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  1. Oh, I was under the impression that the PS5 beta was only for subbed accounts and not an "open" beta. Not that it matters to me, not got a ps5 and am still playing. Also, those of you on PS5 will be spending some time sorting out the UI as apparently it's fucking huge but the dialogue text is tiny.
  2. Before the triumphant return of Eboue who finally brings Champions League glory to the Emirates
  3. 4 adrift power slides
  4. Me too. But also Re-Volt Na nana na nana na nana nee nana na nana na nana yeahyeahyeah
  5. Re Ian Curtis, I don't know the situation really but from reading the comments in here isn't it all then repeated again with Nirvana? Success out of seemingly nowhere, a guy who was torn by the game, suicide attempts, a wish to cancel a tour, a problematic relationship/possible divorce, issues relating to drugs. When you look back it's all obvious and you can see it all coming, but in that moment? In that time? With things moving as quickly as they were for both bands?
  6. All this says to me is that Square-Enix need to rectify that the only legitimate way to play Tactics Ogre:Let Us Cling Together will be to buy a second hand copy on UMD (which I already have)
  7. Whilst true, it can't be beaten for convenience. Carry it in your pocket, keep it in Sleep Mode when not using it, boots back into the game instantly
  8. They should have left the sides off and said it was a gazebo so "still technically outside"
  9. a PSP and a copy of Coast 2 Coast is probably the most pick-up and play-able way of playing OutRun 2
  10. wev

    Moto GP

    It was! Not just the win but it was by a wheel!
  11. wev

    Moto GP

    I was a Schwantz fan as a kid so seeing the Suzuki's doing okay is awesome
  12. wev

    Moto GP

    Any idea what Quartoraro hit on that final lap? Didn't make a bit of difference. Ducati need to dial back the power a little and make their bike a little more stable in corners/kinder to the tyres because that's both races where they've started incredibly strongly, looking at potential podium lockouts (across the two teams) only to lose the lead. Rossi must really be considering whether his times up now.
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