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  1. Might get this downloaded on PS4 tomorrow looks fun.
  2. I've been wanting a JRPG for my new Switch Lite (got it with animal crossing and monster hunter rise) and was hankering after this anyway. I own the PS2 original but have never played it (my entry to SMT was Persona 3 and then Digital Devil Saga) and thought why not? Got it for £22 after I had some points on TheGamesCollection.net, currently about 5 hours in (I'm in the Great Underpass of Ginza) and whilst it's definitely a PS2 era JRPG and lacks some of the flair and polish that the Persona spin off franchise has come to be known for its really cool and just what I wanted.
  3. That's just a concept, the teams are designing their own based upon the brief but yeah I saw that too and had a bit of a lol.
  4. I'll admit it's easy for me to sit here and say I'm gonna boycott Activision-Blizzard, but I don't really buy their games anyway (I own Overwatch but haven't played it in years and bounced off Diablo 3, not a CoD player either), same goes for Ubisoft, I'm not interested in Assassin's Creed and it's only Rocksmith I've bought from them in recent times. I'm not really boycotting them as I'm not their target audience.
  5. So what do you propose your average person does do? Signal boosting this stuff via social media and voting with your wallet are the only real powers consumers have.
  6. I've barely done any relics, I don't think. I've certainly only got the base lance on Shadowbringers and barely done any of Bozja
  7. Well, they do until someone does to him what he does to everyone else and then they cry incredibly sugary tears
  8. Hasn't Max been close to a race ban before? According to this Max has accrued 21 points (equal to Grosjean, more than The Torpedo) since the penalty points system was introduced, Hamilton has had just over half that, including his current tally of 4. Max has also had the highest total points in a single season twice.
  9. Indeed. It's so nice seeing lots of places busy again. Even though Make it Rain is normally popular the Golden Saucer was heaving earlier and Leap of Faith was basically impossible!
  10. Oh definitely! And I like that they list where you can get the items for that very reason
  11. If anyone is joining in with the Make it Rain campaign that's running at the moment then it's worth giving Kaiyoko Star a follow as she updates the items for the best results each week. I've just bought the Moogle arcade machine for my FC's house, I'll leave it to the leader to decorate around it though
  12. @Meersis Meerman from 360 Forza 3/4 right?
  13. That's what Netflix are for. They'll turn it into a Nikki Lauda like story
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