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  1. Thanks mines not working as suspected. which is a bit of a bummer as I need it to work...
  2. Nearly at the end of this so have stayed away from posting or reading a lot of what's in here but I'm have a technical problem. inthink my gesture function is not working. I'm on ps4 and know it's the trackpad that you do this with but when I press it, nothing happens. i tested it another application and the trackpad works ok so not sure what I'm doing wrong. can someone confirm how to gesture please?
  3. I've been playing Brutal Doom and it's great.
  4. Excitebike 63 needs the ram extension. Maybe that's why it didn't work? Actually, just remembered, it's a hi res mode that is enabled with the ram pak so would of still worked, maybe the passport was just too old for that game.
  5. I've perosnally have never used or looked into this but know some people us 'N64 Passports' or adaptors that let you play NTSC games on a PAL machine (like you could get on the Super Nintendo). Best have a look on the net for more information as thats all I know and I am not sure how compatable some games are etc.
  6. If you want to play original carts, why don't you find a NTSC to PAL converter and buy the Japanese versions. some are still a bit expensive but they have nicer boxes and are normally cheaper.
  7. Sorry if they have been mentioned but other classics are: Actriser Donley Kong Country 1/2 Contra Spirits Valken/Cybernator Exhaust Heat 2 F Zero Final Fight 1/2/3 (3 is pretty good) Final FIght Tough (JPN final fight 3) The Firemen Ganbare Goemon/Mystical Ninja Ganbare Goemon 2/3/4 if you can handle some Japanese text Gokujou Parodius Parodius Da Super Kirby Bowl Mario Picross (simple but amazing!) Mystery Circle Rockman/Mega Man games (not really a fan personally) Pilotwings Sim City (even for the title screen music) Star Fox Wildtrax/Stunt Race FX Bomberman 1/2/3/4/5 Super Castlevania Super Chase HQ Super G&G (not as good as the original on the MD/PCE imo) Super Mario Allstars Super Mario Kart Super Mario World Super Mario World 2 /AKA Yoshi Island Super Metroid Super Punchout Street Fighter 2 Turbo Super Tennis Top Racer/Top Gear Area 88/UN Squadron Undercover Cops Zelda: Lttp Zig Zag Cat There are loads of highly acclaimed titles but these are the ones I own/like alot. I missed out all the RPG's as I have never really played them before but I hear they are very good too.
  8. I got back on the bus the day after and returned it but I think they were still in there!
  9. I got the bus into town on Boxing Day in 1995 as I had some xmas cash and a new ps1. Came back with Lone Soldier. Also so was pretty unhappy when I bought Multi Racing Championship on Japanese import on th N64 for £80 hoping it was a Ridge Racer beater. Still enjoyed it and liked the idea of multiple routes it used. Not so much game related but I remember saving up for ages for a uk Nintendo 64 and picked it up in HMV with Pilotwings 64 and Mario 64. An amazing console and amazing games but I was so disappointed with the PAL hardware and the games looked and played so slow (especially as I was starting to play imported ps1 games on my chipped ps1) so after three weeks I sold my N64 (for not much less than I paid) and ordered a Japanese unit with Wave Race 64. Never bought PAL again.
  10. Thats so they can tell you at the last minute they don't have enough to fulfill preorders and everywhere else will be sold out.
  11. Amazon have brand new cameras at £39. Would rather have a new one that a used one for the sake of £4 over Cex.
  12. To give you a bit more info, the only difference between a US NTSC and JPN NTSC cartridge as far as making them work on either console is the cart shape. Just remove the tabs from inside the N64 and you can then insert any NTSC region game. Its the physical shape that stops them working. PAL games wont work on a NTSC system but may work if you use a bridge adaptor but see no reason why as all the best games cam out in JPN/US anyway.
  13. I have an rgb modded Japan N64 and the quality over standard is a lot better. Don't start off with a pal unit as so many of the games are plagued with poor pal conversions etc. I run mine through an Sony PVM monitor and in this way the image is crystal clear and looks equal if not better than any other original format. Now I love the N64 and bought an import console at launch but a lot of the games don't play as well as they used too but some are still very fun and look great. My favourites to this day are: Mario 64 Pilotwings 64 Fzero X Blastcorps Wave Race 64 Starfox 64 Doom 64 Goldeneye 64 there are other good games but these are my personal favourites that I feel still hold up well after all these years. Remember, if you do have a pal unit and want to go NTSC your controller and pay will work fine on a NTSC model so all you need is a replacement console.
  14. Visuals are great and looks fun. Will be a day one purchase.
  15. How big/long is this game (hours to complete).
  16. Used code 797H7HEP64TK. (left side) Thanks
  17. Limited Edition £19.95 on PS4 at The Game Collection. http://www.thegamecollection.net/life-is-strange-limited-edition-ps4.html
  18. Maybe on Sky Go if you have access to an account.
  19. Personally, I still think Demon Souls is the best of all the soul games. There is a simplicity to it that I really like. Dark souls is an equal/2nd place.
  20. What happened to Tangerine on US Netflix? Seems to be there but not able to watch it.
  21. What are the chances of pilotwings 64 appearing? If I could get that WR64 and Starfox 64, I would sell my N64.
  22. Kindergarten Cop 2: It's not a rumour.
  23. I like angel. He sticks to what he believes in. As for his PS4 and being better off, I think he can do better without even getting it repaired. He has £155 from Tesco and I am sure he could get £50-60 easy for his PS4 as it stands on ebay, without the controller, another £20 for the pad and he would be at about £235. He could then go out, and buy a brand new, store bought C chassis model or just pocket that cash and never look back.
  24. It's ok I needed to switch my ps4 off and back on again and it now shows up
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