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  1. I have the CSY-2100 clone found here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-SCART-RGB-to-YPbPr-Component-Video-Converter-Scaler-/370695549217?pt=US_Audio_Cables_Adapters&hash=item564f2d3121 I live in the US, and use it to get glorious RGB to my Samsung PN51F4500's. ZERO added input lag because its analog, and produces a FANTASTIC picture. You will need a SCART breakout box to pull the audio out. The converter and the breakout box together cost about $60 total US. Of course you dont get the emulated scanlines of the Framemeister, but if you have a Samsung 4500 plasma, you dont need them as it looks fantastic as is. BTW-- for my money, the 720p Samsung PN51F4500 is the single best TV you can get today for XBOX 360 era on down to NES-- but you must use RGB modded systems. I currently have personally RGB modded my NES, SNES mini, N64 and am also using RGB SCART cables for my Dreamcast and Genesis 1 and am extremely impressed with them all. Just FYI using composite on any of these systems (especially the NES, Genesis, and SNES) looks like dog vomit in comparison! If you have component inputs and native 240p support (the F4500 does) I highly recommend the above setup.
  2. This is great and all, but it looks like overkill when soldering in a THS7314 amp and enabling RGB will give you just as good video output for very cheap. Ive done it to my N64 and output through a CSY-2100 RGB to Component converter to my 720p plasma and it looks outstanding, with ZERO added lag. An equally impressive yet much more needed solution is the NESRGB card developed and sold by Tim Worthington (Vile Tim). I put one in my NES the other day and it is incredible...its just a pretty hefty undertaking to install it. All that said though, when component inputs go away we will all be screwed without HDMI. I wonder how much lag (if any) is added by this unit? Major props for developing this though, hopefully he can produce solutions for other consoles as well.
  3. Shouldnt be that difficult. After all, something like this doesnt have to emulate cart DSPs and chips like the Super FX and SVP-- theyre already in the carts you'll be plugging in! Looks like a cool idea.
  4. UN Squadron for the SNES is one of my all time favorite shooters. The music stomps all over the CPS-1 version, which sounds horrible in comparison...
  5. Someone mentioned an Everdrive 64 earlier-- If you are an N64 fan (and have a little pirate in ya), its the best $150 you can spend on N64 stuff. My pal just bought one and loaned it to me, complete with an SD card and all the US NTSC games. Works perfectly. Very impressive. Game saves save right on the SD card. As far as games, Wave Race and FZero X are the 2 best racing games ever made in my humble opinion, despite the N64s technical shortcomings. Also, someone mentioned earlier but I want to reiterate-- Pilotwings 64 is a fantastic game, very serene and relaxing, with great controls to boot. It creates a very real sense of flight with good sound effects, and the visuals are quite impressive with massive draw distance and pretty detailed landscapes. Its very addicting. The music is quite quirky, but somehow fits rather well. Lark for the hanggliding and Goose for everything else baby!! Mortal Kombat 4 is a technical showpiece for the system as well, though I prefer KI Golds gameplay and music (some of the best on the system). I also have a soft spot for Mace: The Dark Age. As far as for visuals, trying to play an N64 on ANY HD set is distracting, as the 320x240 res used for most games looks extremely pixelly/grainy on HD sets. For best results, play on a 32" or smaller SD CRT with S-video or RGB (not sure if RGB was an option even in Europe). I currently play on a 36" SD JVC using S-video and it makes a very good picture, but I feel 32" or smaller condenses the image a bit better considering the low res, improving the look.
  6. I have to agree with Virtua Tennis, its just so crisp, clean, and has memorable music. BTW congrats to you Brits for finally winning Wimbledon. I was very disappointed in Lisicki's performance in the womens final against Bartoli though-- Sabine simply fell apart. Bartoli gave her so many free double faults, its was a shame that she literally self-destructed. Sabine is so damned sexy too. I love watching her play.
  7. Ha ha... alright, I just got to Sokolov-- ironically after my little gripe fest, I turned it on a couple evenings ago and got to him on my very first attempt (I took no prisoners with the dart gun though)!! I take back what I said about the female "badass" -- once a helicopter sneaked up on me while I was on a rope bridge, carrying "wasp man" and that other creep, and having seen "lightning man", this "boss" chick taking my gun from me, taking it apart and throwing the pieces at me, breaking my arm, and throwing me off the bridge did seem a lot more believable lol!! I dont know what I was smoking, thinking it was going to be even a little bit realistic-- I mean, MGS 1 (outside of Psycho Mantis) was remotely believable, but after MGS 2 having Vamp running up walls and essentially being invincible (and a host of other crazy things), I should have known better. That said, I look forward to more craziness, I'm sure its coming sooner than later!
