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  1. Yeah, I think that's correct.
  2. It will be a similar change to Age of Sigmar to Age of Sigmar 2.0 - essentially the same game, only with the FAQs that gave come since baked in to the core rules, and a few tweaks here and there. There won't be any radical changes, just a slight refinement, an exercise in tidying up. It's absolutely the best way of doing things, in my opinion. 40k (and to a lesser extent AOS) are different beasts to every other tabletop game out there, because of their popularity, the sheer number of armies and units, and the relentless release schedule adding more and more all the time. There are so many combinations that players can take advantage of that GW keeps having to play wackamole by releasing FAQs to stop the overpowered lists from ruining the game. As a result, even though it's only been a few years, there has been so many adjustments it's actually quite difficult to get a handle on exactly what the rules are now. Personally, I think the only sensible way forward is to move to an online living rule book, and the same for all the codexes. So you have the rules as an app, and when there's a change, the app notifies you and updates. This could be what they are moving to with the new app, I expect. Even this has problems - who wants to be setting off for a game and find that the rules you've learnt have changed? You don't want to buy multiples of a unit and find it suddenly becomes less powerful. But that's already what's having to happen, it's just that now there will be less paper involved. Anyway, what were you doing buying multiple units just because they were powerful? The playerbase creates the need for these updates because a significant proportion of them are focused more on winning than enjoying the game with their opponent. With so many available combinations, it's inevitable that someone will find the broken combination. Then the next tournament is full of that list, and another FAQ becomes necessary. This is a better way for GW to handle their game than the previous policy of leaving the broken stuff broken and saying that Warhammer is not a tournament game. It's always a bit of a shame having to balance for the win at all costs tournament players, but GW have realised that this competitive mentality is shared by a lot of the player base. I'd prefer it if everyone wanted to play to enjoy the spectacle and the narratives that develop on the table, but then that's just me wanting everyone to share my opinions, and that's the sort of thing an arsehole does. Besides, even as I'm enjoying the spectacle and narrative I'm hoping my dice roll sixes, and that the strategies I've planned work out, so I'm a hypocrite. It sounds like the cost to buy-in to the new edition will be exactly £0 anyway. Download the app and you have the rules. You can still use your 8th ed codexes. If the app is the same as the AOS one, you'll even get all the rules for each individual unit in that. You just won't get the army-wide rules, strategems, etc. There's going to be another big box, and if it's anything like as generous as the last new edition one, that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Exciting stuff! I like the sound of the app, and it's about time the digital versions of the codex came with the physical ones. I would guess there's going to be a big box to go with the release, and it looks like it will be Necrons vs Ultramarines.
  4. Civ 6? Nice! I'll add it to the pile and never play it.
  5. It's worth noting that you can also use one of the £10 vouchers on the season pass and get all the DLC for £6.99.
  6. That bloody Jabulani ball. What bullshit. I remember a guy from my five a side team bought one at the time, and we all had a laugh knuckleballing it at the goal. It was quite satisfying to hit, and you could really belt it because it was so light. You were never completely sure where it would go, but then I never was with any ball. It's telling that, given the chance to use it in a game, no-one wanted to because it didn't feel like a proper ball. Then they played a whole World Cup with it.
  7. Control Walked around the first room and a couple of corridors tweaking graphics settings to try and find the perfect balance between framerate and fidelity while still having the ray tracing turned on. 10/10
  8. I don't have anything intersting to add to the thread. I just came to report that my son is very amused by one of the guys you can send on missions from the Warlock garrison in Legion. He finds it hilarious that every time you select him for a mission he says, "I will leave butt cinders!"
  9. There's no need! If you buy anything for $14.99 (annoyingly the info is all in $s) you just get another voucher. They only last until November though. When is Cyberpunk 2077 likely to come out?
  10. Do you just keep getting more and more vouchers? I got Control for £14, they gave me another voucher, so I got Anno 1800 for £15, and they gave me another one. I'm considering plotting a course through their store getting £10 off everything I want, perhaps Metro Exodus for £7, Ass Origins for £6 and Dangerous Driving for £2.
  11. Thanks @Art Vandelay. The same group are planning to do another one, with Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, and John Cale covers next.
  12. Not sure if I will have a job to go back to after lockdown, that's all. I work in retail, for a "troubled" chain. It's all good at the moment though - I'm furloughed on 80% pay for doing no work and am ending up with more money than I would have if I was working! I'm probably being a bit melodramatic, as nothing is concrete yet about my work's future, but making some money selling off the hundreds of minis I have in display cabinets is something we've discussed if things go bad, as is me taking commissions, probably mixing this with being a stay-at-home parent. We can't be too badly off considering we spent £900 on a PC a few weeks ago. You just get these "oh shit, what if?" moments and I was having one when I posted. Thanks for the concern though, it's lovely how everyone here is trying to help each other out with a bit of mental support. @JoeK - I'd be fascinated to read a guide of your process. The work you produce is so unique and beautiful.
  13. I might sell off all my painted minis on ebay.
  14. Thanks! I'd actually be open for commissions. It might be my only source of income in a few weeks.
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