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  1. While I don't believe this stuff about Mourinho getting sacked for taking a stand against the super league, he does have more reason than most to do so. His Porto team winning the Champions League in 2004 is exactly the kind of fairytale that this move prevents.
  2. PSG are definitely part of this, they just haven't come out and admitted it yet because they're completely tied up with Qatar and don't want FIFA to take the World Cup away from them out of spite.
  3. Also, I'm dreading Ole coming out and trying to justify the whole thing. I'd lose all respect for him.
  4. I can't believe Spurs sacked Mourinho the day after he qualified for the European super league forever. Seems harsh given such unprecedented success.
  5. I don't know what to do. I feel distressed. I've supported United (pretty fanatically) for 35 years. Genuinely, some of the best moments of my life have been watching this team, stuff like the 1990 FA Cup final, or Ole poking home the winner in the 1999 Champions League final, or Giggs scoring that amazing goal against Arsenal. I can't switch to another team, United are too tied up in my past. They're pretty much part of my identity now. Like, a few years ago I was sedated for an operation, and while I was out of it, I rambled incoherently about Man Utd the entire time. I have no memory of thi
  6. It's the same owners, @bradigor. Klopp and the players are no more involved in this disgusting situation than the women's team.
  7. Joel Glazier will apparently be the vice-chairman of the super league of cunts. Of course he will. Of course our shitty owners were a driving force behind this.
  8. Tell em, Gary Nev! He's not pulling his punches.
  9. That was a good game, to be honest. Lots of good stuff from both sides. Obviously Burnley weren't playing pretty triangles, but I have to admit I was quite enjoying watching Chris Wood rampaging around terrorising our defence, and their centre-backs were excellent. Tarkowski was unlucky to end up on the losing side in the end. For our part, we put them under pressure, gradually ramping it up, and worked a lot of good moves down the wings. We just couldn't find a red shirt with the crosses and cut-backs, but that had a lot to do with the Burnley defence's positioning. Two of the goals wer
  10. Greenwood! Or possibly OG! Greenwood comes up with things when we need them most.
  11. Brilliant diving stop by the Burnley forward there.
  12. What was Henderson doing there?
  13. Fucks sake. Edit - good header, to be fair.
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