  8. Aww. Come on now-- the N64 version really is pretty good. The control is good and the game has some of the most memorable music of any fighting game outside of Street Fighter 2, the soundtrack fucking rocks--you Brits should be proud. I will probably get lynched for saying this, but I MUCH preferred/prefer it over the Tekken games, which controls like shite IMO. Its no Street Fighter 2, but to me its the best 2D fighter outside the Capcom games..
  9. A little disclosure here first: I played through the original MGS on PS1 not long after it released and as a bonafide N64 fan, I loved it as it brought things that simply couldnt be done on the 64. Several years later I bought and played through MGS: Twin Snakes for my GC, and though it seemed to lack the "magic" that the original had in some way, it was still a crackin' good game. It has some frame rate issues not holding 60 nearly as good as MGS2, but that aside its probably the version to play if you missed the PS1 gen. Last Christmas my bro got me the MGS collection for PS2, so I just started playing it (starting with MGS2: Substance) about a month ago. I had never played the game, though I had seen it at a friends house when it first came out. I heard mixed things about it. I finished it about a week ago, and though the story was a real trip (especially once you get to arsenal gear, it just goes over the top, almost to the point of being laughable), I did enjoy it. I know Kojima was trying to make the player himself feel like a pawn in a much bigger game, but it was a bit too much for me, storywise. Gameplay wise I thought it was excellent, and the 60 fps frame rate complimented the gameplay well. Raiden was really a whiney-baby for someone who supposedly was such a great child-warrior though... So this week I popped in MGS3: Subsistence (not sure how it differs from Snake Eater, anyone feel free to explain) and the mapless, low tech 1960's, 30 fps world was a bit jarring. Snake feels much slower and a bit laggier to control, and the enemies just seem to catch me no matter what I do. I tried going through as the game said, crawling, staying in leaves, not shooting anyone, etc.-- but turns out its almost impossible to get through the first area without darting some guards in the neck, as there are just too many of them and they really dont stray far from their posts. Maybe I'm too impatient, but it appears to be much more difficult to sneak past guards than in previous games. One big gripe I have is that once I get past a guard and get near/into the house where Sokolov is, everytime I try to move on I hear "Huh? What was that noise?" and guards are moving toward me ( and I dont know where the fuck they are because there is no radar), and they always catch me. Its a bit aggravating actually. I also find the support cast to be a bit, how should I put it, lame? The "Save" chick constantly talks about movies, the weapons /close quarter combat expert is a woman (not to sound chauvinist, but c'mon, this is set in the 1960's, its just not believeable), and Major Tom, well, yeah the name about sums it up. One final gripe is that it seems to take FOREVER for the damn "Caution" to clear and many times it resets back to 100 before reaching 0...??? Not sure why that is and maybe I'm getting too impatient in my old age (been gaming since '84), but it seems more excessive than the previous titles. I'm not bitching just for the sake of it, these are genuine concerns-- but, I haven't written the game off yet, I really am just getting started in it and I hope I will get the hang of it, but it is definitely a big change from the previous titles. Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the responses, I dont have time now but will give a proper reply later today (hopefully!).
  11. Just played through mgs2, thought it was pretty good despite the story being absolutely retarded. I've just started mgs3, and thus far I find it extremely disappointing , especially after all the hype I've heard about it. The camera sucks, the support is lame, and its fucking ridiculously difficult to complete even the first mission. Seriously, with no radar and crappy camera, the guards always spot me before I even see them. I have about 3 hours in the game and have yet to reach sokolov (playing on normal). Can anyone here sell me on why this game is generally considered one of the best in the series? Im about ready to use the disc for target practice.
  12. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/05/17/ea-senior-engineer-the-wii-u-is-crap Wow, this EA guy has some balls (or lack of brains) to publicly tweet this stuff. Unbelievable!!
