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    Formula One - 2020

    I only watched the Channel 4 highlights but even they ran loads of footage of it and clips of pit crew etc all looking worried when they had no need to do so. Show the crash, show a couple of replays so we know what led to it, show Grosjean escaping and sitting in the medical car, interviews with Gunther and then the track crew repairing the barriers, go to ad break, come back to the cars lining up to go again. I appreciate that during a live broadcast you need to fill the time (90 minutes?) with something else, and that Channel 4 show what Sky/Liberty give them, but there has to b
  2. I wrote a few words about a couple of early side quests and touched on the emotional impact they had on me http://www.barharukiya.co.uk/grief-and-loss-in-yokahama-how-yakuza-leads-the-light-on-mature-games/11/ I'll be doing a review at a later date
  3. wev


    Does Arteta have to bite the bullet/tell the board to fuck off and bring Ozil back in to the squad in January? Ceballos has been pretty shite since getting his second loan deal and whilst there's been alot of criticism of Aubameyang he's hardly being supplied with much at the moment. Xhaka and Ceballos just doesn't look like it works
  4. It's basically Persona but with actual adults rather and high-school kids
  5. Another player Wenger almost signed
  6. wev

    Secretlab Chairs.

    I keep seeing "Secretlab" in the thread title then keep thinking it says Futurlab and that they've announced a new game
  7. wev

    Formula One - 2020

    That last point is hardly his fault though, that's a by product of the current regulations and tyres. He can only race with what he's given.
  8. wev

    Power Stone

    Both games shit all over Smash Bros
  9. Yeah I really like that but I dont even wear football shirts out of the house any more, literally no point me owning that
  10. I've been following that channel for a while, it's really, really good. I'm on chapter 4 of this now and really enjoying it, though I'm finding it really hard to get the Guard mechanic right
  11. Is Vampire the Masquerade still available?
  12. wev

    Formula One - 2020

    The only stat that you can really question is his race wins, because of the number of races per season and just how reliable the cars are now, but you could apply that to each and every generation of drivers. To not consider him in the same bracket as Schumacher, Senna, even Prost, is just ridiculous, he's won in everything he's driven since arriving in F1 and in his first season finished joint second with his team mate who happened to be the reigning world champion at the time.
  13. wev

    Formula One - 2020

    Didn't he also get rid of his plane?
  14. wev

    Formula One - 2020

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CHn2P3nBOji/?igshid=13uedgqzn2alh Look at those tyres!!
  15. wev

    Formula One - 2020

    A proper champions drive, fuck anyone who says he hasn't earned this.
  16. wev

    Formula One - 2020

    It's a shame they're saying tomorrow is going to be dry
  17. wev

    Best New Music 2020

    Speaking of loving/hating this time of year, a late contender has arrived - War on Women https://open.spotify.com/track/3xVZXMUIoVHu4Z3HdHPBcX?si=npjgL9LoSYmC9vjgFkjU_w
  18. wev

    Best New Music 2020

    I love/hate this time of year, it's always so hard picking a top ten, then I hear stuff later that I wish I'd have included, like Pale Waves' album in 2018
  19. Omg Daisy I hope she manages to win the whole thing, just for tonight's episode
  20. wev


    If Arteta is going to focus so much effort on the wings, shouldn't he be putting his proven goal scorer in the centre? I know Aubameyang has an Henry like quality out on the left, but a front three with Sako, Aubameyang and Pepe has more threat than sticking with Lacazette in the middle slowing things down? Then there also needs to be a ball playing midfielder who can no e about the park and can pick out passes without slowing everything down all the time, as it stands, the current midfield seems to drag the team down leaving the attackers isolated and the defence over run.
  21. Eat Out To Win Taskmaster Also, didn't stop Daisy hugging the security guard
  22. I still enjoyed it, Johnny's breakdown definitely being the best bit. The "bring in" tasks have been monumentally shit this series though, both in the task they've been set and the items they've brought in. Also, why did no one bring in a Nandos!?
  23. wev


    I like them both, though I prefer Genocidal Humanoidz . Out of all of their work I always preferred their first album and that song feels very much like it could belong in that era. Protect the Land feels more aware and maybe more intelligent as a piece of music, but Genocidal Humanoidz feels pretty brutal.
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