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  1. The 2DS screen size would be a retro step for me after a 3DS XL. I could not play a 3DS until the bigger screen version came out, 3d or not. Having never even seen a 2DS in the flesh I can't comment on the ergonomics of it but at the end of the day, it's you who will be playing it so go for what feels best for yo I suppose.
  2. I can understand why you might want a 2DS but to swap it for a 3DS XL? That seems a backwards step?
  3. Just incase yor're a bit of a sucker for 'limited edition' stuff like me, the Year of Luigi 3DS XL is a good buy on Nintendo's UK website for £179.99 http://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-3ds-xl-console/nintendo-3ds-xl-luigi-special-edition/10848360.html Plus, if you keep in in good condition, the limited ones normally hold value well too so might be worth the bit extra? Or if you like Zelda, the Zelda 3DS XL is a good deal too at £199.99 and comes with the new Zelda. http://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-3ds-xl-console/nintendo-3ds-xl-the-legend-of-zelda-a-link-between-worlds-limited-edition/10848361.html But if you're not bothered and just want the cheapest deals, you might be better off buying a nice second hand one with a few games.
  4. I have ordered instore with Blockbuster and they have no current plans to do the 'bundles' Which is a shame as i'd go for the Killzone bundle as its the only game I would buy.
  5. This is pretty much how I feel but I think I already know what the answer will be. And it's not a money thing, it is down to the other great games I have to play now and ones being relased before Christmas on my current consoles (PS3/Wii U). I'm more worried about buying lots of games but not really playing any of them enough, which will be a waste. If I hold off my PS4 then I can pick it up in Spring and get more enjoyment out of it too, imo. I do like the look of Killzone and I like the idea of Battlefield 4 and COD:Ghosts on the PS4 rather than PS3 (so will buy these when I get a PS4, whenever I do as I hate knowing there is a bteere version I have access to play) but thats it now Drive Club is not about.
  6. That was not what I meant. I was talking about people will pay £350+ just for one game (PCB's for example) so for a console it is good value I think if you put it into that context and some people will buy a new console based jus on the release of one game.
  7. It is known that people buy arcade pcb's of nifty 2D shooters and pay far more than what a PS4 is worth! So in the words of Tom Jones, its not unusual.
  8. Well i have had enough of this game. Traded it in today. Really enjoyed the single player and I have spent over 45hrs playing and just messing about but I don't think the online is for me and they give £36 cash in CEX so traded it in now (seeing as I only paid £35,) and might pick it up again when it's cheap or they do some add on packs Once of the best games of the year for me, lots of 'fun'.
  9. Nintendoland is a good game and can be bought cheap. Rayman legends is supposed to be good but I only played the demo. Also if you love NSMBu then you can pick up the harder luigi version.
  10. What you need is a Wii U and a PS4 under your TV and you have pretty much have all console gaming bases covered. If you don't have a soft spot for Nintendo stuff then you can save some money and fuck off! haha That was a j/k by the way before anyone gets there tampons in a twist...
  11. I don't think I will. There will still always be a hands on version to buy. And I don't know why people buy digital downloads when they are more expensive and have no resale value! Anyway, we will see but if there is a physical copy then its the one for me to get. I buy downloads but only when that is the only options etc.
  12. I think I could go with the no green boxes idea if you had them on display but kept in a box! haha not worth the effort. I think what would bother me most about this is the fact the boxes are not the original ones and that really bugs me a lot. I cant keep a console unless its got all the original bags and cables ties etc. That really bugs me knowing that its not wrapped up like the day it was new. Also can't stand digital downloads for games as I need the actual item on my shelf so I know that I will never lose it and its always got a re sale value. If I bought a new console and it comes with a digital download version of a game I would sell the code and go buy the actual game, thats how anal I am about it. Its still bugs me that Mario Kart 7 is stuck in my 3DS XL as its came pre installed!
  13. While watching the Singapore GP on Sky Sports F1 yesterday, there was a really cool advert for Forza on the Xbox One. I have a PS4 pre-ordered but this really got me glued to the screen when it was on and looks well worth a Xbox One purchase when you get the game for free.
