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  1. Guys, quick question if I may. I have PSVR but only use it for Beatsaber so I like the idea of the Quest because no wires. Given the quest 1 is cheaper and I probably only want Beatsaber is it worth the extra for a Quest 2?
  2. Heyo. I just started this on PS5 and liking it so far. Are the RLL guilds still active now and is there one which is better for a noob?
  3. Just finished Dragon Ball. It’s very dated now of course but I enjoyed it nonetheless and found the sub preferable to the dub. Now to fit in something from my All The Anime Black Friday haul before getting stuck into DBZ.
  4. I remember it vividly, at the time I had just moved in with my girlfriend (now wife) and we were both hooked. We both played a number of characters but when I went online she did the typing for me on my main: superbrother the Hunter. We met some great real life friends as a result, some of which are still best friends now even though they moved to the US. Quite a few went onto WoW and we had a laugh there too. Such great times.
  5. So here’s a thing. The series x will play everything better with faster load times owing to SSD and redesigned pipeline. Perhaps the ultimate PSO2 box?
  6. Oh well, wait for the open beta then. I guess inconvenient maintenance times will continue post launch given the time difference.
  7. I already have a One X but would buy it again just for this game. Likewise I put thousands of hours into DC and GC plus a lot less time into PSU. Thankfully no multi hundred pound phone bills this time round!
  8. Great stuff.’ I’m loving this. It takes the good bits of PSU and (obviously) more good bits from PSO then brings in modern concepts such as air juggling and fast combat.’ it’s almost like Nier Automata to play.
  9. Anyone know what carries over from the beta? I’ve got some ace tekkered ? weapons for my hunter
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