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  1. Another really good episode. I’m so relieved this has turned out so good. To think we have another 50 odd hours of Middle Earth storytelling ahead of us makes me very happy.
  2. Brilliant, I love list threads. Toughest genre to find good films in for me. Will have to have a good think.
  3. Another Hong Kong one but I whenever I watch Chunking Express (In The Mood For Love as well) I feel completely transported to its settings. Christopher Doyle's camera work really makes you feel the pulse of the city, and the city feels as much a character as it does a setting.
  4. Yeah, I expected that too. Figured they were going to embellish it more with cgi. Not that they need to. Looks awesome as is.
  5. They also used St Michael’s Mount this week, which is about 10 minutes from where I live.
  6. One Second- 4.5/5 (MUBI) The latest film from Zhang Yimou has just come out and gone straight to MUBI. It’s the tale of two strangers both trying to get hold of a stolen reel of film during the cultural revolution. It feels both a love letter to film, and a window into all that was lost during that period. As with all Zhang Yimou films, it’s absolutely beautiful to look at, and is a film with a lot of heart. It’s quite a simple tale but one that really transports you to a place and time. I love films that do that.
  7. Although this can annoy me in other shows, it really doesn't bother me for things like this (the films were the same if memory serves right). Plus they're doing a bang up job with the music on this. Works really well I think.
  8. Yeah, I saw it live and Tornado was first. Both were great, but Tornado was my favourite.
  9. I agree it's largely financial but I do think other factors come into it as well. They love there prestige titles. Look how desperate they are to win an Oscars. Happy to throw millions at the passion projects of name directors to try and do so. Interestingly, Gaiman recently said that they built a clause into the Netflix contract allowing them to take it to other studios if Netflix decided to cancel. Could be great PR for someone like Amazon or Disney to pick it up if Netflix cancel and face a big backlash from fans.
  10. I think this could be hugely damaging to Netflix if they don’t renew. They’ve had so much bad PR recently when it comes to cancelling shows, that if they did it to a beloved IP like this, and one that’s performed well both critically and in the worldwide charts, it could be the final straw for many when it comes to a Netflix subscription. I mean really, what would be the point in getting into any new shows they make.
  11. Yep, everything I hoped for and more. Cannot wait.
  12. I just did a rewatch of Generation Kill. It’s truly excellent.
  13. This is by Michael Winterbottom who is a very political director. So I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t savagely lay into him. Wnterbottom has done some fantastic films so I’ll definitely be watching.
  14. Absolutely. I’ve also watched Band Of Brothers for the first time since doing my list.
  15. That bonus episode was fantastic. I’m so happy with The Sandman finally coming to the screen. Was gutted when I finished it all last weekend, so to have a surprise new episode was an awesome discovery. I’m guessing we may get these extra episodes In-between the main season story arcs, which would be great.
  16. Just wanted them to look like they hadn't strolled on set straight from Rodeo Drive.
  17. One thing that I found distracting was that all the tribe members looked very modern. Can quite put my finger on why that was (makeup, hair care, general grooming standards?) But they all looked like they came from the 21st century.
  18. Three stars from me. Really wanted to like it more but it all felt very formulaic to me. Certainly the best Predator film since the first one, but that's a very low bar to measure it by. Will give it another try though, maybe I just wasn't in the mood.
  19. His films are always worth watching. House Of The Devil is his best I'd say.
  20. A few people have commented on it being slow to get going, and part of that I think is down to the films reputation, people are waiting for the zaniness to start. But what elevates this film above many others is the heart and emotion of it all. On repeat viewings you notice how skillfully that is all set up in the opening section.
  21. I adore this film and have seen it three times now. I loved it on my first watch, but understood people's gripes about the pacing. On rewatches however, the pacing comes across as fantastic. There really is not a second wasted. It's a film that's so rewarding for repeat viewings.
  22. Watched the first three last night. I'm so relieved. Its fantastic.
  23. I liked X a lot. There's a prequel film coming out this year which was shot back to back with X. I'm really liking the trailer.
  24. I'm surprised so many are down on the first book. I love it. Think it's a great introduction to the world of The Sandman. A Hope In Hell, 24 Hours, The Sound Of Her Wings, are all amongst my favourite issues.
  25. I liked this a lot. Been about three week since I saw it, and it's really stayed with me. One of those films where the more I think about it the more I like it. Will definitely give it another watch soon.
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