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  1. Yeah, I have a feeling that what will happen is we will finish 5th, and Man City will wriggle and bribe their way out of the punishment for the crimes they so obviously committed and we'll be back in the Eurovision League.
  2. So we're in the Champions League places now, right?
  3. Are we already bringing Fernandes down to our level? Edit - and he immediately wins a penalty.
  4. No I don't. Perhaps if we get them drunk?
  5. I REALLY want that huge mini, but I'm absolutely on the bones of my arse at the moment. Will there be other chances down the line to buy one, Joe? Looks like you've got funded this time, which is brilliant news.
  6. Roll one D6. if it's a 1, 2, or 3 then roll another D6 and take the result of that. If it's a 4, 5, or 6 on the first roll, add 6 to the second D6.
  7. feltmonkey

    Cricket Thread

    It's an enjoyable novelty which, due to the fact that it has become the most lucrative form of the game, has developed into an intriguing high-stakes tactical battle. I like the innovations, I like the strategy. I like how tense it can be, and how quickly the game can swing with just a couple of hits or dot balls. It's nowhere near as good or important in my mind as test cricket, of course. It's like if crazy golf suddenly became the form of golf where all the money was.
  8. The article is about a specific type of tactical foul, those committed when the ball is turned over when the attacking team have over committed in attack. You know, the kind City do 400 times a match. As the author points out, Burnley don't really do that kind of foul because they don't tend to over commit going forward, preferring to maintain a basic defensive shape even when attacking. Burnley's fouling seems to me (and you'd obviously have a much better informed view on this) to be more about physical intimidation or winding up the opposition. It's very surprising, and pretty impressive, that Liverpool play the way they do without constantly resorting to tactical fouls. I also wonder if Arsenal's appearance so high on the list has something to do with them just not being very good at tackling.
  9. On reflection, I think this was my favorite moment of the match. Not just the block, which was brilliant, but the reaction to it, with Bailly's teammates celebrating it like a goal, and Bailly himself looking really pleased. Bailly was incredibly unlucky with his injury. If you remember, his latest injury occurred when playing on when the game should have been stopped for an obvious offside. The linesman kept his flag down as he was waiting for VAR to make the decision for him.
  10. It's good to finally see a game where VAR got everything right.
  11. An excellent, if really fucking weird, victory.
  12. Ighalo nearly scored with his second touch of the ball! He should have scored, to be honest.
  13. The main football thread is in absolute meltdown.
  14. Excellent decision to have Gary Neville operating the VAR.
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