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  1. I’d be interested in watching a balanced documentary on the subject. This feels very far from that.
  2. Bazjam

    Apple TV +

    Spot on. Outside of wanting to see who wrote the score or something, I see no purpose in watching a list of names that will mean nothing to me. Just started Wandavision last night, 7 bloody minutes of credits! Screw that.
  3. I put this on my watch list yesterday, as I haven’t seen it since it’s cinema release. It’s one of the Scorsese films that rarely seems to get mentioned, but from what I remember it’s really good.
  4. News Of The World 4/5 Enjoyed this a lot more than I expected. Both the leads are great. The Post 2.5/5 This was a massive disappointment. The first half is baggy as hell, and the second is done with such heavy handed direction that it just takes you out of the story. In the hands of a more subtle director this could’ve been a fascinating watch. The last scene in particular has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. What the hell’s happened to Spielberg? Ravenous 4.4/5 Delighted to see this added to Disney+. I only have a vague memory of
  5. Yes, I’ve been meaning to watch this for years. Just seen it’s on Prime as well.
  6. That moment was so brilliantly handled. A lesser director would have really over blown it. But instead it’s just quietly powerful and emotional.
  7. That’s one of the few of his I haven’t seen. Just downloaded episode one from Sky.
  8. As always with his films, really need to watch it again with Shazam at hand. The guy must have an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, and I always love his choices. Just started listening to This Mortal Coil, as he cites them as one of his favourites in an interview I read.
  9. Finished this tonight. It’s right up there with his best work. I absolutely binged the last three episodes as I couldn’t stop watching.
  10. No way. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol2 is one of my favourite MCU films.
  11. It’s certainly better than Avatar. I always quite liked it, despite its cheesy moments. Haven’t seen it in years though, so no idea how it holds up.
  12. Darker tone if anything. Very different pace of show to Breaking Bad, but it’s brilliant.
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