  14. thanks dude, thats what I thought but wanted to be sure rather than buy a 1 year membership now and find it is tied to my PS3! haha
  15. can someone just clear this up please. If I get PS+ membership now for my PS3 for 1 year, will it work on my new PS4 as well (when I use the same log in details?) as my PS3 come launch? Its just I want to keep both consles running at the same time. Cheers
  16. although I have a PS4 on pre order and I dont like the way the new Xbox One has been marketed so far, the games line up is attractive and if anything, is making me think that maybe a day one purchase is not a good idea. Maybe hold off, and stick with the PS3 and see how the two pan out come spring 2014...
  17. Forza and even Dead Rising look pretty good but (and this goes for the PS4 too) I cant help but feel all the games look like current PS3/360 games. I think maybe once its in my hands and it is 12m down the line these consoles will really shine but right now, they looks like games that could/should be released on current tech. Will still be getting a PS4 day one though. And I too think the Xbox actually looks the better 'day one' console to get as the line up looks ok and looks fun (not sure if I like the formula of Drive Club)but I too am playing the long game and see the PS4 being the best choice for me in the long run as I only really want one console as find I enjoy it a bit more. Plus the PS4 is smaller.
  18. I liked F1 Exhaust Heat 2. Its was a like F Zero but with race cars. Also enjoyed Super Punch Out and Castlevania! I think most of you have the right idea on the top 10. Most of these Nintendo games still hold up well when played today so thats a good sign for level and game design, plus the colour pallate on the SNES always brings a smile to a face.
  19. The pure, stripped back basics of the Beta are: • Its pretty much plays like COD4 in some respects but feels less refined in that the guns have a more 'older' feel to them. I find the game darker and moody compared to COD4 and sets the scene well for a gritty WW2 setting. • IMO its NOT as good as COD4 so far. Sure the full game may suprise but I doubt it. The guns dont seem as accurate or as powerful (i feel like I have to pump more bullets into someone to get a kill compared to COD4). • The dogs are a cool feature but like said, they are exacuted poorly in the game. I feel that they sort of jump about to much and dont fill me with terror. A good melee attack normally sort them best as its detracts from shooting on the radar and is near 99% more cahnce of killing them. The doogs also are very easy to rake up a decent kill streak compared to the helicopeter. Last nite, on my second go, I won my Free For All 75 points clear and a 22 kill streak. • You can get INTO tanks. There slow to Move, reload and trun and I dont like them. There are PERKS that can make them behave better if you like them though. • The Mortar strike is cool. Feels 'realistc' compared to the airstrikes in COD4 that felt a bit poor IMO. • Some guns (like the single bolt rifles) seem VERY poor in the game. Slow to reload and when direct hited still didnt kill someone, who then turns round, and kills you in the time it takes to reload the gun!! Not good! • Menu and stuff is layed out in the same way to COD 4 so all is the same with a new look. Prefer COD4 look but its not bad. • Levels seem larger and more spread out with more knooks and cranies to dot about in. The added players over COD4 10 is goo with the larger levels but spoiled by the fact that people are respawned rignt next to you after a kill which is a BIG worry in my eyes as it ruins the game! Would I still buy it!? YES. but I would NOT trade COD4 for it. I can see this doing ok but I cant see people lossing interest in COD4 for this. COD4 is just a perfect game IMO. I have played COD4 for over 450 hours online and on level 9 prestige (I dont want to be a gold cross just to not look a noob! hahaha ) and I cant see this playing as fine as it. But good game, shame COD4 is better!
  20. Hey, if anyone has A spare code id love it! PLEASE! Its for my 14 year old cousin as I he LOVES COD4 (and is actually one of the best players I have seen - and I have played it for 18 days and level 9 prestige!) So any sspare code please. About the game, I have had it since last nite and all I can say, if you liked COD4, want something new and like WW2 style atmosphere, then you will like COD5. But dont expect it to be better that COD4 as its just not. Take it for what it is, a great game but second to its older brothr! respawning is an issue as is the damage on some of the guns. Hopefully this is the sort of stuff they could change?? I like it and will buy it but cant see me selling COD4 yet!
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