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  1. In finding I'm having to stop myself from reading the appendices, or at least waiting till the end of a chapter, there's just so much there! (Though a good chunk of it is "I read about this little reference in this book about Sickert" etc)
  2. It had some really good bits and Greg got to be cruel, not a classic but still good entertainment.
  3. Decided to re-read From Hell... this is only my second time through but the last time was over a decade ago. About a third of the way through and so much of it very definitely went over my head that first time through, the "tour" through London with Gull... Bloody hell...
  4. wev

    Moto GP

    I used to go to BSB alot during that time (a friend of my Dad's was a sponsor of Ron Haslams young rider program), I remember them initially really struggling with reliability and my Dad would joke that the Boost was to help get then running.
  5. I agree it looked cheap but looks like the cast were also having alot of fun with it which should hopefully work in its favour.
  6. wev

    Moto GP

    Oh those Hislop v McKenzie Boost Yamaha years I never remember which circuit it was but I have a strong memory of them literally lifting each other up as they went through a chicane side by side.
  7. Yeah I took a few screenshots for ideas! I've just built a little area for trying to make hybrid flowers and made some stepping stones across sections of the river that I don't want to alter and refuse to pay Nook to put a bridge over.
  8. Nabbed some oranges and pears from you @Mr Do 71 I've got at least a couple of each tree now, just need to organise everything better
  9. Thank you. I'll pop over another time, just about to eat and then I've got a chore list as long as my debt to Nook to get done today
  10. What's the general etiquette around visiting peoples islands/having visitors? I've never done it before and am anxious about ever visiting anyone or having anyone visit and doing what's regarded as a no-no.
  11. Yeah the video said this is the last major free update, may have even been "last free update".
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