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    The Spurs Thread

    Well, I'm in shock..... We've gone from being better in some games games and losing to being inferiour and winning, I'll take that...
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    The Spurs Thread

    No, Ramos is on record as saying that the club will sell if they get an offer thats a massive profit, this has been the clubs way of operating over the last 4 years since Frank A was appointed, buy youngish players that we at worst get our money back on or appreciate in value and can be flogged on. As for discussing money, hey ain't my club trying to do a part ex-deal involving mediocre goalkeepers for an ok English midfielder as thanks to Juve not completing a deal there's no cash in the kitty. Theres actualy another reason why you'd sell both Berbatov and RK, asside from being both being 27
  3. It's not Just based on the sun story, United's own Norwegan site ran the same story and Sky Sports have mentioned that he spoke to them off camera about the same thing. Babelfish Translation : It was a very obvious and positive Sir Alex that united.no met just before departure to South Africa. United boss believes Berbatov purchases. United manager do not hide the fact that he would welcome the opportunity to want to have a new tip in place at Old Trafford before transfervinduet closes 31. august, and it's Tottenham Dimitar Berbatov that Ferguson first and foremost have thrown their eyes on
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    I had drum lessions with the same bloke who was teaching Tony Platts Son to drum when he was recording this album, I had the lession after his son and met him a few times, he was a really nice bloke who suffered the anoying questions from a 20/21 year old he must have heard loads of times before with good humour and patience (who was bloody good for 8 or 9), I'm not sure he was overly enthused with the material they had to go with, but he liked what they came up with, maybe it was one fo those albums that sounds great at the time but later, once you hear other records sounds really bad. They
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    The Spurs Thread

    Old Modric looks class... Looking forward to next season, but we do need a centre back as there's no way king will ever play more than 10-15 matches a season
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    The Spurs Thread

    Very happy. Very proud of the team and the fans who pretty much drowned out Chelseas for the whole of the game. Hope we can win the Uefa cup now - if Liverpools win in 2001 was the pikey treble then I assume this is the chav double we are on for ;-) PSV will be a heck of a battle and then theres the little matter of trying to crack the top half of the table..
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    The Spurs Thread

    Well here we are - you can get 28-1 on Spurs being ahead at half time and Chelsea winning after 90 minutes, thats good value, as is the 40-1 on it being spurs - spurs over the match. I have no idea if we'll win or not, I hope we will and I suspect we'll give a very good account of ourselves (which is why sky likes us, go life and death with the CL club and then lose graceously) but over the years we've been unlucky even going back to the period post double. We've also got to realise that the nice win earlier in the season counts for zilch if we don't build on it and by that I mean winning some
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    The Boxing Thread

    Khan will be fed the diet of boxers that have good records at a weight or two below the one of his fighter won't he - thats the way it is so far with most of Warrens fighters and the way it'll go. Warren for me was summed up when he got his hands on a world heavyweight champion in Hide (and Bruno to a lesser extent in getting out negociated there). Hides first 2 opponents as WBO "champion" were blown up Cruserweights with mediocre records in that division, then Hide was forced to fight Klitcho, he was the mandatory challenger. Warren went to court to try to stop it, scrapped harder than Hide d
  9. What would you have suggested then in that direction - as a great influential album? It is a British top 50 and I'm racking my brains for a truely great album thats stood the test of time in those genres, maybe through ignorance, maybe because we've not lead as opposed to follow there. Do Soul II Soul still stand up? I don't know, maybe thats the issue rather than anything else, a lack of knowledge rather than something willful? Lets be honest, the lack of loud rock and metal albums from there is more conspicuous especially given it's undoubted influence and the sales figures, you hear more Br
  10. See, I really like "Jazz" as well, am I just being awkward? I also think Live Killers is a really good live album and I recall as a kid being told and reading repeatedly it was no good... Live Magic..now that did stink, horrid. What always kills night for me is that bloody long track at the start of side 2, 39 and love with my car cannot undo that wrong...
  11. For me A night isn't even the greatest Queen album - thats The Game AFAIC, additionaly there's just so many acts or genres not represented - No Def Lep Hysteria (cronically uncool but a great album and did about 18 million copies) No Dare by the Human League, no Kate Bush, No Sabbath hell no Blizzard of Oz by Ozzy, No Back in Black despite ACDC having 2 Englishmen and 2 Scottish born members at this point, nothing by Cream, nothing by Deep Purple, no Clash just loads of studenty stuff..........
  12. Queen, Milton Keynes Bowl 1982 though as we used to live 5 minutes walk from it we'd stood outside for The Police and Thin Lizzy in previous years.... You could stand in our old garden and listen to whoever was playing, great backdrop for friends coming round for a barbeque... The next one I did was 4 long years later, Queen at Knebworth.
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    Personally. for myself Utd have as much of a passing game as anyone and play at the same speed as anyone. Wenger should have turned up, took one look at what he was going to be playing on and had something in mind on how to approach the match. It's the north of England in the middle of winter and you are not going to get a bowling green to play on. If he was suprised he's probably the sort of bloke who goes to Scotland and is suprised it rains, the kind of man who needs rescuing off Ben Nevis is shorts and sandals in november ;-) Whatever he felt about the numbers of his squad and who's availa
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    The Boxing Thread

    He needs to fight Thaxton and clean up at domestic level before anything else, Warrens "safety first" way of operating will sooner or later bore Khan and the paying public. Look at Hatton, ok he lost but he's had several big fights in Vegas and made his mark, Calzaghe was clearly massively impressed that Hatton was better known, the bigger name and better thought of because he was willing to fight in the US also the sheer glamour of it seemed to grab JC that Vegas was the real fight capitol of the world not some stadium in Wales and that if he really wanted to leave a legacy he had to fight o
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