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  1. I'd like to see Daniel Sloss but not sure if it's his kind of thing
  2. @Capwnobviously missed that other Tom Cruise film where he jumped the gap
  3. Another interesting bit, rumours were already circulating that Villeneueve was in talks to lead a new F1 team
  4. Watching Brazil now. In the Australia race they mentioned that in 1996 Villeneuve was using a hand clutch whilst Hill had a foot clutch and that Villeneuve's starts were usually better but now hes using a foot clutch, was there any reason for the change?
  5. https://youtube.com/@bigzeddie76 I wasn't sure about posting it but this is it, so far they've done Australia, Brazil and Argentina
  6. Finished watching this last night, quite enjoyed it, not as much as the LotR films but more than The Hobbit films. It definitely did that Lord of the Rings adaptation thing of dragging things out for at least 3 times longer than it needed but it's a trope of the series now so it's fine.
  7. I thought it may have been too soon after the the Newey/Hill/Williams/Head stuff
  8. I enjoyed going back and watching all of that, will try and watch the rest of this guy manages to upload the whole season. Was the 97 McLaren the first Newey designed one after his fall out with Williams and Head?
  9. Frentzen doing a Sharl before Sharl was even born (to be fair his brakes had been glowing for several laps)
  10. Jos is in the gravel And one of Brundles catchphrases (that DC has adopted too) has been heard "is it the first day back at school?" And upon seeing Fisichella spin out into the gravel Brundle says "dare I say they should have had someone more experienced in the car" totally not bitter Schumacher's Ferrari is giving off so much brake dust that his gold wheels were completely black by the time he pitted around lap 20 Alesi not pitting is peak Alesi (I think his radio was playing up?)
  11. Someone is uploading the ITV highlights package for each of the 97 season races to YouTube
  12. Is this the same one as on Prime or am I mixing up my streaming services?
  13. Patrick Tambay has died https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/63851584
  14. They all seemed to bounce off each other really well this series, lots of piss taking going on. Fern was just absolute star of the series
  15. Ever since he grew that tache I keep thinking he's Keke Rosbergs illegitimate child
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