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  1. It was the weapon! I had forgotten about being able to reclaim stuff from collections. It’s been a long time… thanks tho. Have now got a new one
  2. So I was transferring an exotic from one character to another via the iOS app - which crashed in the process. And now said exotic is nowhere to be found. Not on any character or in vault? Is it gone for good? It was the first one you get from the season Haven’t played any Destiny 2 since the very early days of Lost Light. Is there anywhere I can catch up on what I’ve missed both lore and mechanics?
  3. its now showing as redeemed for me - took a few days though! It does always seem hit or miss
  4. The redeeming isn’t working for me at all and I’m too scared to email MS in case they ask why I’m constantly moving between Argentina, Brazil, US and UK
  5. Love to install 70gb of PS4 game so I can upload a save then download 70gb of PS5 game.
  6. Human Fall Flat registered for me immediately today on rebooting the game. Had not triggered at all yesterday.
  7. Super Craig's picture really shows the difference better than I can describe but it definitely looks more green in real life vs online photos. I was hoping for more like the Joycon yellow. It's not really neon though, it's a strange colour. I like it but it's hard to describe it, sometimes it looks more yellow depending on light but if you really want yellow, maybe wait to see if they do the custom colours again.
  8. I also don't really like how it freezes on death. Genuinely thought it was a bug at first but I think it's deliberate, it kind of freezes for a few seconds, then fades. I'd prefer an explosion of some sort.
  9. waiting on one coming from Currys - will let you know mid week.
  10. i started playing quickly yesterday and felt much as you do. Today I realised that the triangular doors are side rooms and rectangular are critical path. I started going through all the side rooms and suddenly I was finding more items, including the blade for melee. It’s really clicked with me now, so persevere a wee bit and see how you go. I’ve now reached the first boss twice and almost had him both times. spoilers for items follow
  11. Same here, although they owe me something back for buying Matterfall I was planning on leaving it until this came down in price, but a lack of new games just now and wanting something to play on the PS5, coupled with this weeks hype train has seen me cave and order it from ShopTo for £64. This will be the most I've spent on a game since NBA Jam on the SNES which I think I paid £65 for in 1993.
  12. I changed the dead zone to zero and it’s helped a lot but it’s still tricky. I think at least part of it is getting used to handling etc but the defaults were wild - was like a dodgem.
  13. Is anyone else using a Ps5 controller for this? I find it incredibly difficult to control - have you changed the settings around to make it handle better? I seem to be going ok and then I’ll lurch to one side before massively over correcting. When I can control the car it’s good fun. I think this is the first rally gane I’ve played since Rallisport on the Xbox. The career mode also throws you in at the deep end a wee bit. A lot of info to take in.
  14. This was still broken for me this morning, nothing would download. After a bit of googling I found reports of a different error related to stuck download queues - seemed similar enough. Followed the recommended fix for that - booting in safe mode and rebuilding the database has fixed the issue for now.
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