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  1. That's coming along well. You've got a huge amount of character and atmosphere into the face. Here's something else I haven't posted yet. He's a mini from Super Dungeon Explore. I have a load of them that I occasionally paint as fun pallate cleansers. It was just a quick and simple job. I was going to paint him for Halloween but ended up basecoating the hat, then came back and painted everything else on Christmas day, oddly.
  2. Fantastic, @And! The Knight looks awesome. I'm painting a Knight at the moment myself. You could do with sorting out those base rims though.
  3. Through that ten years of abject failure for England, he was scoring goals at a rate of roughly a goal every two games, as well as making a lot of assists and playing as both the team's main creative fulcrum and the primary finisher. If a few more players failed at his level of success we'd have won several tournaments.
  4. Looks great! I like the green in the top circles. What's the thinking behind changing them?
  5. Oh bollocks Man City are going to win the league, aren't they?
  6. Shaw was superb again. It's a mystery why he doesn't get anywhere near the England squad.
  7. Great result for Man City. They were the better team in the first half, but we were definitely the better team in the second. We had two great chances to win it, and their keeper won them the point in the end. I'm surprised to say this, but overall I'd say we edged it.
  8. Love to see Bruno so furious to be subbed off with 2 minutes to go.
  9. I think he did well at first to use him as a decoy, but as soon as he sucked all three defenders in he needed to backheel it to Pogba, who could have shifted it left to Cavani.
  10. Bruno! Why the outside of the foot bullshit?
  11. Noooooooo! Unbelievable save. That was the chance.
  12. There's the consequence of letting Fabhino off a definite booking in the first half. That should have been his second yellow.
  13. Great defending by Maguire! I thought that was in.
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