplay design choices made result in a true classic for the system. I was also pleasantly surprised that the difficulty led to my son rising to the challenge and being determined to beat it which he did.
  4. 1080p + YouTube compression ain’t doing this justice
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