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  1. It's just £17.99 now to buy on Sky Store, Amazon Prime or iTunes. I had to go this way too, because I thought it would still be on Sky Boxsets like S1 was but obviously something changed between Sky and HBO and it just disappeared when I was two episodes in. GQ did an interview with Justin Lin about the renewal and he says production will probably start next year, so it's some way off but the whole cast will be back. A bit of time for writing would help, he says the current anti-asian racism problems will feed into it but a bit of time would help them not be too 'reacti
  2. It’s been renewed! Best news today. I signed the petition and everything but didn’t really expect it. Awesome, thank you HBO!
  3. I feel like the episode quality is going up and down quite a lot. Didn’t care much for the first or third episodes but the second and fourth were decent and this was probably the best one yet. I wish the art and animation is better but the pacing of the episode and character work they added to Titan were on point.
  4. Personally I quite enjoyed this week’s episode. The writing and the dialogue can be a lot better but I appreciate what they are doing with the characters at least and the action is decent. The post blip world they are describing is interesting, depending on how much of it we see in future shows and movies. Far from Home certainly didn’t touch on any of it.
  5. Minari 4/5: although it’s hard for me to really feel what it is like to live on a farm in rural America, the experience being a first gen immigrant hits home. The characters aren’t all flawed in their own way, and feels real and authentic. I love awards season, finally feel like we’ve got a constant stream of decent new movies to see this month. Looking forward to Sound of Metal this week and then Nomadland. I think Palm Springs will be fun too.
  6. https://www.indiewire.com/2021/04/china-bans-oscars-hong-kong-protest-do-not-split-1234627391/ China has pretty much banned the Oscar broadcasts now and mentions of it, which isn’t a surprise. It is sad that TVB in Hong Kong is following suit in now broadcasting it for the first time in 50 years. As well as Chloe Zhao, this probably has more to do with the Hong Kong protests short doc “Do Not Split” getting a nomination. Please do give it a watch, it’s available on YouTube and Vimeo.
  7. Worth waiting a week to go to a drive in for this? Not much of a difference in price to VOD. I assume a big screen would be good for this, but I guess audio would be better at home.
  8. https://www.starwars.com/news/obi-wan-kenobi-series-cast That's a pretty good cast.
  9. I hope at some point Marvel covers in more detail those in between years before the blip. I assume a lot of Walker’s experience and achievements were in those years when the world was even more in chaos that Sam and Bucky don’t know or recognise, like Sam did with his sister, or with Hayward in Wandavision (they really missed a trick there.). The conflict between those who got snapped and those left behind keep getting brought up but not properly explored.
  10. I felt similar. It might be that that kind of twist has become a bit of a trope. We see more of the likes of Omni man and Homelander than we do of the good Superman of old. And when you know that it’s adult animation, the violence and gore is what I expected, similar to Harley Quinn. Episode 2 was better, but the show doesn’t feel all that fresh to me.
  11. Is this going to be free on Now/Sky Cinema like the Snyder Cut's in the UK?
  12. There are so many levels to superheroes though. Steve Rogers was pretty much dealing with nazis, Hydra and terrorists most of his career, Shield (Hydra) sent him to deal with Algerian terrorists much like the military sent Falcon. Anyway it's more of a thought when And by the way
  13. I wouldn’t call it fan service when they all feel like they will be integral to the show. Having Disney+ really let them expand the canvas quickly though. I’m not sure I agree with the “big three” talk. That sweeps Hydra and all the rogue agents and organisation under the carpet, they are definitely the antagonist more often than robots or wizards. I guess that line suits the US government and military.
  14. I quite like that we haven’t really seen the real antagonist so far,m. Everyone seems to think of themselves as the good guys so far and are sympathetic to an extent.
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