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  1. If anyone has finished their Sunday crossword and is looking for something taxing to keep themselves occupied, Bear24's Super World is made up of short, single solution one screen puzzles, and it's brilliant! I'm still working my way through World 5. Some of the puzzles are simple, some of them are a bit more complicated, but there's nothing there you can't eventually figure out by trying things and eliminating all the possibilities. Maker ID: 0J4-5VJ-0PF I've also decided to put together some good Endless runs. I stopped when I got to 1000 levels with 99 lives on Norma
  2. I haven't been able to play for two weeks because I've been too exhausted and I am terrified to log back in.
  3. That video made me find this video. Wow.
  4. Why does Yoshi require a fruit to open? Why does one fruit in particular not allow you to carry it? Why does Yoshi disappear if you sit on it too long? Why can you not use FLUDD when sitting on Yoshi? Why when you get off Yoshi does the FLUDD nozzle always revert to hover even if you went out of your way to collect a different one first? Why does Yoshi disappear in water? Why is it impossible for Yoshi to change direction during a hover jump? The answer to all of those questions is because no one cared enough about the game to test it enough to realise
  5. Sunshine is fucking tragic. The pachinko machine thing is a disaster. It doesn't even let you wall jump into the game area because as soon as you reach the top of the chute an invisible force propels Mario idiotically across the screen and you can't even hold left to fight it. The void level where the idiot villagers throw you to platforms was never playtested by a human. I am convinced the designer drunkenly dragged some 3D objects into the space and just shipped the fucking thing right there and then. Putting a 1-Up at the beginning of your level because you know how shit it is s
  6. Not knowing whether the star you’ve chosen to collect 100 coins from even has 100 coins available on it is one of the dumbest decisions of game design all time.
  7. That's kind, but as Florian Schneider once told Giorgio Moroder when he offered Kraftwerk a bassline they were interested in on a DAT, "thanks, but, I want to know the process!". I think I'll need to read some guides online. I'm also not sure why my fruit farm isn't growing. I have trees lined up with space enough between them but no growth is happening. I can't plant full grown trees in the spots without the game stopping me but the trees I plant won't grow. What am I'm missing?
  8. I still have no idea how to breed roses. I have an area on my island full of white, yellow, pink, and red roses all dumped together with random gaps between them. The occasional purple one will appear every few days, and then less often I'll get an orange one and wonder how the fuck that happened, but I still have a long gap in my flower bed where I haven't managed to breed a single blue or black one. I don't think I'm going to get out of not having some kind of structure on this one.
  9. The collecting the red coins mission riding the back of one of those fucking squid things in Ricco Harbour is so needlessly punishing it's actually hilarious.
  10. I'm currently having much more fun 20 stars into Sunshine than I was with my 120 star Mario 64 playthrough. Maybe it's because I'd already replayed Mario 64 numerous times over the years, and Sunshine I've never replayed, but something about it felt off this time. The jankiness of it; the camera not working and the movement not being solid made it feel very troublesome in the later stages. On Rainbow Ride it's super obvious when the movement mechanics are fucked, like when you're jumping back onto the moving carpet Mario kinda slides onto it instead of jumping if you're too close to it, so if
  11. lol Thing is I hate garish colours so that won't work. Looking at the Wiki and I think Marshal would be ideal.
  12. Annabelle is moving out and I am ecstatic. Who are the best mean looking villagers? I want a cute hamster that looks like it wants to punch my dick off or something. So far I have amassed four villagers that I consider permanent and I don't want to get rid of (Apollo, Sprinkle, Ike, and Sherb). Now I need someone small and furry and new that really hates life and I'll start to feel like things are improving in Bardavos.
  13. This thread: game is awful they treat customers like shit their service is abysmal and i hate them i hope they go out of business Also this thread: guys, i ordered something from game and it's gone wrong pls help
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