  13. lol... 20 years is 20 years. I think you misunderstood me, I was referring to your thought that 20 years ago, many peoples visions of how games would be 20 years in future were probably much grander than what actually came to pass. As far as how long I've been gaming, my first system was a second-hand Atari 2600 (VCS) with a shit pile of used games. The year was 1984 and I was 5 years old. I didnt even know it existed, my parents just brought a big box home one day with it, and the rest is history!! I fully agree with how great the games are that you mentioned, let alone many of the all time greats for the 8 and 16 bit systems. A lot of people get their panties in a bunch when its pointed out, but it seems that many of todays games lack a certain something (heart and soul?) that these greats did. Maybe its exactly what you are getting at, the graphics of todays games leave very little for the imagination (unlike games of old), yet the gameplay or freedom that you would expect in such a realistic, grand looking game just doesnt even come close to matching the visuals-- which makes the games seem, how should I put it, a bit hollow?
  14. @ Aspel Good post, I agree whole-heartedly, except for maybe one thing-- this vision of future gaming that people had 20 years ago that has supposedly not materialized, what is it? Is this really true? I'll offer my own expectations. It's 2013, 20 years ago was 1993-- I was playing games like Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Star Fox on my SNES, Gunstar Heroes on my brothers Genesis, and Virtua Racing in the arcade. I saw Jurassic Park on the big screen, and by that point understood that much of its animation was made possible by Silicon Graphics computers. Gaming wise, honestly, if someone would have asked me what I thought video games would have looked like 20 years from that point, I would told you they would have graphics on par with Jurassic Park and other movies that utilized the new at the time CGI. I suppose that has come to pass. Games were so limited A/V wise back then I doubt many people were envisioning gameplay innovations like the Wii and Kinect for instance over a drastically improved A/V experience. This is just my opinion though, what did you envision?
  15. Knights of the Round (Honorable Mention) My top 10 (in no particular order) Viewtiful Joe Final Fight UN Squadron Resi 4 Super Ghouls N Ghosts Ghouls N Ghosts Mega Man X Mega Man 1 Street Fighter 2 Turbo : Hyper Fighting Mega Man 2
  16. I just experienced the new TR for the first time two days ago on a friends dual 670 SLI rig, and I have to agree it is shockingly good looking (especially at 1080p/60 with Ultra settings), but after getting over the initial visual "wow" factor, I was disappointed by the incredible lack of actual gameplay. I also played the GOW 3 demo, and though I found the testosterone drenched action and cinematics a bit more my speed, it seemed to be somewhat of an unrefined button mash-fest to me. Too much shit happening on screen, you just mash buttons and hope you kill something. Although I found it much better than TR, gameplay wise it was still lacking a bit in comparison to retro games such as Contra 3 like you pointed out. You compared TR to RE4, but lets be real, that game was 95% gameplay and 5% (at most) QTE cut scenes. It was actually fun to play, AND it looked incredible. Best of both worlds. Its true that MANY of todays games are too much fluff and not enough substance, but not all of them. Someone pointed out Super Mario 3D Land, which is an excellent example of gameplay over flashy fluff. This is why Nintendo is still relevant - just like they always have, they make charming games that are actually fun to play--which is sadly, almost a novel concept these days. I tend to agree with some other posts that big budget games of today are almost all too much fluff/not enough substance. Gamers who appreciate real gameplay need to look to indie developers / or games flying under the radar to find decent playing games these days. Nintendo's own games, though many complain are too re-hashed, always offer gameplay over fluff, so naturally they are a top choice as well. Retro games in general for me though, cant be beat...
  17. Get your head out of the sand, you are "missing the point". The poster to which I replied sarcastically asked if anyone could entertain that risk for Drake and then answered his own question with a resounding "no". My point was to provide an answer as to precisely why that is. Given the context of this entire thread and the way this question and answer was posed, its obvious that the poster was hinting that this was because of the same misogynistic "double standard" that was being discussed in previous posts. I simply pointed out that this is not the case in the above comparison, and that reality dictates why one would readily think that Lara could be much more at risk for rape than Drake. Realism, after all, is what todays games are attempting to reach for -- in all aspects, especially graphics and storyline....
