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  1. Not showing for me when I check (using phone app)
  2. that was a terrible episode - a pretty scary monster design (though did look rubbery suit in a few shots ) ruined by a very heavy handed preachy episode.
  3. Series two starts 17th April in the states mark Hamill has been confirmed as a guest star
  4. If that left a bad taste don’t worry - what we do in the shadows (the movie) is on in 45 mins on bbc 2
  5. Yeah they are all hour and a halfish long - loved that thought it was solid entertainment
  6. It’s the first time the full planet destroying power Of the Death Star is used - the first two where just small strikes on Jeddah / skarif as they mention something about using half power or something like that (can’t remember top of my head). Both planets are both standing alderan was blown apart
  7. i used arcade manager (found here: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AKDIv4QPiPnLRlE&cid=363FD9CACF4244EA&id=363FD9CACF4244EA!5380&parId=363FD9CACF4244EA!4274&action=locate) it has all the cabinet art work, attraction vids etc..) for roms you will need to grab these yourself - in the above app you can select from which folder you have them saved to. Its bid fidley to start with but once you get your head round it its quite easy to set up arcades. i found that with the attract videos running my performance took a hit so i turned them off. easy way to set up quickly is first hit the standard cabinet button, then view map button (this will show you the arcade layout) then use the search bar search for the arcade you are wanting to add - when you find it click on it - then on the right hand side you will see all the details art work and what core its using etc..(comes pre-loaded with cores) - you then click on the the game tab and manually select the rom file location. then the fixed location tab and select where in the arcade you want it. For lightgun games just hit the lightgun cabinet button and do the same as above. Edit*** quick vid i made demonstrating the above method
  8. last ep is now out - another good ep and sets up season 2 quite well - really enjoyed this series as a whole
  9. https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/section/2335732183153590/
  10. The wife as part of my Xmas pressie game me a game fund to buy stuff from the various sales so picked up a few vr things. While I’ve had the demo version finally stumped for the full versions of neon arcade retro (it allows you to build your own vr arcade). Spent this morning setting up own personal one with arcade games I used to play as a kid/teenager - it even has fully working gun arcades! Quick vid tour of the one I set up - it’s in the steam sale for £9 and well worth it
  11. I’m in the loved the movie camp seen it twice now - but really wished jj had included the as a flash back
  12. Can you link to the advert- possibly Echo arena? If so then yeah it’s a decent free team based Zero g multiplayer game (think Enders game)
  13. Just watched this and it’s fantastic such a great movie and jumped into my best of year top 5
  14. Just watched and thought it was good but damm now have to wait A week to see how it al ends this season
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