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  1. I can understand how it may look that way, but Sion Sono is the very definition of a cult film maker. This film misses as much as it hits, but there is definitely an artistic intention to it. There’s a large dollop of tongue in cheek and absurdity (as there are in many on Sono’s films) but it’s by no means cynically done. They don’t quite hit the landing here, but both star and director are big fans of each other and want to do good work together. When Sono hits, his films are incredible, and Cage could be a great fit into his cannon.
  2. It’s definitely disjointed in parts, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. As always with Sono’s films some of the imagery is fantastic. Laugh out loud funny in parts as well (the way Cage shouts “TESTICLE” a particular fave). Apparently Cage is going to make more films with Sion Sono, and I’m definitely down with that.
  3. Thought it was great. Loved the After Hours vibe.
  4. Really enjoyed Kate. I'm a sucker for anything set in Japan, and thought they made real good use of the neon drenched setting. Thought Winstead made a really good action lead as well. Definitely a bit clichéd, but very enjoyable.
  5. Britannia S1 & S2 - 8/10 I watched the first episode of this when it first came out, and wrote it off as being a bit naff. Decided to give it another go though, as I loved the druid imagery that I kept seeing from it. So glad I did. Takes a while to find its feet, but its just pure brutal bonkers fun once it does. Onto season 3 now.
  6. The Guardian review say it is, but I can't see it on any listings so think they may have that wrong. Shame, would love to see a Sion Sono film on the big screen.
  7. Yep, another thanks for the bump. Had never heard of this show, but a couple of episodes in and liking it very much so far.
  8. I Watched Annette again today, as it opened at my local cinema, and I’m upgrading my score to a 5/5. This film is so damn good. Utterly bonkers, and endlessly inventive. The closest comparison would be Tommy, but really it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s very rewarding on a repeat viewing as you’re prepared for the tone of it more, and being more familiar with the music (which is great) always adds to the viewing experience of musicals. So many great moments in this which keep playing over in my head. Can see myself watching this many many times in years to come.
  9. It’s a fantastic film. One of my favourite Sci Fi films of recent years.
  10. After loving The Green Knight, thought I should check out more of David Lowery’s work. Ain't Them Bodies Saints - 4/5 I love these modern takes on westerns we’re getting a lot of these days (Hell Or High Water, First Cow). Great performances all round,but particularly by Ben Foster who just seems to be great in everything he does. A Ghost Story - 5/5 wow, I simply loved this film. I remember hearing the premise when it came out and dismissing it as probably over artsy and dull. How wrong I was. Lowery is such an assured director and sweeps you along in this truly unique film. Death and mortality is something that’s unfortunately become all to real in my life recently which made this really hit home. I already want to watch it again. I’m now a card carrying Lowery fan. Can’t believe I missed all these film. The Old Man And The Gun, and Pete’s Dragon next.
  11. It’s a fantastic looking film however you end up watching it, but obvs a big cinema screen will be best. If it ever gets a UK release I’ll be there week one to watch it again.
  12. Bazjam

    Dredd 3D

    I normally find myself in line with your taste in film, but this is just crazy talk.
  13. Bazjam

    Dredd 3D

    Alex Garland (who wrote and unofficially directed Dredd 3D) is like many of us a lifelong 2000ad fan. And for me, he absolutely captures the character and world of Dredd. Obviously the visuals are compromised for budgetary reasons, but it still has a great look about it. The humour of the early progs is definitely played down, but its still there. The line "Drug bust" had me laughing harder than I have in many comedy films of recent years. Bloody love this film.
  14. Brilliant, didn't know about that. Will definitely check it out.
  15. A very good couple of days film watching. The Green Knight - 5/5 A beautiful film that hypnotises in its magic and weirdness. Loved every beat of it. And boy has it been a long time since we had a good film based on Arthurian legend. Annette - 4/5 This is a real tough one to mark as there is a hell of a lot to take in, and the film really doesn't go where you expect it to. Possibly the bleakest musical since Dancer In The Dark. But I suspect this will grow on me massively with re watches, as there are moments of absolute genius throughout the film. I now want to watch Holy Motors and The Sparks Movie, as haven't seen either. City Of God - 5/5 Hadn't watched this I'm well over 10 years, and it still feels as fresh and vibrant as when it came out. A stone cold classic.
  16. Brilliant episode. Ted Lasso does rom rom, match made in heaven.
  17. Very much this. I pirated it because I was desperate to see it. But give me a legal download option (or even a not to far off release date) and I’ll pay every time. As I did with Black Widow and others. The UK seems to get more and more shafted with release windows in recent years. Especially around Oscar time, when presumably they rush out the US release in time for qualification.
  18. I thought this video was really good. Obviously no one watch who hasn’t seen the film.
  19. I thought it was superb. A lot to take in, and definitely numerous rewatches to be had. Here’s hoping for a UK release soon.
  20. Untold : Malice At The Palace was great. Some of those fans definitely had it coming. Bill Burr does a good bit about this.
  21. Can’t wait for this. It got pretty bad reviews when it played at Sundance, but Cage together with Sion Sono has to be seen.
  22. It’s a great show. Was worried it wasn’t coming back as it’s been such a long time since the last series.
  23. Season one sets the scene and establishes the characters, but seasons 2 and 3 are what makes this show truly special. I doubt it will ever get the widespread following it deserves, as it’s a difficult subject matter told in a very unconventional way. But personally, I’m more than happy with it being a critically acclaimed cult classic.
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