  18. Still reading through this thread, but I just had to respond to this one. The reason why rape would not be a risk for Drake is -- get ready for it-- Drake is a man. Lara is a woman, and an attractive one no less. Men and women are different -- women are much more likely to be raped than men in just about any setting, especially in war torn areas and on the battlefield when engaging in battle with or being captured by men. The ONLY place men are even possibly more likely to be raped are in max security prisons, where male inmates have no access anyone but other men. I agree no videogame outside of a Mature 17+ rating should even entertain the idea of rape, if the publisher chooses to do so in a mature rated game within the setting of say a Tomb Raider or a Metal Gear, reality dictates that a woman is much more likely to be raped than a man. The only realistic scenario in which I can entertain a male character being raped would be in a prison setting...more on this later.
  19. The stereotypes are done for "who" will be buying the games. Adolescent males make up the vast majority of video game players and thats the market to which games like Gears of War are targeted. The 60/40 male to female gamer split touted on the internet is complete BS. If it wasn't, female gamers could speak with their wallets if they didnt like something in a certain game, and publishers would hear them. The real problem here is that efforts like this "kickstarter" are attempting to curb and/or take away the game designers/publishers freedom to design the game as they see fit, which is completely up to them. The majority of young male gamers generally would rather see an attractive female in skimpy attire cast over an unattractive one, thats just human nature. This all boils down to an attempt to force a sort of "political correctness" down the throats of publishers and players who are simply not interested in it. The simple answer to all this is, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but don't try to impose your opinion on publishers who know what sells just because you don't like it. They are free to create as they wish, and they absolutely should be. If enough people agree with you and do the same (speak with their wallets) things will change. If more people like the status quo, it will stay as it is... I don't know if it has been brought up yet, but has anyone considered that movies targeted toward young males use almost identical stereotypes as the ones being discussed here in video games?
  20. Pretty cool. Ive never really tried the drift-wiggle trick shown in the last track on the video, even though I read about it when the game first came out. Looks pretty bad ass fast...
  21. They are just like the "screamer" guy. I do enjoy DF articles though, been a faithful reader since 2008. I'm one of those nerds that finds the tech analysis interesting. I've been interested in tech specs ever since the 16 bit wars, and I suspect most DF like guys have been as well.
  22. I have a modded Wii with emulators and my pal had a modded Xbox with emulators - in my opinion the Xbox was far superior, but the Wii did have some advantages-- The Xbox had much better MAME, GBA, N64 and Turbografx emulators than Wii. You could also use a graphics hardware stretch option on many of the emulators to stretch/skew the screen in real time to get it exactly how you wanted it (Ive never seen anything like this, even on PC). You can also slap a hard drive in the Xbox and the Wii doesnt have that option. The Wii has a near 100% perfect Genesis/MD emulator, and both the SNES and Genesis emulators actually put the Wii in native 240p mode, so if you are playing on an old CRT the games look absolutely authentic and perfect with REAL scanlines. For whatever reason, the NES emulator only outputs in 480i or 480p, so it doesnt look as authentic on a CRT as the MD and SNES. The Turbo emulators are buggy, dont support Supergrafx games. The Xboxs Turbo emulation was much better IIRC. The MAME implementation sucks balls / barely works last time I tried it. The GBA emulator is not quite full speed, I believe the Xbox's is. The Atari VCS/2600 emulator was decent as well for Wii. The Neo Geo emulator sucked. Bottom line, if you are worried at all about MAME, Turbo, Neo Geo, N64, and GBA emulation, go with the Xbox. If your only concern is NES, MD and SNES and dont mind the lack of 240p in the NES games, go with the Wii.
  23. Mace: The Dark Age TMNT SF2 Turbo Ghouls N Ghosts Harley Davidson and the LA Riders
  24. Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere on this thread, but the "leaked" info referred to in this Guru3D post seems to indicate the Xbox 720 or simply "Xbox" may in fact be quite a beastial piece of kit. Perhaps this is as reliable as the reports of 3DS graphics matching PS360, but its interesting to entertain the though of it, at the very least. http://www.guru3d.com/news_story/xbox_720_cracked_with_new_surprises.html
  25. +1 for the KI Gold reference above. A great game, it only got shite imo because 3D "Tekken" style fighters were the rage at the time. Honestly I rather that game to any Namco 3D fighting game Ive ever played. Its gameplay is old school 2D, and I like it. Dont forget the 2 greatest racing games of all time - Wave Race 64 and FZero X. And Starfox 64. So many great games on the ol 64....
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