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  1. Thanks! Love the hat, thanks, and the Warrior Statue will complete the pair in my bamboo garden.
  2. TURNIPS BONANZAA!! The Nook children are giving 371 per turnip this morning so I have opened the island for the first time ever for RLLMUK to profit from! KPNDF I guess this will last until 12pm? Redd is here too and has a real Moody painting and some other fakes, including a Warrior statue which I want, but I already bought the Mona Lisa. Also, my island is a work in progress and loads of stuff is not finished and awful and anything up north is just fucked so please ignore the placeholder shit. I am actually going islander shopping later so if anyone has sp
  3. This is one of the best games on Switch. The collectable challenges get super difficult, and some of the red coins and flowers are really well hidden, but I absolutely loved every minute of finding them. It's kinda the opposite of Luigi's Mansion, in a way, where the collecting and exploration got tedious as hell, and the constant repetition and backtracking was annoying. In this it's brilliant and never seems to get boring and the music and art is joyous.
  4. I wonder if anyone has any peaches? I am building a fruit farm this afternoon and it’s the one fruit I’m missing!
  5. I haven’t had a campsite visitor for like two weeks is that normal.
  6. Is today going to be the last day to buy red hibiscus? I need about 10 more and I haven’t had Leif in my town for fucking ages (I don’t care that they won’t bloom anymore).
  7. Although it's a bit dismaying to read some of the negative impressions here after Doom 2016 became one of my favourite 3D first person shooters of all time, I just know that as soon as this motherbitch hits Switch I'll be on my knees sucking demon cock faster than you can say "Samuel Hayden", and I don't care how much purple goo I get on me.
  8. Also, thanks for the presents, now I can make pitfalls!
  9. I made two trips and left you some turnips to say thanks!
  10. Shitting hell! I would love to; am I allowed to make multiple trips?
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