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  1. Just finished this minutes ago and wow just wow what and amazing experience that was also a perfect half life game to boot
  2. So it looks like this can be played in normal flat screen (though very janky - plus it suposed to played in vr) valve in the initial build, before yesterday’s patch had left in dev mode which was activated by start commands that allows the game to be played without vr (though gloves appeared not to work etc). They believe it’s only a matter of time before modders get it up and running. kinda hope it’s a while before they do as this game needs to be experienced in VR first as it’s truely an astounding VR game.
  3. well this is truley something special im running this on what would be classed as a low middle spec rig these days - and its running perfectly (rift cv1) there are times where ive had to just stop in game and admire the visuals as some are almost photo reslistic - plus it can be tense as hell.... hello face crabs im looking at you
  4. rosairo dawson has been annouced for the season two cast as.....
  5. Onward is hitting Disney plus on the 3rd of April in the US no word yet when they will drop it for the UK
  6. yeah was thinking that ealier so i was testing it out with a mate who has a rift streaming a movie from my room and he was able to watch (and throw popcorn over me) with out a problem. what is the max a room can hold? need to get into a routine with me and the wife wfh and the kids now at home, but could hold our first one mid week - next week if peeps are interested?
  7. only 4 days to go to half life - while everything else is going to shit arround us its nice to have something to look forward to. If any of the peeps out there are going stir crazy with all this social and self isolating post on here and we will oraganise a VR meet up on something - chance to virtually still be sociable. (and hopefully give peeps who are finding it harder being locked up place to chat and hang out while getting a bit of gaming)
  8. Dead island had a great trailer but my fav of all time was gears of wars
  9. not a cheat as such but the prision is a good place to get to first as there are tons of crates and can give you a good head stsrt in the round
  10. Oculus home version of dirt rally 2.0 is getting updated to the game of the year edition with all the extra content for free (if you own it)
  11. Yeah a lot of it - the marvel and Star Wars movies def are and a lot of the Disney movies and Pixar stuff is also (plus some surprises like hocus pocus and who framed Rodger rabbit )
  12. yeah if you have kids then its great - my two have been loving it, as have I. We have been sitting down and watching some go the cartoons that I grew up on (gummie bears, chip n dale, gargoyles, x-men etc..)
  13. season 2 april (in the states) first teaser
  14. South Korea - both are Vods that have been ripped - normally a lot of the early release are South Korean vods these days
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