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  1. Nah, Mr Miyagi is how he justifies making it a about him
  2. Just finished. Still enjoying it, it's stupid but alot of fun and if I were Tory I'd hate Sam too, she makes everything about her. But like her Dad.
  3. wev

    Formula One - 2020

    Looks like the Manor livery
  4. wev


    Didn't he play left back in the wins over Man City and Chelsea last season? He played really well then
  5. wev


    Nice to see AMN start, though it's a pity it's at the expense of Tierney. Mari's out too, he's done well in recent weeks but Arteta does have to do some rotation.
  6. Can I post this guy in here? Does bass guitar adaptations of popular gaming soundtracks, particularly Final Fantasy and Persona He's fucking awesome
  7. Few bands seem to do this, unfortunately. Turnstiles "Time & Space" was 25 minutes long and was amazing and Fever 333 managed to do a variety of rather different songs in the 18 minutes they provided on last year's "Wrong Generation"
  8. Playing a certain part of FFXIV and it's throwing some VIII nostalgia around, which got me listening to the soundtrack again, not heard it since I last played it 20 years ago with The Man with the Machine Gun being a current highlight https://youtu.be/3jho-peCAKs
  9. That was a great episode! Love (to hate) Marco
  10. wev


    The fans all turned on two of those keepers, I particularly remember the term Flappy-Handski going around (may have even said it myself). Though the problem was we were shit defensively too as Cech didn't improve much either
  11. wev


    But with Macey now at Hibs and Martinez sold, that would mean they'd have to bring in another keeper
  12. As expected the new Viagra Boys album "Jazz Welfare" is pretty fucking cool, I need to see how it stands up to repeated listens but I enjoyed listening to it whilst doing a Sainsbury's run this morning
  13. wev


    He's deserved that! Arsenal have looked completely different since he came on plus Longstaffs bullshit almost getting him sent off
  14. wev


    Newcastle player was looking to get him sent off to add to all the time wasting they were doing in those last 10 minutes
  15. wev


    Shouldn't even be starting in those on this
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