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  1. All of these Warhammer games, do any of them just let you paint armies for hours and hours? Always wanted to give that a go but it's expensive
  2. wev

    TT 23

    From the footage I've seen so far Dunlop looks like he's on a mission
  3. Did they say why they're all dressed like Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band? (Ivo looked great!)
  4. wev

    TT 23

    Seeing the Birchalls on the documentary and hearing them say "we've won every race we've finished" wouldn't be the most confidence inducing thing if you didn't know just how successful they are. They look like Sidecar racers 😂
  5. Exactly as @Scribblor says, it's about how the Troubles personally affected the people at that time (and after really), it's definitely got me wanting to know more.
  6. To be fair Davey Todd (actual TT competitor) says he crashed twice on his fastest ever lap on the game
  7. wev

    TT 23

    Aaah I didn't know about Hutchie either, that's terrible, would be amazing if he was able to come back for next year
  8. wev

    TT 23

    There's one bit that always gets me on the game, though I never see the pro's mention it, it's a right hand kink, it's quite fast, on the inside is two white semi circular planters on the outside is a petrol station. I always either clip the inside when I forget it's coming or if I remember I run it too wide.
  9. wev

    TT 23

    Like that top video says, they're topping 130mph (that's average speed over a whole lap), the fact McGuinness is getting 129mph average over a lap at the age of 51 is just mental. People to look out for: Michael Dunlop Peter Hickman Conor Cummins John McGuinness Josh Brooks Anyone in the first 20 riders has a chance really. I like keeping an eye on Michael Rutter, he's been around as long as McGuinness and I used to see alot of him when I'd got to Donington in the early 90s so I have a bit of a soft spot for him. It's a shame Lee Johnston won't be there this year after a big crash at the NW200
  10. Where did you get MotoGP 22 so cheap? I love the TT Ride on the Edge games, well the first two not got the latest, just re-installed them on Steam to remind myself of the island as part of the build up to the event itself. With the TT games I love that youre constantly altering your inputs on the controller, shifting position, throttle, gears and balancing the front and back brake, all whilst using helmet cam and a set of headphones. I tried Ride 2, it takes some getting used to!
  11. wev

    TT 23

    Oh and there's always Manx Radio https://www.manxradio.com/player/digital/
  12. wev

    TT 23

    Yeah the NW200 ran this year, you can find highlights from each day on BBC Sport Northern Ireland https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/northern-ireland/motorbikes
  13. wev

    TT 23

    It's that time of year again. I'll probably be talking to myself but maybe the discussion around it in Off Topic will get a few people sticking their head round the corner. Practice week started yesterday and ITV have put out a 4 part documentary which is all available on ITVX https://www.itv.com/watch/no-room-for-error/10a4522 I think you can watch everything live it you want to subscribe to the TTs streaming platform, ITV will be broadcasting their highlights packages each day once it all kicks off proper (though they're usually at odd times in the evening) and the TT YouTube channel has already started uploading daily reports.
  14. wev


    Glad to see they want to keep ESR.
  15. I finished it last night and agree it's so desperately sad. Obviously it's a hugely complicated conflict but having Thatcher as Prime Minister no doubt exacerbated things (as was usually the case)
  16. Is Prince Albert II named as such coz he has two piercings?
  17. He can be an utter bell end, but then you see clips of him streaming and interacting with Kvyatts daughter and he's a completely different person. The team environment enables him to be a twat. Russell on the other hand is the oddest, most cringeworthy and fake person in F1 at the moment, I can't point to specific examples but, yeah, there's something about him that's unlikeable.
  18. wev

    Great CD Revival

    I've not posted any pics for a good long while but Discogs tells me I'm now at 192 albums! https://www.discogs.com/user/crispyw0nt0n
  19. I'm neutral about who goes up today, would be cool seeing Coventry in the Premier League but I also I only live 30 minutes away from Luton.
  20. Thanks, I actually already have that on Kindle! @BazjamI didn't know of that one, looks like it's still on iPlayer so I'll give that a watch off the back of this. I normally only watch one episode per day when I watch any series but just had to cram another in last night. The two people they have who were in the IRA and the UFF are incredibly frank, honest and open about it all and about who they were then and who theyve become.
  21. @Hanzo the Razorthat ones next on my watch list. I do agree with you but I wonder how much of that is due to the media and education sweeping it all under the carpet and there being only vague mentions of things like The Troubles or Dresden
  22. BBC documentary series chronicling the Troubles. As someone who was born in the East Midlands in the mid-80s I'd only seen bits and bobs on snatched news reports about Northern Ireland, I'd heard things about bombs, I'd heard if the IRA and I remember there being alot of stuff said about the Good Friday Agreement, but beyond that and one kid at school who said he his family were from Northern Ireland and claimed he had a cousin in the IRA I knew absolutely fuck all about this period in history. I've watched 2 episodes of this documentary (I think there's 4 or 5) and, again as someone who doesn't know much about it but also as someone who's seen how pro-monarchy and how biased the modern BBC have become in their news reporting, it's surprising how well this has been put together, how much voice people from all sides in the conflict are given and how it only (so far) uses interviews and news clips from the period to tell the tale. I'm not saying it's perfect, again my knowledge isn't sufficient to say that or say it's unbiased, just that it's definitely less biased and far more personal than I really expected it to be so far. Also theres some great stuff in episode 2 covering how music is such a powerful tool for uniting people who may have otherwise been very much on opposite sides.
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