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  1. Moving, staring Richar Pryor Loved this when I was little as we only had a few VHS tapes. This, Ferris Bullers Day Off and Mary Poppins.
  2. All PAL and NTSC SNES/Super Famicoms do RGB from out of the box, as do PAL and NTSC Mega Drives. Only the SNES Jr / Famicom Jr don't have RGB as standard but these were only released in NTSC regions and can be modded to do so. You might be thinking of the Nintendo 64, which can not do RGB as standard in any region. They can how're ever be modded to do so.
  3. A uk composite AV lead would work but a pal SNES psu and RGB scart won't. you can use a uk mega drive 1 psu though.
  4. Sent you a PM Alexlotl Anyone want this: Japanese Super Famicom. Comes with a pad and 2 games but no psu or av lead. Clean and fully working but has a yellowed and damaged top shell and the is held together with tape on the side as the screw supports have broken. Would be perfect if you had a replacement top half of a shell. It sounds much worse than it is. Its plays and performs fine, just the case is a little 'used'. £25. + postage
  5. Flea markets are what they normally have in the US. a bit better and more regular than a UK car boot sale. A lot of people use it as a why of making a living rather than riding a house full of junk. Check out the Game Chasers on YouTube
  6. Also, I have lots of SFC games and consoles not listed so I might have what you want but havent managed to put it up for sale yet. I have mint boxed N64 (jpn) like new mint boxed white Sega Saturn (jpn) Toys R Us version, like new mint boxed Super Famicom (jpn) like new unboxed jpn Sega Mega Drive console unboxed asian Sega Mega Drive console loats of cart only SFC games like Metroid, Area 88, Super G&G, Final Fight, list goes on!
  7. Updated my for sale thread with loads more gear including consoles.
  8. Well, I missed all of this after a holiday date blunder (wasn't thinking when girlfriend booked a weekend away). Is there any sort of 'highlights' show/video showing the 24hrs compressed into say just a few hours yet? Or am I being impatient :D!
  9. I would of googled it but I was waiting for DR to go full mental on the mic but he kept it pretty cool considering!
  10. Yeah that's the one! Ha ha
  11. The Monaco princess lady reminds me of the tall blonde bad woman in Beverly Hills Cop.
  12. Just bought a Japanese DC so looking for some games. Only have Sega Rally 2 but more importantly, I need an rgb scart cable. anyone have a spare? Can't do vga as my TVs/XRGB does not have vga
  13. Just to stop any mis information, an early PAL French N64 does not have RGB as standard. What it is though is the only PAL n64 console that can be easily modded for RGB compared to a uk PAL n64. This was before these new RGB solutions came about though so by the time you have paid the premium for an early French console, you might as well of just kept your original console and buy the modification chips/stuff to gain RGB. If youre looking to buy, an NTSC console is a lot better purely because of the speed difference with pal and NTSC games as the n64 was hit hard in the frame rate department so every little helps! You can mod out of the box most NTSC consoles right up to the NUS 03 revision with just wires but sometimes you get a RGB picture that is too dark and then you need to amplify it to gain brightness. i think an RGB upgrade is money well spent if you really like the n64 but if you're just wanting to replay some old games s video is good, especially when used on a good crt (like a PVM etc). Composite and RF are terrible though as the n64 graphical style (AA) doesn't help for 'clear' images.
  14. Added all my games in the for sale thread. Added some of my more mint games too.
  15. Starfox has no instrcutions but is otherwise in good condition. Ridge racer is in good condition but CD does have som scratches which DO NOT effect gameplay. RR £6 , Starfox £15 + Postage. UPDATED LIST. Would consider trades for other japanese N64/SFC/Sega Saturn/PS1/DC games or UK Wii U games. Maybe even PS4 games but not many I want.
  16. I think I'm gonna leave it as I do want them but then I dont need them and I can be picky about condition etc so it's best I either buy myself so I can see them fist or not bother and so ill not bother! Haha thanks so much though for even thinking of doing it.
  17. I'd be interested in vanishing earth (the n64 shooter in a dark blue box, Japanese and £10). and the us carts of ridge racer 64 and doom 64
  18. I'd just finished painting the skirting boards so I had nothing else to do...
  19. I've been thinking about this Starfox 64 issue all night and woke up this morning an checked on my n64 Japanese cart and my us cart and both play as follows. You fly. You shoot with A. Hold A to bring up red lock on reticle. Move reticle over enemy which locks and targets. At this point, you can remove your thumb off A and you press it again to fire the homing missile. This is how I remembered it and how it works.
  20. Depends on the paths you take and such... i find ins it's as long as you want it to be. last week I was bashing through it but for the last 15 hours before I finished it, I was really spending time looking around and making sure I didn't miss anything. Also, have done a fair bit of exploring places after I 'thought' I'd finished them... plus, I spent one night just doing pvp too.
  21. It's as if the track pad does not work. In the menu (left for help etc) or in game. as I said, it's working in other games but just not DS3. was very close to the end and the trackpad (gesture) is needed later on in the game for certain parts and I couldn't get it to work, so moved on and have now completed the game. after completing all the DS games, Bloodbourne and Demon Souls, for me, it's the best out there, as the environments and details and gameplay are at the peak of design, the settings are jaw dropping in parts and it's the best 61 hrs I've spent on a game for ages. i really enjoyed BB but I just felt more at home with the knight/castle style setting of the DS games. id rate this and Demon Souls as my favourites as DeS was the first one I played and it's magic still stays in my mind today. Wont have time to play this again so will be selling in the trading folder later, in case anyone wants to sample it!
  22. Thanks mines not working as suspected. which is a bit of a bummer as I need it to work...
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