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  1. Season one sets the scene and establishes the characters, but seasons 2 and 3 are what makes this show truly special. I doubt it will ever get the widespread following it deserves, as it’s a difficult subject matter told in a very unconventional way. But personally, I’m more than happy with it being a critically acclaimed cult classic.
  2. First Cow - 5/5 This is only the second Kelly Reichardt film I've seen, but am now eager to see more. A beautiful slow burn of a movie, and an early frontrunner for my film of the year. Currently on Mubi for anyone interested.
  3. If you have Sky, the documentary series Murder At The Cottage is brilliant. It’s the same case, but done by the filmmaker Jim Sheridan. It spends a lot more time with Ian Bailey, especially during the trial, which is fascinating to watch.
  4. It’s in the post credit scene of the last episode
  5. I think Robbie Collin is one of the very best reviewers out there, but as with any review, I wait until after I’ve seen the film before I listen/read.
  6. Bazjam

    Apple TV +

    For documentaries add 1971 The Year That Music Changed Everything Beastie Boys Movie Long Way Up
  7. You’re all nuts. Best one of the series. Loved it.
  8. A trailer has come out for his new film/TV series (bit confused as to which it is now) Blossoms. Cannot wait.
  9. I actually really enjoyed this, so I’m a bit gutted by this news. Is it pretty faithful to the comic? And if so what book can I carry on the story from?
  10. Ended up starting with In The Mood For Love. It’s already one of the most beautiful films ever made, but seeing it with this visual quality was just stunning to look at.
  11. This arrived in the post for me today, and by god it’s a thing of beauty. Now I just have to decide which film to watch first tonight.
  12. Malcolm & Marie 3/5 If you watch the first 20 minutes you’ve basically seen the whole film. Beautifully shot though. Sound Of Metal 5/5 Found this incredibly powerful, and expertly put together. Could easily have been mawkish awards bait, but instead is so much more. Hugo Zhe 4/5 Working my way through all of the films of Zheng Yimou, and he rarely disappoints (haven’t got to The Great Wall yet). A Taxi Driver 4.5/5 For some reason, I wasn’t expecting much from this, but it’s pretty damn great, and really moving by the end. Song Kang-ho is as brilliant as always.
  13. Really enjoyed it. Quite tempted to check out the comics now.
  14. In The Earth - 4/5 Exactly what I wanted from a low budget Ben Wheatley horror film. Reece Shearsmith is great, as always, and delivers one particular line so darkly comic that it almost had me bent double. And it has a brilliant Clint Mansell score as well. Think it opens in the UK in June. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Definitely one of those films you feel needs a second viewing.
  15. I’ve not read the comics, but I have always meant to get round to them some day, but I really liked the first two episodes. Definitely more interested to see where this goes than I was with The Boys, which I fell off from pretty quickly.
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