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  1. so does this mean launch date has been moved up to the xbox x launch date?
  2. just got an email from Game saying that you will also be able to pre-order via access all next tuesday at 8 - well thats my mind made on the x over the s (since i just spent my concole fund on an upgrade of my oculus a rift s)
  3. Don’t think it is (could be wrong) but. But that trailer was superb - loved the
  4. not sure if this has been mentioned before - but if you go for the all access monthly deal can you still family share - ie set your new concole as the other accounts home and vise versa? (i know some have said your account comes already preistalled on the machine)
  5. Sam Neil is actually northern Irish ;-) born in omagh - moved to New Zealand when he was 7
  6. had to add this mod to MS flight sim for san francisco
  7. Fantastic - this was real family treat last Xmas
  8. Picked this up for £23 on Xbox earlier and been loving it - the levels just come back to you like when you played the original :-). I really hope we get an underground 1 and 2 remaster next as I loved those
  9. I’m interested to see how the multiplayer. is respawn also doing it? If so colour me excited as I love apex / titanfall multiplayer so hopefully they can pull this off
  10. Watched this last night and loved it - Reeves and winter just fell back into being bill and ted with ease. My only criticism, which has already been said, the ending seemed rushed - it really needed something more epic like the end of bogus journey (which in my eyes is equally as good as excellent adventure ).
  11. Def the screen quality - everything is brighter , clearer and the colours just pop (was playing minecraft on the headset and my son on the Xbox) and the colours just popped of the screen. Also not having 3 sensors wired up - noticed straight away better performance with the tracking and even overall . The on board sound speakers in the strap are ok - the do the job but I just plugged in my iPhone headphones and quality as was good if not better than the cv1 - small thing but I see they added in a better nose cover which is great as no longer bleeds in light from below like my cv1 did
  12. So ended up going for the s as there are no quests in stock anywhere here. Managed to get 2 week old s for £330 never used as the person who had it didn’t realise there graphics card couldn’t run it - have have to say from testing the morning it’s def worth the upgrade from the cv1
  13. Ok next question this time for those who upgraded from an cv1 to an s is the up grade worth it - tempted by quest but it’s more pc vr gaming I would be interested in and reading about quest it suposidly needs a more powerful pc for link to work properly - where in I have a mid range pc that runs cv1 well enough
  14. Does it play all pc vr games when using the link etc or are there issues with some (have a big pc vr library) How easy is it to set up the wireless pc streaming?
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