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  1. Can get a pretty good idea of cable thickness (pretty thick).
  2. Figure of 8 plug, as noted by others. I actually did do some research before buying the converter as well and couldn't find a definitive answer. Around that time, it was mostly speculative, with people saying "PS3 and PS4 were, so this upcoming console will be too" and "pretty much all modern electronics are dual voltage as it's more cost effective". Did later read *something* that said "contrary to what you might expect, the PS5 isn't dual voltage", so didn't take any chances and got the converter.
  3. *Quietly unplugs US PS5 model from stepdown converter that's been in use for over a year* Coincidentally, I also won my PS5 (well, my partner did).
  4. I had something similar recently, where the option to update the controller remained greyed out until I wriggled (and held in place) the cable. Only just on this most recent controller update, using a cable that is normally fine in other situations. Seemed odd at the time, but managed to get it updated. Didn't think anything of it until I saw your post.
  5. Not if you can get one for a decent amount and the resulting fun is worth the outlay.
  6. Agreed on the pitfalls, @simms. Certainly wouldn't be suitable for most games. I guess they're imagining the likes of Wipeout, Resi 7 and Hitman, where you can play the same content via the different medium, rather than them being completely different experiences/spin-offs.
  7. I could be forgetting stuff (most likely), but I can only remember a roped-off part of GT and then the Aim controller after Astrobot, in terms of support. Edit: of course, I'm forgetting Blood & Truth, from London Studio. Don't get me wrong, as an add-on, it probably saw more games than most others I can recall from previous consoles, and plenty good/great games, just not as many Resi 7 style offerings. Edit: encouragingly from what I've read, they will be trying to get devs to offer straight-up VR modes in their PS5 titles, as an extra feature, rather than Arkham VR stuff.
  8. I'll be disappointed if the software consists mainly of spin-off experiences (ala that Horizon game shown up-thread), rather than letting me play the console game in VR. After Resi 7, it was pretty slim pickings for full, top-tier games (apart from Astro, obvs).
  9. I grew up in Southport, so had a wealth of arcades to visit. Which I did, a lot. From the mid-to-late eighties until the late nineties. Blackpool was definitely the king of the region for the likes of full-scale Ridge, 8-player Virtua Racing/Daytona and Afterburner G360 or whatever it's called, so you'd go there occasionally for the larger scale stuff (although it was a 90 minute drive). Southport served me amazingly in every other respect - you could pretty much find everything standard cab-based if you knew where to look. We had the larger/busier places on the main streets, running from the town centre to the promenade. The likes of the full-size Pit Fighter (as shit as it is, it was novel at the time) and Dragon's Liar. Remember playing a lot of the 6 game Neo Geo cab in some of the venues in that area. I always preferred the arcades on one of the side street/walks, especially a place called the Lucky Seven. It was the beat 'em up palace. If Capcom had a new game out, you would most likely discover it there. The excitement when you walked through the doors and saw a small crowd around a machine further in, walking up and wondering what it would be. Every Street Fighter I first played in that place. Final Fight, Konami 4-player side-scrollers, they saw them all at some stage. You could also venture further past the prom and visit Southport Pleasureland. It was (is) a fairly average fairground, but had some great places tucked away. A lot of gun/peripheral-based Sega/Namco games around that area, but I do remember it was the first time I played Virtua Fighter and Ridge (the sit-down gear stick one, not the big boy car version). Just so many brilliant memories of arcades during that era. It feels like I grew up in arcades, smoking cigs, hanging about watching others play, getting challenged on SF. The cacophony of all of the different games, mixed in with a smattering of fruities, the smell/stench, the sticky carpets, the low smoke hanging in the air, sketchy characters. An experience I don't really think you can find anymore outside of some gentlemen's clubs. Visiting some of these places now is obviously a bit sad. Lucky Seven is not there at all anymore, or any other arcade down that stretch. The ones on the main streets have mostly gambling machines in them and the ones around Pleasureland a mix of those and some older cabinets. Makes me feel like an old man, wistfully staring at the site of the old ice rink or bandstand.
  10. That was kind of my point, I was impressed with how far back the tailback was. Edit: I see someone else has mentioned that traffic systems aren't simple stop/start bits of code.
  11. What impressed me as much as the visuals was the AI traffic. If you go on the freeway overpass and block the road with a car, you can make the traffic build up into a massive tailback. You can then pan back with the free cam and see how long the tailback builds, with the traffic all behaving quite realistically.
  12. For coffee, I've found this newer stuff from Oatly to be really good: They do Whole, Semi and Skinny versions (basically trying to mimic blue, green and red top milks). For tea, as already mentioned by Garwoofoo, I find My Cuppa (yep, stupid name) the best. I've only ever seen it sold in the larger Tesco. It's relatively more expensive - think it's around £1.60 for 750ml - although you really do just need a dash if you like a builder's brew, as I do (and it will last for yonks, well past the use-by date in my experience).
  13. I complained about being charged a tenner delivery from GAME with my PS5 (almost a year ago, eh?) and got it refunded - although my complaint did centre on not getting my 'launch' order until the following Monday, due to the dolts selecting the pandemic-battered Royal Mail as their courier.
  14. @SuperCapes also offering a bundle code in Trading.
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