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  1. 1 - Fallout New Vegas 2 - LOTRO 3 - KOTOR 4 - Fallout 1 5 - Skyrim 6 - The Witcher 7 - Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm 8 - Sam & Max: Hit the Road 9 - Bioshock 2 10 - Full Throttle
  2. How are people getting the Majora's Mask and stuff? Is that via the store? Having fun visiting people!
  3. Added you both. My code is 1075-0712-0633.
  4. Added Uxorious, Paulando, MidWalian, PaulM, Yiggy, blipwoo, Retro GhostGS, Epcotman. I need more fruits, all I have is peaches! So if anyone needs peaches, I'm your gal!
  5. I'm adding a bunch of people from the main list - my 3DS code is: 1075-0712-0633 & name is Diggler. Town is Rosewood.
  6. I have a spare DOTA 2 invite, name is the same as here. I've got a spare key for XCOM from the Bioshock order, anyone want to trade it for any of these on Steam? X3 games (any) Age of Empires 3 Complete Collection Under the Ocean Kerbal Space Program edit: sent DOTA 2 Polmon! =) edit2: XCOM gone
  7. owl

    Star Trek Online

    Is there an active fleet I can join? My last 2 just kind of stopped coming on.
  8. Hi guys, anyone thinking of setting up a clan for Rllmuk so we can join?
  9. I have lots of red crystals too, what's your name on there?
  10. Hi guys, I've got the house in Dawnstar with Hearthfire and I've added all the rooms available, but I want to adopt a child and still don't have the option to build a child's room - any ideas? I don't seem to have any letter about this, just the "Consider Adoption" letter. Thanks!
  11. To those of you still playing, is there a currently active Rllmuk Republic guild? The last 2 I have been in had nobody active. If there is a guild, my trooper Mubbz would love an invite!
  12. Oh, how misleading =(
  13. I don't see that bundle pack anywhere with those games in it?
  14. Battle of the Bulge has gone up on the store for those interested. £6.99
  15. I've been waiting for the Happy Street Christmas update and saving Flooz for it! Love the new stuff. That game is my number one used game on iPad.
  16. Does anyone know what the deal is with the delay for PC digital releases? Amazon, Shopto etc all say it's out on consoles and PC disc today, and I pre-purchased from GMG, but they said it's been delayed without any ETA, and Steam doesn't have it listed.
  17. Aye, been playing my Jedi lately. Everyone disappeared though!
  18. I hope more people give this a chance when it goes F2P, it gets too much gratuitous blind hate - and players get a lot of content for free when it switches over. It's one of the best free-to-play models around.
  19. I love TSW - it really stands out with its immersive story and unique settings. GW2 was definitely subpar in comparison, it lacks any real decent content to keep me coming back other than a pretty world sadly.
  20. I'm not sure if I'm missing something... I tried to find a guide somewhere, but I can't find where to get more candy for the Halloween machine to use it?
  21. I quite enjoyed what I played of Symphonica so far. I'm glad that Square put a reasonable amount of content up for free, I guess the extra content is quite expensive still but not as much as some of their past games on iOS. The touch controls and motions are really nicely integrated in this too. Also, not sure if it's been mentioned yet but Dark Meadow is on sale for £1.99 and ORC: Vengeance is 69p too. Both supposed to be quite good games.
  22. Edit - DOTA key given to a friend =)
  23. What are the general opinions on Kingdom Hearts on 3DS then? I wanted it for the characters & the "companions" - and the demo seemed fun. I was curious what people thought of the difficulty? I struggled with some bosses later into Birth by Sleep.
  24. I do! I'll add you on there in a bit, my username is the same as this.
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