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  1. You can use the controller (no mic or anything) to party chat and the voice will come from the speaker and you just speak and the pad picks it up. Press the button so the orange light comes on to mute, when light is off, its a mic. I think that is what your asking?
  2. Titanfall 2 never played it in the PS4 but on the PS5 it looks amazing and plays flawlessly. In some places you could tell me it’s a launch game and I wouldn’t doubt it - not bad for a 4 year old game
  3. Can anyone confirm if Everybody's Golf works on the PS5? Thinking of getting it but seem to remember someone mentioning that it wont work on the PS5?
  4. Completed this last night. Can’t say I’ve played a better game this year (even though it’s short) and it’s easily Nintendo tier if not better. Really enjoyed it and never wanted it to stop. Still want to go back and get all the extras etc. spent a while doing the TT too on Jet Pack Run which is addictive!
  5. Well, after not securing my Pre-order months ago, I spent all day in work (and before) smashing the F5 Button like a loon all to no avail! But did end up securing one last night thanks to @Jei who helped me out big time and I finally laid my hands on one! Really happy with it after the initial set up. I’ve been into games for a long time, and as a friend put it, ‘this feels like a real step up’ and I have to agree. I bought an LG C9 last year and even just playing Astro, it’s the best thing I’ve seen the tv do. Young me, who was blown away by an 1994 Ridge Racer arcade could never be live graphics would ever look so ‘crisp’. Really like the pad with the ergonomics and the rumble which adds a new dimension to the game. After a few mins you forget it but it’s really differs the rumble depending on what you do, and I like the little speaker on it too. While not silent, it’s not loud or annoying. I think it I had it vertical, it would be better but it’s not. I think someone said it was like a fridge which I can agree on, but a quiet one. I’m super happy with it. Didn’t buy any games for it but might try and grab a copy of DeS as I loved that 11 years ago. Enjoy everyone and hope we can all be playing one soon
  6. Game was a waste of time. Knew I couldn't trust them!
  7. In Game queue and been waiting for nearly 2 hours. 4 mins left...
  8. think that's it now - just right place, right time from here on out. maybe try Game site as they are doing pre orders for 5th.
  9. I was doing it for free before then! I even left the house an hour early so I could sit in a layby hoping the JL stock would show at 8-8:15 as thats normally when I am on the drive to work!
  10. Fuck!!! Hope this is worth being sacked over. I've been paid to hit F5 since 9...
  11. Pretty annoyed as I thought I would grab one on JL. Had it in my basket many times and three times where I paid but the next screen said 'sorry, this item is out of stock'. Fingers crossed for Amazon now!
  12. Yeah, might make it look a little smaller if placed on a Russian one.
  13. Did anyone here order the new XBox from John Lewis on the day of release? As, for the PS5, it mentions that they will go on sale the 'morning' of the 19th? So not sure when that's supposed to be? Called and they could not give me an answer
  14. Can I ask a question I'm sure has been answered but I can see it: How long will these PS Plus Games list be available to download for the PS5. Batman: Arkham Knight Battlefield 1 Bloodborne Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Days Gone Detroit: Become Human Fallout 4 Final Fantasy XV God of War inFAMOUS: Second Son The Last Guardian The Last of Us Remastered Monster Hunter: World Mortal Kombat X Persona 5 Ratchet & Clank Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Until Dawn As in, if I don't get a PS5 at launch, how long until that expires (even if I am already and will be a PS Plus member)?
  15. You folks have it easy! I'm planning to try and snag one at midnight online tomorrow Wish me luck!
  16. Realistically, what hope do I have of grabbing one of these at launch, considering we are in lockdown?
  17. When I was younger I got the ps1 and ridge racer at launch. it was this that cemented my love of games there after, but I always wondered , when you completed the game mans the techno track plays, as it pans over the track, what it would be like to live there. maybe at the time I couldn’t imagine the graphics getting better than that but this thread made me remover that thought.
  18. Why does Eurosport keep playing this long Jackie Chan racing advert!
  19. Demon's World / Horror Story cool, 80's arcade game made by Toaplan
  20. I just paid £6.99 (pm)for the Eurosport streaming app. working a treat on the ps4
  21. ridgeracer

    SNES Mini

    Most likely the same size as the original, just like they have the NES Mini and SNES Mini.
  22. Competed this last night. Have to say it was absolutely amazing to play and with so many cool touches throughout made the game really charming. Even though I found quite a few moons on the journey, it seems that there is still tons of content to do and find, but the main game took me approx 12 hours to do I’d say. Can’t wait to go back and try and find what I missed. The game reminds me of Mario 64 but also a lot like galaxy in the way the worlds are laid out and you travel between them. Im not sure if as an experience for me it beats Mario 64 as it came with the time and age for me and that game plays a big part of my love for games today but as a Mario game, it’s easily the best they have ever made and is such a massive thumbs up to fans of the series imo. Regarding the controls, I played the lot on a normal controller through the tv (no waggle) and the only time I waggled the pad was when it fell out of my hands drinking a coffee. So don’t let that put you off. Hope everyone has a great time playing it as it’s so cool, and an amazing gaming experience because it reminds you just how fun games can be.
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