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  1. Just the FA being petty? It’s costing Shrewsbury a bit of extra revenue too.
  2. You are always free to choose what kind of skill you use most of the time. There are levels that favours a particular set of skills, such as arms or legs and encourages you to use those, but you can always do more arms if you want. I guess one limitation with the Ring controller is that it can't really replace lifting heavy weights. There is only so much resistance it can provide and it's more a case of doing a large number of reps to work up a sweat.
  3. I think it is quite brilliant. I was given this at Christmas and at the same time got signed up to Vitality insurance and got the Apple Watch and stuff. In tandem, the gamification as you say really got me to be that bit more active without feeling like a chore. Ring Fit has been great for after putting the kid to bed and finish off the day completing the Activity Rings/ pick up the Activity Points etc. Been playing this more than anything else in the last couple of weeks and it's great in keeping the routine varied as well.
  4. If you stop episode 2 before the last minute, i.e. with the two guys on the lifeboat, isn’t it a perfectly decent two parter? I thought it wrapped things up pretty well at that point.
  5. I guess i’m still happy with the first two episodes and genuinely enjoyed them. I don’t know why they feel the need to change the tone so much as well as moving into the modern day, when the the first two felt quite well judged.
  6. I think it’s more about Wolves than it’s about Liverpool, VAR has been a bit harsh on them in the last couple of matches and overall. Wolves pretty much beat City despite it. I guess it can can be argued that VAR hasn’t really cost Liverpool many points. VAR did cost us two points at Old Trafford, allowing their goal to stand despite the foul on Origi and than disallowing Mane’s. Generally though, even when it ruled goals offside because of Firmino’s armpit or Mane’s butt cheek, we still won. So other fans will only remember games like yesterday, when it seems like Liverpool benefited.
  7. I think it started out that way, but then it was balanced out by Looking Glass and Will coming to the fore. And Angela gets more and more defined by her relationships I hope we get more of her own agency in the last episode. As much as this has been a mystery box show, I never felt the like the story in the ‘present’, the fight against the seventh cavalry, is ever the meat of the show. This episode makes it quite clear, it’s not just this episode that’s been arranged around Dr M’s sense of time. As been said, it’s layered like the comics, the past feels as important as the present. By the end of next episode, it would feel like we can see all the events all at once like the big blue man.
  8. I wanted to see this but the main actress’ politics and the fact that she hasn’t been very good in another movie I’ve seen had put me off this. If it’s a straight wuxia movie, there are pretty high bars to measure against. The orchestral soundtrack seems great though.
  9. I know some people think the book this is based on was a misstep in the series, so these are reassuring.
  10. The character focused episodes around Blake and Looking Glass have been the strongest. I am enjoying the pacing of the mysteries in this; the conspiracy isn't too convoluted and a lot questions that you ask in one episodes are answered in the next.
  11. I somewhat doubt there would be much made of this. Damn, did the Astros even have to cheat? they were favourites and they are still favourites for 2020.
  12. Been waiting for this to hit streaming for a while. Just rewatching the Pilot for the first time in almost a decade perhaps? I forgot how much the kids characters change through the series. Only Lyla feel basically the same, Tyra and Smash feel almost unrecognisable from what I remember.
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