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  1. Yeah, it probably is a bit harsh. I'd love him to succeed at the club, but I'm not sure we have seen a huge amount of intelligent football from him on the majority of his appearances. More to the point, he's never looked like fitting in with the team. He's looking to play little one-twos, but he lays it off to a fellow attacking player who stops, looks up, and shoots from 25 yards themselves. That's not Donny's fault, of course. My irritation is with the idea that has been floating around social media that if only he played everything would be alright. Relying on the young players will only work if they finally start getting properly coached. Rashford and Greenwood are crying out for it. They have such gifts, but they don't know how to use them. They're capable of things only a few players in the world can do, but when the blockbusters aren't working they seem unsure of what to do. A lot of coaching is giving players a set of behaviours to fall back on and they don't seem to have that. Unless they're being coached to try to dribble through impossible crowded areas, or shoot from improbable ranges and angles. Does Rangnick take the training sessions? And if so is he teaching them anything more complex than just running around and closing down opponents? We are wasting these guys.
  2. I'm concerned about the lack of activity in this transfer window, personally. I know, we've operated for the last few years with a policy of trying to fix things by buying players and it hasn't worked, but hear me out. Firstly, that hasn't been our policy. The policy has often been to sign names to appease the fans and boost the share price. If we were buying to improve areas where we were weak, we'd have signed at least one central midfielder at some point in the last three years. Boring hard-working defensive midfielders don't get social media engagements though. Secondly, I don't think there's another club in the league that has such an obvious shortfall in one area of the pitch and one that is doing so much harm to the team. This isn't throwing money at a problem or putting another coat of gold paint on the clapped-out Ford Capri. This is urgent repairs. Thirdly, it seems pretty likely that Rangnick is keen to sign a midfielder, but is not being backed by the board, once again. This bodes ill for how much say he will have in his consultancy role. The leeches at the top still have the same priorities, still don't care about on-field success. Did we expect anything to change just because they've pretended to appoint a director of football and have created this confusing consultancy position for Rangnick? I dunno. Regarding Donny Van De Beek, he seems to get better and better as a player with every nonsensical Reddit post in the reddevils subreddit. He's not been trusted by successive managers now. We're not obligated to play him if he can't quite cut it or doesn't fit the system. Playing him as a false 9 means dropping Cavani, our hardest-working player, the only guy who seems willing to grit his teeth and fight for the ball, and pretty much the only outfield player this season who's looked good enough to wear the shirt. The other outfield player who's looked good enough is Ronaldo but you'd be dropping him too. For a guy who, as nice as the idea of him is, hasn't done anything for us, and evidently isn't doing enough in training either.
  3. That's a crowded field as well. That's like winning the Grand National when lined up against Red Rum, Desert Orchid, Black Beauty, Shadowfax, and Kitt from Knight Rider.
  4. Olly Pope redemption hundred?
  5. Not the brightest move.
  6. Here comes the collapse.
  7. Earlier, a Woakes no-ball reprieved Carey on 19. That cost us 30 runs from Carey alone, and who knows how many in partnerships. I hope it doesn't prove costly. I feel like where I am in life currently* I need England to win this. *Up early on a Sunday after a late Saturday night.
  8. Statistically, we should have three goals from that, as apparently 3% of corners result in a goal. I'd be interested to also see what percentage of corners have been scored against us as well, as we seem to be dreadful from corners at both ends of the pitch. I reckon we're way the wrong side of the average both attacking corners and defending them. Considering we have Maguire in the team, who should be a huge asset in both situations, that's pretty shameful.
  9. Well, the only option was Donny, who isn't the most switched-on defensively. Unless you're putting your hopes in Phil Jones reviving his midfield role from his very early days at United. We actually had two reserve goalkeepers on the bench, so I guess the squad is pretty stretched at the moment.
  10. I think we gradually ran out of steam. It's more evidence of the impossibility of suddenly becoming a pressing team halfway through a season. It's difficult to build the fitness to the required levels while still doing all the usual stuff to prepare for the fixtures, which come thick and fast all season in England. I think there was progress, and the resurrection of Bruno is a good sign for the rest of the season. We could do with signing a midfielder this window rather than crossing our fingers and hoping that the current collection of guys who are too old or not quite good enough will somehow get us into the top four.
  11. An irritating performance. We got worse as the game went on. You can't really say Villa didn't deserve a point at least though, I suppose.
  12. Did the game just go to an advert break with the match not finished for anyone else?
  13. Well here comes Donny and Lingard with a minute and a half to save the day.
  14. Dalot out of position again.
  15. The narrative is going to be about Coutinho but it's Ramsey that's dragged them back into the game. Coutinho did his best to miss it by tripping over his own feet. Villa are the more likely winners from here, surely.
  16. Was there a VAR check on the possible offside in the build-up? Number 33 looked offside.
  17. You've got to love a goal that goes in off the bar.
  18. Bruuuunooooo! That'll teach em to stand on him.
  19. That last save by De Gea was the best of the lot. He did really well not to be wrong-footed by the shot.
  20. It would be quite funny if we held on for another jammy 1-0 after an early goal (perhaps with some more disallowed Villa goals) but yeah, we need to score again. We've played well. Bruno has been brilliant - he looks absolute class today.
  21. We should try to run at Digne. He's not great defensively (which is why Benitez didn't play him) and he's already picked up a booking for a really daft challenge. Perhaps we should be switching Elanga back to that side and actually trying to give him the ball this time.
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