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  1. I guess my definition of a good performance differs massively from everyone else. Thought he was poor in both cuts.
  2. I can’t do cinema’s at the moment due to health concerns in the family, and it’s absolutely killing me that there is a new PTA film out that I can’t see.
  3. I should, but there’s that stupid part of my brain that can’t live with the knowledge that Star Wars shows are out there that I haven’t seen.
  4. I’m feeling very indifferent about this. Feel like I’m watching it out of duty rather than enjoyment. I felt exactly the same way about The Mandalorian, which leaves me worried about the direction Star Wars is going. It all looks good, and hits many nostalgia bones, but just feels very lightweight and hollow. There’s just no dramatic all emotional weight to any of it, which the original trilogy had plenty of. Just a bunch of stuff happening each week. Feels more like Star Wars cosplay. I know it’s early days to judge, but my experience of watching The Mandalorian doesn’t give me high hopes that things will change.
  5. I’ve watched Annette three times now, and my love for it grows with every viewing. As with all musicals, your appreciation of the songs grows with familiarity. The final song in particular has been stuck in my head ever since my last viewing.
  6. Drive My Car - 5/5 Saw this appear high on many critics best films of 2021 lists, so was delighted to see that it was streaming on Curzon (and BFI Player). It’s a three hour long Japanese film about grief that manly consists of people driving about, and rehearsing Chekhov plays. I know that sounds a tough watch, but it really isn’t. Could happily have watched three hours more. Fantastic film.
  7. Yep, Wild Goose Lake for sure. Would also highly recommend First Cow and So Long, My Son.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Watched it for a second time last night and found it mesmerising. The story telling is so deftly told, the way it twists and turns your expectations of where things are going.
  9. Saw that the other day and thought it was excellent. It almost felt like Tom was having a bit of a quiet season on first watch, but when you look back it was all going on. That video brilliantly sums it up.
  10. I thought there were quite a few good laughs. Ron Pearlman’s character broadcasting his thoughts on the hard working white man had me in stitches.
  11. I treated myself to the 4K extended (of course) trilogy on iTunes as it was on sale. Love the films and have seen them many times over, but just don’t get the time to watch them so figured I’d treat it like a box set and watch an hour or so a night. Loving seeing them again, especially in 4K, but the stupid fucking useless Apple TV app often doesn’t let you pick up from where you left off. And to make matters worse, the fast forward function is shite. Very annoying.
  12. Matrix Resurrection - 3/5 Nowhere near the disaster that people are claiming, but definitely a missed opportunity. They should have leant more heavily on the craziness of the first 45 mins, as there was potential to do something really off the wall. Sadly, they didn’t. Still fun to be had though. Don’t Look Up - 4/5 went in very trepidations due to the mixed reviews, but enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s very on the nose, but I think that works for the kind of film it is. Watched it with the extended family on Christmas Day and it got a resounding thumbs up from everyone.
  13. Yeah, guess they had to end it somewhere, and sadly there is no end to this story. Just felt like they were building up to the Chapo storyline over the last two seasons, so it’s a shame we won’t get to see it.
  14. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover - 5/5 Haven't watched this (or any Greenaway film) since the late eighties, early nineties, and was a bit worried it wouldn't hold up, or come across as pretentious wank. But I needn't have worried, it's great. The cast are all fantastic, and the set design is second to none. This could well be the most visually stunning British film ever made. And of course there is the soundtrack. Michael Nyman really is one of the very best.
  15. The Power Of The Dog - 5/5 I think this is the best thing that Jane Campion has done. I'd say the same for Benedict Cumberbatch too, he's fantastic in this, would be amazed if he doesn't win the Oscar for his role. Some of the story telling is so subtle that I had to Google a few points after watching the end (then kicked myself as everything is there on the screen.) It's on Netflix so I'll watch it again soon and soak up all the detail.
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