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  1. Just a heads up but CEX are offering £390 cash for these (and £27 for the camera) so if you're not enjoying it then you can get rid without being out of pocket.
  2. Surely this gen is about high speed online gaming with digital media with the ability to share and link yourself to social media and friends much easier and better than the generation before - thinks like instant video sharing alls which has moved on a fair bit since the 360/PS3. I think Nintendo are looking at it in the same way but from the aspect of sharing with friends online but also interaction in a local placement with friends/family as I don't think the current consoles focus on that area. I think its a nice idea but again, its not the way the market is heading but I dont think its soley the core of their business model as we dont know anything yet other than its different! I
  3. I'm not stating that the Switch is the best route to go but just saying that because people already have access to tablets and consoles, its seems a logical steep to combine the two from Nintendo's view. It would be nothing new for them to just release another 3rd console in similar fashion to Sony and Microsoft. I think it could work and there is a market there for it. I doubt it will sell PS4 numbers but I will be all over it come March and welcome anything that's a little different in console gaming.
  4. But a PS4/XBox One is just a console, like my NES or SNES which I have had for years too. Its a console that has the options to be used in unique and different ways. Its can still just play like a normal console.
  5. GF who is not into games played Thumper last night. Cleared the first two levels (getting S rank a few times) like a boss and actually enjoyed it. Great game.
  6. They should by there own Switch then. I don't see that as a drawback. If I buy a PS4 and take it around my friends, its no longer available to play at home but I know I cant play it on the car ride over. With this I could (I wouldn't - i'd be driving...)
  7. Yeah, I remember getting the Phontendo too.
  8. Where and when can I pre order. You all know big Ninny will deliver with the games. That's just what they do.
  9. The dev kit looks like it has two Sky connections on the rear too. Looks like something to do with satellite TV rather than a console.
  10. Where can I view this at 3 pm? Is there a link? I want to have it ready on my phone so I can pretend to be taking a shit at work while watching this. Will then come out of the toilet at 3:04 to pre-order.
  11. Just tried to buy Why not just buy a longer HDMI cable and a power extension lead and move the PS4 and camera closer? Or maybe you have enough length as is by moving the PS4?
  12. I think you just have to 'Move' on as they seem to be out of stock at most places. I suppose its a phase that Sony will 'Move' past and stock should come through soon. Or you could get them in the US, if you 'Moved' there? Sorry...
  13. First thing I'm doing when I get home is playing PSVR. Played it for about 10 hrs so far (mainly yesterday) and have had no real side effects yet. Mainly playing Thumper and Tumble VR as I feel these are both great games (Tumble VR is only £6.99 on CDkeys). Might buy Here They Lie or Rush of Blood but cant dec
  14. The music reminds me of Mad Max Fury Road. Not sure why but its like there is an impending danger and as the levels are long, you really dial into them with each section training you for the next. I've either bought or demoed pretty much every PS VR game I think and this is by far the one that really pulls me in. Love the speed and the simple, clear graphics. If you have a spare £15.99, buy this, but be warned, it can get tricky!
  15. Quick question regarding Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. do I need move controllers? do do I have to print out a manual? As I have no move pads or printer at home so wanted to try this with friends later tonight. Also, Thumper is amazing!
  16. Have added four PS4 codes below as I will be out after work and the rest of the weekend: PLEASE do the right thing and let this thread know you have used one.
  17. Oh, ok well I just sent a code so please ignore that and I will pass on to someone else
  18. I have a few spare codes too (PS4) PM me
  19. 6 mins until home time. I might actually break my neck running down the stairs from work!
  20. If anyone can get to the Leicester City Centre Argos, I have a pre-order you can have. PM me if needed.
  21. My DPD driver is Raj. I work in in the middle of the city centre and already know Raj (he even waved at me the other day as he drove up the road), so I have complete faith in getting this beast today. Just been told we are having guests over this weekend though so that's Friday night and all of Saturday knackered, although I may convince everyone to stay in and get Pizza Saturday night and pl PSVR...
  22. I went into Game yesterday in Leicester City Centre and asked if I could pre-order a PSVR. The woman behind the counter looked at me and let out a big lol in front of the rest of the queue and said not a chance until Christmas. Ordered from Shopto instead which will be here today.
  23. After ordering at 10:30am with Shopto today, they already sent me my DPD confirmation via text by 11:30am. Going to be content with just the demos for now, see what I like.
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