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  1. Well I'm ill so I stayed in tonight and watched the review. As with the previous two extremely insightful. For me the most depressing part came towards the end of part one where Plinkett comes up with the basics of a story that shat all over what Lucas did. I want to see those films made.
  2. Something I've been meaning to ask. My highest level character is creeping up to 68 now. I'm currently arsing around in Blade's Edge Mountains but, frankly I am getting a bit bored. Should I pop over to Howling Fjord as soon as I hit 68?
  3. That version of Have A Cigar is the best thing I have listened to today. And I have listened to a lot of music today. Awesome bass sound.
  4. The only person who should ever cover that song is Frank Sidebottom. And he's dead now. That 'Girlfriend in a Coma' is indeed epic. Wins the thread by a country mile.
  5. I didn't actually know that. Good point.
  6. Nah, that's got mass market appeal, something that Let The Right One In didn't have. If anything, it was taking a reasonably obscure, but highly regarded, foreign film and hoping that the resurgence of vampire flicks would somehow translate to popularity for the remake, forgetting the things that have made Twilight so popular (popularity of books, leads that teenagers want to fuck). In the English speaking world the majority seem to be allergic to subtitles, so hugely popular books + filmed in English = big box office.
  7. If it was on the BBC then The Daily Mail would have gone apeshit and all the Murdoch media outlets would have joined in. However it was on Channel Four. In fact, I found Boyle's obvious bitterness towards the BBC quite embarrassing. He did a few things about stuff that got cut out of BBC shows he was on. Frankie, maybe they were cut because they were shit? Maybe your one line wasn't but the rest of the segment was? I fucking hate it when comedians laugh at their own jokes as well. Especially his sniveling little shit laugh.
  8. Download them. Use this site: http://download.uzeik.net/eng.php And these links: http://redlettermedia.blip.tv/file/4575481/ http://redlettermedia.blip.tv/file/4576979/ http://redlettermedia.blip.tv/file/4576415/ You get them as MP4s.
  9. Shit, is it really an hour and three quarters? Fuck.
  10. I downloaded it, so I am probably supporting terrorism or something. There is a single plus side to the show. The theme tune is awesome. I had never heard it before. Searching for it on YuTube reminds me that I really need to see The Fantastic Mr Fox
  11. In my defence I am ill and I had them all in the same folder. It seemed easier somehow than actually having to make a decision about watching something else.
  12. I ended up watching all six episodes in one sitting. You have no idea how much I hate myself right now.
  13. Well I've finally watched it. The first three episodes in one sitting. As someone that has never seen him live and never watched him on 'Mock The Week' as I found it the most insufferably smug programme on television, I found the standup sections mildly amusing. Sometimes. In fact the best bit so far has been utterly unplanned (I guess), the mocking of an audience member that installs telephones for a living. But those sketches. Fuck me, those sketches. Does anyone find them funny? Anyone?
  14. Thought it was brilliant. You guys are grumble guts. Oh and Charlie looked the sex.
  15. I'm finding a lot of Brit TV too clean and sharp looking these days. I wonder if it is HD teething problems. Edit: The point being that this trailer didn't have that issue.
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