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  1. ive actually been playing through the original zool on the series x (via retroarch and the amiga core) while no where near a master piece in terms of platforming its actually been fun (granted i am probably wearing the glasses of nostalgia from my youth as an amiga kid )
  2. I saw this a couple of months ago (and posted my thoughts in the rate the last movie you watched thread at the time.) Great pile of bantha poo doo that I’ve watched in a long time - it’s like two movies smashed together and hope that something comes out the other side resembling a movie
  3. Just finished jungle cruise and it was an enjoyable family action / comedy movie with a few supernatural horror bits. The kids loved it. In ways it reminded me of the mummy / pirates of the Caribbean
  4. This is also a pretty good watch
  5. Took a flight over Area 51 earlier surprising for a secret base it’s actually quite large!!
  6. Hasbro have decided to hell with keeping this relatively spoiler free like the trailer and released a pic of there up coming plasma series figure line for the movie…
  7. same here while not revealing to much spolier stuff in it - it did enough to get me excited that we may get a proper ghostbusters sequel
  8. yeah a lot of the dark horse stuff was really good esp the first 3 graphic novels - as they act as a proper sequel to aliens which featured a traumatised hicks and newt trying to come to terms with the events of hadleys hope about 10 years after there return - ripley comes back in later in the series (they were made before alien 3 - but after the release of that movie the books were reconned and the names of newt and hicks changed so not to mess up the new time line). The first book was great and delt with the earth being over ran ( as you said above) If i remeber the alien queen can in those books can use a kinda physic link to plactate people into being more subservant and willing to be hosts or find people to be hosts (the cult) - it works pretty well in the book and i always thought it was a cool idea giving yourself up for impregnation with no control over it. (and another thing is that it complely makes prometheus invalid as the engineers are totally different in this book as there back story is kinda exaplained) it was the second book that i really enjoyed where hicks/newt and another android are aboard a milatry cargo ship after the escape from earth that turns out to contain alien warrior specimens as some mad general on an off world colonly is trying to train then to become his own army so he can retake earth (guess what its doesnt go to plan lol) - plus the art work for this was amazing and reminded me a lot of some of the AD2000 stuff earth war was the final book where ripley leads hicks and co across the universe to the alien homeworld to capture the alien king to use to stop earth being overran. The whole series would have made a great movie trillogy. But im still annoyed as the best of the Dark Horse alien book will never be made - there Alien Vs Predator story was amazing and was set in the james cameron time line and one of the best alien / predator storys they ever did - their prob is the AVP first movie took a lot of it great ideas and butchered them
  9. It had two series the second series was with a different set of kids in an alternative dimension - I love the harvest king episode
  10. for anyone thats interested there is a full vr mod for team fortress 2 out https://pinkmilkproductions.itch.io/virtual-fortress-2
  11. got sniper elite vr for the quest 2 and its fun so far - but graphically its has been really paired down compared to the pc version - which luckily is free as its cross buy and so you can play it via air play
  12. Must give the book a read - Been looking for the tv series for years I know it came out on dvd but seems to go for crazy money and isn’t on any yehar sites as a last resort
  13. There was a tv series (or mini series) from the early 90’s which scared the hell out of me as kid but was a Perfectly contained story even though they left it open for a Follow up series with a semi cliffhanger which luckily they didn’t do - chimera. set in fertility clinic up near the borders that was actually a secret genetics lab where one of the experiments gets loose and starts terrorising the local countryside.
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