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  1. Wait until to you meet sweet misunderstood “Jeff” then post back here how you are feeling :-)
  2. interesting interview - https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-07-04-star-wars-squadrons-hud-and-customisation-options-are-entirely-optional-says-ea esp like this part making it esp in VR more atmospheric
  3. going through my oculus game folder and i found this little gem that i had forgotten about - tea for god - its a free rouge like maze game that only uses your play space you can grab it here : https://void-room.itch.io/tea-for-god
  4. also add doom 3 vr mod which is far superior to the actual doom vr that was officially released https://github.com/KozGit/DOOM-3-BFG-VR/releases Update** DOOM 3 BFG is currently on sale for £4.50 on steam (comes with doom 1 and 2 as well) also grab the HD texture mod to really spruce up the game and then you all set for the best DOOM VR game there is https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-3-bfg-hi-def
  5. couple i can remeber: wolfenstien - https://further-beyond.itch.io/wolf3dvr return to castle wolfenstien - https://github.com/FunJumpr/CastleWolfensteinVR/releases/tag/v0.2.3 Star Wars Jedi Outcast - https://jochen.subliminal.at/2017/08/06/jedi-knight-ii-jedi-outcast-vr/
  6. thought id stick this in here (put this on the oculus rift thread a couple of months ago) but if you have GTAV on pc then down load GTA 5 Real mod. Its does what MotherVR did for alien isolation - and make GTA V completly playable in VR. And its stunning - the amount of miniscule detail that rockstar have put into the map is asstounding even more so in VR where you can see so much more of the detail close up. things that you just dont notice or take for granted when playing the 2d version. ive spent hours just walking about los santos admiring the buildings and all the crazy people who live there - grab the mod here with straight forward instructions on how to get it up and running very quickly https://github.com/LukeRoss00/gta5-real-mod
  7. JaJa Ding Dong?? agree - we put this on to watch over the weekend not expecting to much and loved it - not a parody of Eurovision rather a celebration of its eccentricities. Plus the soundtrack is fantatasic (wish they did a longer version of Volcano man)
  8. I like it - feels more Arcady than a full on box sim (to me any way) but a lot of fun
  9. so carol baskin (well big cat rescue) has release a oculus game - wonder if there any easer eggs hidden arround like the unmarked grave of her first husband? https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2644430298990543/
  10. Played the first part of phantom covert ops earlier aka metal gear in a canoe. It’s been fun so far and I like the controls (I’ve read others haven’t) it’s more Arcady that realistic but in fine with that. There are some downs though from what I’ve read it’s not long about 4-6 hours and become very samey when you reach the half way mark. Plus £30 price tag is a bit steep if the game is that short in other news steam summer sale has started and there are loads of Vr games on sale. Skyrim vr is down to £11.99. Pavlov/contractors are also sale
  11. the main dev in the follow up brought up the point about imperial ships for imperial ships like tie fighters where you have restictive views - you also have less other thinsg to worry or foucus on in the cockit as as ties dont have shields etc.. and so less instruments in the field of view so he was saying that they found because of this your view is more focused straight forward (as well as the use of radar) and there is no issue Edit** pob just beat me
  12. for those who cant afford / don't want vr - this is prob the next best thing to get that interactive feeling in the game
  13. One thing would just make the experience even more in vr would be if they put the radio / com filter over squad chat when talking in game to give it that more realistic feeling
  14. Can’t wait for this now :-) cross play in vr with Hotas from day one :-) was good to hear the teams love of the original xwing series gives hope that’s the direction they want to head in with this - and from the game play video Im getting a little rouge squadron vibe as well - which is a great thing as well. Not to fussed by having bobble heads in the cockpit but guess will just not have one. hopefully they do add more ships esp as they have different classes (as peeps have said add Jedi star fighter, b-wing etc... just please no naboo star fighter ) my only regret is one of my fav ships won’t be in this as it’s ground based and that’s the snow speeder
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