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  1. Seen this last night on an ISense screed at ODEON.


    REALLY enjoyed it. Opening credits made the hairs stand and seemed like a replica of the opening from the first movie.


    Flight scenes were amazing and well shot, as already mentioned, really captured the stresses the pilots endure in flight at the limits.


    Not very often this happens to me when watching a movie, but I really felt like I was rooting for the main characters in flight and happy to see them succeed. I also raised a smile here and there which is unlike me also. :)

  2. Speaking of multiplayer, I joined 'SEEKERS' and I am not sure what or why I have - just got told to for a buff?


    Does that mean that I get more runes per kill when I glow gold? 


    I seem to be doing a lot of things because I think I should with no idea what I am doing. Level 52 50hrs in. 

  3. I find understanding new items i collect just as hard as actually playing the game.


    20 hrs in a level 36 and I am still unsure of some of the basic things.


    When you have a yellow point on the map with a flam coming from it in a certin direction, is that just relating to NPC's?


    I have one still on Mourne Lift site and and feel I have done and found all there is there?


  4. I bought a disc model at launch and then sold to a mate 11 months later. Ive been looking for a disc model recently and just could not get one.


    ended up buying one from a Facebook scalper for an extra £70 brand new. Seems to be lots about, new for around this extra premium. 

    terrible i know - just really wanted to play Elden Ring and GT7

    PS5 - Pay to Play

  5. I love flying the Cessna 172. Its just that bit quicker than the 155, so makes A to B's much easier without sacrificing the low speed to see what's happening.


    Really enjoyed the landing challenges in the same plane, and trying really hard to get a near spot on landing on the Puru level (I think) in the same plane.


    Playing this on an Series S (which I bought just to play this really) and while graphics aren't perfect at times, I cant see the Series X making much difference as the overall experience is still very immersive.


    Cant' really ever imaging me landing a 747 or the larger planes but I think, for me, the beauty is thinking of somewhere I have been or would like to go, and fly about in a small plane, soaking everything up.


    Money well spent imo. :)



  6. Hi folks, just a quick one.


    looking to venture into the world of game pass for the first time (normally always been on PS formats) but what’s the best/cheapest way to get started on game pass?


    basically, are there any deals or should I just jump into the £7.99 pm deal? 
     Should say, I only want to play the games, no online or pc so the Xbox only version is perfect for me. 

    thanks :) 

  7. Watched a Blu Ray for the first time on my PS5 last night. Sound worked fine in the PS5 home screen but once I played the BR, I had no sound.


    Ended up fixing it buy unplugging the HDMI and re inserting it back in and worked fine then.


    My TV is a LG OLED C9. Just in case anyone else has the same issue.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Billy Brown said:

    I'm trawling back through the thread trying to find a couple of very helpful posts from around launch time (I think) that detailed the best video settings to apply when using the PS5 with The TV Set That Shall Not Be Named.


    One was a fairly brief overview that showed what to change on the PS5's video settings as well as a couple of things to alter on the TV istelf. The other was a link to an external site (possibly ResetEra?) that had an increibly in-depth guide to setting up the TV for use with PS5 as well as Xbox Series X.


    I was sure I had bookmarked them but I seem to have done goofed. I'm going to keep looking back through the thread for them, and will edit this post to include them if I find them in case they would be useful for anyone else - but if the people who originally posted them see this in the meantime, I'd appreciate a repost please!


  9. Cant really read through the thread or go online because I think there are spoilers but can someone answer me this:


    Is the sound all strange in this? As in, you cant hear the voices and some stuff is very muffled? Watched the first episode and found it hard going.


    I have not read or seen anything about this until I seen it on Netflix last night. So started to watch but have a hard time hearing it. Just tell me that is supposed to be like that or I am stupid!? :)

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