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  1. For coffee, I've found this newer stuff from Oatly to be really good:



    They do Whole, Semi and Skinny versions (basically trying to mimic blue, green and red top milks).


    For tea, as already mentioned by Garwoofoo, I find My Cuppa (yep, stupid name) the best.


    I've only ever seen it sold in the larger Tesco.


    It's relatively more expensive - think it's around £1.60 for 750ml - although you really do just need a dash if you like a builder's brew, as I do (and it will last for yonks, well past the use-by date in my experience).

  2. I complained about being charged a tenner delivery from GAME with my PS5 (almost a year ago, eh?) and got it refunded - although my complaint did centre on not getting my 'launch' order until the following Monday, due to the dolts selecting the pandemic-battered Royal Mail as their courier.

  3. Going to try and keep as much of the sportsmanship, camaraderie and joy I have seen over the last couple of weeks in my mind and use it as a spur to try and kick the watching football habit this season once and for all.

  4. Very odd for me, as the demo ended after a few minutes when I played it last night.


    Was locked out after that.


    Edit: reading the other RE thread, it sounds like it hit the end time for access (was deffo after 1am...probably nearer 2, so fair enough I guess...still a shit way to do a demo).

  5. With the whirring noise, is it like that low buzzing you used to hear on CRTs, where the pitch of it changes with what is being displayed on-screen (e.g light to dark)?


    I have something similar and the noise comes from the console itself, not the TV.

  6. Why are people using their superconsoles to watch TV? 


    Is it just for the ease of going from gaming to watching telly and not having to switch something else on?


    Or is there something that they're technically better at doing than a device such as a Fire TV Stick?

  7. 2 hours ago, wretcherd said:

    How come you need to do this anyway?


    My partner won one.


    Slight catch with the terms means that we have to keep that one, so spent this afternoon transferring everything over and wiping and reboxing the original.


    Need to speak to her about what we're doing with the original. I'd obviously prefer to let a forumite have it, but the 175 difference in price (versus CEX) is something for her to consider.


    Not my decision, so we'll see! If it goes for sale here, I'd want a local, physical handover, rather than posting.

  8. 14 minutes ago, MikeF said:


    You can copy PS4 saves to USB on the PS5, I have done it loads of times.  It didn't recognise one of my usb drives but works fine with another


    So I can, thanks.


    Guess I could lose the PS5 saves as I had finished those games anyway.

  9. It would seem to be the case from looking online, but I can't back-up either PS4 or PS5 saves to USB, instead being left with the only option of signing up to PS+?!


    That sucks. Trying to transfer from one PS5 to another and falling at the first hurdle.


    Is there a free trial month I can use to sign up and do this (doesn't look like it)?


    EDIT: Guess I could delete all of the game content and then do a back-up and restore on the new console.

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