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  1. Also, anyone on here that got the condor how long did it take? Be honest, not sure I got the time
  2. Once you have got max yards from a set there’s no reason to keep doing it tho? Apart from repairs?
  3. You just have to keep winning level 7 tournaments and get 3-5 gems a time or going onto the courses and finding them.
  4. Not posted on here for years, 1st played the JP version of EG on the PS1 back when you paid a tenner for a cdr with a printed cover. Played it to death in black and white until I forked out for a TV with scart. Then played the next instalment with the pocketstation (remember them) and the mini games, they bastardised that one for the US market IIRC, distinctly remember a crocodile character that never appeared on the jap versions. then on PS2 3-5 played them all through, even contemplated buying a HD because it would remember ‘where you hit a divot’ and show it next game, not sure if that ever happened, anyway I completely bypassed the vita versions, never played them, but this one has really got me back into games, it’s fantastic. my only criticism is that I’ve had to play hours up until the point I can get the custom clubs with 368y, it feels like only now you can compete online, and then you have to learn all of the holes again with the added yardage. Fucked if I’m doing the condor thing either. Also you should be able to switch courses online without witching back to the home area. (Is that possible?)
  5. Wafer thin brisket pastrami Skirt / flank steaks Pork loins All great quality and good value, that pastrami is incredible. Individual cartons of juice are cheap if you got kids, for school. Check dates on veg / fruit, they can range massively. Portobello mushrooms are good. Electrical items are ok priced but the warranty / exchange policy make it worthwhile.
  6. WesT

    Fish & Chips

    Nowt wrong with Ilson, but to keep it on topic don't go out your way to go George's, average, you really do need to go out to the coast for decent fish and chips, which might be naive on my part as imagine a lot of the fish is frozen now where ever you go but for me, North East is always where I've eaten the best fish and chips.
  7. WesT

    Fish & Chips

    Colmans in South Shields by far the best I've ever had, although find it gets too busy in recent years, no where near London either.
  8. Leave it a good 20 minutes after it's been in the oven and it will firm up, whilst staying hot inside. To varying degrees dependant on the consistency ofc
  9. Paraphrasing but the commentator at the start of the second half... 'It doesn't happen v often in football but in sure Swansea will accept to lose today in respect to the occasion'
  10. Use plenty of flour and/or cornmeal under your dough
  11. I want to try this pasta dish, but can't decide whether it will end up a fatty / greasy mess or be great. http://www.itv.com/food/recipes/roast-chicken-40-cloves-garlic
  12. Dunno if Xantham gum is 'paleo' but its a good 'low carb' thickener. You get it from health shops
  13. Never really got the 'wahay beach volleyball lads eh eh' thing before, probably because I've never actually watched a game before today. I now understand.
  14. 'congratulations, this is perhaps not what the British public wanted but well done' WHAT THE FUCK? Shameful
  15. Didn't realise that, would explain a lot.
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