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  1. Never, ever post picture of yourself or your things on Rllmuk. Ever.
  2. Ok well, I just flaked and bought from Shopto. This is after canceling two pre-orders last week as I 'didn't want it'! Have bough zero games as will try the demos out first. A quick question regarding the 18 demos for the US PSN Store: can I just set up an account or do I need to pay for PS+ to download demos? I already have PS+ UK.
  3. Just to confirm, the UK PSVR comes with a demo disc in the UK?
  4. I have had lots of fun in the Metro 6R4 although its gearing is quite low so tops out fairly quick.
  5. All drivers in F1 are amazing. The talent and skill they have is nothing like any of us could dream of having as they have devoted all of their time, lifestyle and diet to the sport of driving a car on the edge at high speed. Rosberg is one hell of a driver. To be able to compete at the sharp end and beat Lewis in qualifying and races like he does should not be taken likely, just like when people bash Button, who did the same thing against Lewis. Lewis is one of the all time greats of the sport so Nico must be worthy of a Championship under his belt ah he has given Lewis some good competition. I feel Lewis is the better driver and that Nico does lack some of the spirit and fire Lewis has but that is more likely just his method of racing (which works too). Saying that, I am not a fan of either of the attitudes they sometimes take out of the car but its the personality and behavior of all the drivers out of the car that make the sport more interesting to watch. I like the tantrums and the jokes and the hat throwing. Without that, it would not be as fun. It's all part and parcel of liking a sport. You need to have a villain and a good guy, the joker etc and we have that in spades in F1 and that is not just the drivers. I don't hate or dislike anyone but I do have drivers that I warm to more than others and I know what we see on TV is only a small insight into what these people are really like - I'm sure they are all really cool people on a personal level.
  6. Just incase, I have a jpn n64 with 5 games you can have for £40 +post
  7. Yeah EDIT!!! Scarp that! Just checked Amazon and its now says that it will inform me of a delivery time near the date! *Smug mode off*
  8. I did the same but have no re-pre-ordered(?) it again and is showing as arriving to me on release still.
  9. Finished work at 5:00 and did a fast walk all the way home, in a mad attempt to get back with in fifteen minutes. Slammed the game in at 5:21 and I'm loving it so far... 7:22 WHY DOES LIFE HATE ME SO MUCH!
  10. I only play Forza alone and enjoyed FH2 and will most likely enjoy F6 when I get it. Picked this up today at lunch so will have a play when I get in. How large is the day one install/patch etc? My internet is average speed.
  11. id love a warthog code if any are spare
  12. Guy at my work buys all my PS4 games when I am done with them off me instead of CEX. All he plays is Netfix though.
  13. i am in the process of bringing together a perfect condition collection of SFC games (not all the games, just ones I like). So far I have about 30 and they all look like brand new. Took my ages to get them though after I had a pretty decent collection which I sold about 4 years ago and regret. Ive had the multiple PVM set ups and shelfs and shelfs of games but now the only 'retro' console stuff I collect games for are the N64 and SFC. All other console, like the MD, Famicom etc, I am happy with an Everdrive. I don't even have boxed consoles anymore as I prefer the minimal space my collection now takes up. Also as I just cant: A: Be arsed to find games for other systems in mint condition. B: Not prepared to pay the prices some stuff goes for.
  14. Thanks, yeah, I just bought a Xbox one for some halo action. interested Sean as (I assume disc only) I just want to play it. Let me know what you're after
  15. On this list is says Dark Souls is backwards compatible but does that mean the Prepare to Die version too?
  16. Some don't now as to make them cheaper and thinner, they remove stuff like that to reduce costs sometimes the have special ports on the side that allows a cable to be connected to use scart (they have this on the side of my Panasonic GT60) but again, the picture quality is ok not great.
  17. Yeah RGB modded but thy Ali's means you will need an RGB source to use it (which is tricky on new flat TVs as RGB is not common in them). If not, maybe the original AV out port still works for composite?
  18. You're right, I was joking. I've seen the video of it and looks like a bit fun. I think for me, it's the driving experience in looking forward to most.
  19. It's a thing that sweeps debris of the track.
  20. Ah, just what I want after a hard days graft, to come home and simulate being back at work. What could be better!
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