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  1. Talking of Spurs, here's Eric Dier standing in his vegetable garden and looking for all the world like a young offender who's been forced to work in an allotment as part of his community service. In the movie of the story, directed by Ken Loach, he would start off surly and uncooperative, but after being mentored by a gruff older gardener, he would learn to see the beauty in growing vegetables. There would be an understated but powerful scene of a meal with his family, where they eat carrots that young Eric grew. At the end of the movie, he would go back to his mates who lead him astray in
  2. They seem to have quietly moved away from disallowing every goal with a clearly accidental handball in the build-up in recent weeks. Last week when Leicester played Man Utd, the ball hit Amad Diallo's arm as he won the ball just before setting up United's goal, and the goal stood. I'm with you about the offside though. No-one in charge of football seems to understand the interaction of frame rates and how fast players move. Someone made the point further up the thread, but it's a real shame that after an FA Cup final that included one of the all-time great cup final goals, and o
  3. Yeah, that was a great game. Hughes' second goal was a cracker.
  4. Plus, if hypothetically both teams were trying to sign the same player, the team in the Champions League would have an advantage. It's not a huge deal though. I don't feel devestated, personally.
  5. Scotty got away with that one.
  6. I reckon this Leicester central midfield is one of the best in the Premier League. Ndidi and Tielemans would grace pretty much any team. I think we should have made changes in that area of the pitch rather than the strikers. We could have got Pogba and McTominay in there, gone to a flat three in the centre and tried to outnumber them.
  7. I quite like Donny as a deeper midfielder.
  8. That Leicester goal was a beautiful finish. At first I thought he might have mis-hit it and got a bit lucky, but it looked more deliberate and better with every replay. Our forward line might cause Leicester problems, but the midfield need to get hold of the game first. And Greenwood just scored a brilliant equaliser!
  9. Haha tough luck. After Leicester lost to Newcastle, and West Ham have started to wobble a bit, we needed to do something to ensure that your lot didn't sneak into fourth.
  10. Yeah, interesting. I think Amad will definitely be involved. Elanga might be more likely to start on the bench. I think Rashford and Fernandes will play, infuriating us all. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's the strongest possible team, to be honest.
  11. The problem wouldn't be the quality of the players who are selected back there as such, but the lack of organisation that would result from not having Maguire there. Hopefully he will be able to play in the Eurovision final and of course for England in the Euros. Him missing out for England would be a huge blow, as there is no replacement for him at all. England would end up having to play Mings.
  12. He'd still most likely put in more time than Johnson. I was right about it being a weird post. Looks like one of my 2am efforts. Cavani has been brilliant, but I think many of us were underwhelmed by his signing initially as it was part of a transfer window that was badly botched generally, and we were in the process of missing out on Sancho. If we wanted Cavani, we could have signed him weeks before we did. At the time it was obvious that he was a panic signing, having missed out on our actual targets. This is born out by his lack of game time early in the season, as he obviously
  13. Cavani! Glorious ball by Rashford. Picked him out perfectly.
  14. I think we're seeing how much Maguire organises the defence. Pogba seems to be doing more defensive organisation than either centre back at the moment!
  15. What a block/tackle by AWB there.
  16. Not sure what Wan-Bissaka was doing there.
  17. That would have been a brilliant own goal by Maguire.
  18. Great finish Greenwood! Wan-Bissaka with the assist. @Gabzy working her magic again.
  19. We do, but it was such a gift from their defender. Pogba had hesitated at the point he should have shot, and the chance had pretty much gone.
  20. That was daft by their defender.
  21. Anyway, that half has only solidified my belief that our transfer priorities should be a centre forward and a centre back.
  22. It wasn't a foul either, otherwise the ref would have blown straight away. I reckon he thought it was a head injury, and when he realised it wasn't, he changed his mind and gave a free kick to get himself out of trouble. That's why Bruno was annoyed, he thought it was a drop ball, which it should have been. It's frustrating because if that is right, the game was stopped for no reason when we had the ball eight yards out without their defence properly set.
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