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  1. Snap 2. Just got that mail and was thinking "Here we go, no launch day stock for you" as I was reading the title and first few lines, but was pleasantly surprised.
  2. It's like one of those proof photos assassins take to show they've done the job (you can see their foot in the corner of the shot).
  3. Preferably featuring pets too, although it's a lot more difficult to get them in shots of game or accessory boxes, so that might have to wait until next week.
  4. Even though it's a bit closer to Alienware than I would like, I do like a console to look like a console and not a slab or block.
  5. No, you're right, it's the pre-order bonus and my reading comprehension is lacking due to new console launch fever.
  6. GAME have just emailed me a code for Spiderman MM, which was part of the bundle I ordered. Thought it would be a physical copy?
  7. Were you transferring via a direct ethernet connection between the two?
  8. That would throw up a slightly different conundrum for me as, even though a grand is better than 1500, I wouldn't spend that much on something considered entry-level, if that is the price. For many, having the best display is what they're into and they're prepared to spend those sums, but I'm only ever thinking about nice displays when gaming, not TV or movies, so it doesn't get as much value for me as it would others. I appreciate that spending high on newer tech goes with the territory in virtually any tech product arena and you have to jump on the carousel at some point or you'll be waiting forever, but this period for displays to me is one where it feels like it needs to settle down again a bit - 4k was crazy expensive, but is now standard, just like OLED will be eventually (if not ever being quite 'standard', but certainly will become more affordable than current). Having said that, if my 10 year-old, massive-framed Sammy goes pop tomorrow, it would probably be the most likely time for me to entertain that figure for a new telly, as it would really hammer home the next gen feels. I do sit there on occasion, staring at it and almost willing it to break down, but it marches on, only periodically switching itself off on startup during the colder months!
  9. I've got a PS5 on order and still have a 1080p Samsung from 2010 that I'll be using it on. I'm one of those who doesn't change/upgrade stuff until the one I have breaks or the jump up is so big as to be unmissable. I kept my iphone 4 going for 8 years until it could no longer carry on before upgrading that, for a pig headed example. Maybe the fact that I don't think I've seen a console running on a 4k display keeps me comfortably ignorant of what I'm missing out on. Trouble for me now is that it feels like not the best time to buy a new display. I know OLED is the one to get, but I can't justify 1500 quid + for one. I'm thinking of the new consoles more along the lines of what @Harrisown was saying - I'll be 60fps-ing/RT-ing it up on my 1080p. I might even appreciate my more limited options in that respect.
  10. Wouldn't say no to a PS5 patch for RM, similar to the Blood and Truth one, although it might not be as effective.
  11. Thanks @JPR . Wonder what's going on with mine. Looks like something has gone wrong.
  12. When some of you in here mention noticing delivery companies changing on your orders, where are you seeing this? I don't have any info like that on my order:
  13. Got nothing beyond confirmation of the initial order yet from GAME. No money taken either. What was the last you heard from them @HarryBizzle, seeing as I think we ordered a couple of hours or so apart?
  14. Weird, as I still haven't got my "Make sure you have the money" email that others who are hopeful of launch day stock have had. Possibly different allocations.
  15. N64 PAL launch was a Saturday? I remember that one, as it was obviously weird to have a console/game release on a weekend. I mentioned up thread that it was probably the most memorable launch day for me and remember taking it to a mate's after picking it up. I also worked at Comet at the time and had to go in on my day off to pick it up, as they wouldn't break the street date. Maybe they all thought "Fuck it" round your way and starting flogging it on the Friday!
  16. I can't believe it was '88, thought it was '89. I vividly remember first seeing Super Shinobi being played at my local importer and being blown away, but the gushing Mean Machines review of Strider sent me over the edge.
  17. The dates are odd to look back on, going off Wikipedia. SS came out in Japan over a year after the Megadrive launch (Dec '89 versus Oct '88). I was just looking then and wondering why the hell I got a Jap MD with Strider, which must've dated it around Oct/Nov 1990, *after* the PAL release of the MD?! Maybe it was down to the software available and thinking stuff like Strider was going to be months/years from a Western release that made me import.
  18. That's the thing for me, I don't have many Day One memories, as I imported everything until the N64. So memories of SNES, Megadrive and Playstation launches weren't the same kind of shared experiences you have now, where everyone is waiting for their DPD driver to show up, you just had it appear one day, but I do remember coming back from school and there being a Megadrive and Strider waiting for me. Probably the N64 overall, as I actually remember taking it over to a mate's flat where we were all gathered and booting up Mario 64. Gamecube launch for me was pretty lame, due to the software available and I haven't been Day One since (not counting 3DS and PSVR). Going for a launch PS5 (hopefully) though.
  19. No money taken at this point for me. I got my order through almost 24 hours ago, but haven't yet received the "Make sure you have the cash ready" email that others have mentioned receiving in the last day or so. Slightly concerning, but we'll see if I get that mail today.
  20. Thanks! Didn't know it was priced yet, but considering the PS4 version wasn't/isn't far off that price (for the GotY edition), that isn't too bad....if we get the DLC!
  21. You must have a turbo pad! Persistence rather than speed to get it in the basket - speed afterwards!
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