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    I think the families involvement is what stops it being what it could have been. It doesn't deliver anything new, I'm not even remotely interested in seeing how ill he is/how well he's recovered beyond hoping he's as well as he possibly could be, his condition isn't something I need to see. I've posted more on the F1 thread but it doesn't really deliver Michael Schumacher the Formula 1 driver, it brushes off the controversies it does show, it doesn't deliver on how dedicated to his craft he was or how much work was required at Ferrari, it makes an effort to paint them as the underdog when they weren't ever that, just badly mismanaged for a long long time. It's disappointing, really.
  2. And the documentary would have been far better if they'd have leaned more into that than they did. Because we all know why Ferrari don't deliver on their heritage and resources and yet for a period of time they were and Schumacher was a big part of that. I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if Irvine hadn't have bottled it in 99...
  3. They werent the underdogs the documentary paints them as though. It's an okay watch, but it's not nearly critical and informative enough, anybody coming to it knowing his records and knowing the general beats won't learn anything new and I actually think it does him a disservice because Schumacher was so fast, so clinical, so competitive and so controversial that everybody had him as the marker to best. And that includes the years he wasn't successful, it also jumps from that first championship for Ferrari, to the end of that five year period and then jumps again to his retirement. There's no Hakkinen-Schumacher Spa battle, none of his battles with Montoya, none of the sheer madness of what went down throughout 94. I got properly into the sport around the time he arrived, and being a British kid was always wanting someone else to win because of the whole jingoistic/xenophobic way that our press treated him (that I was too young, too uneducated, too working class to understand at the time), but I think you show someone that documentary that wasn't there then and they won't leave with any idea of just what F1 was like in that period nor the impact Schumacher and Ferrari had on it
  4. Well, he didn't purposely crash into anyone, no, but there's the Montoya incident already discussed, taking the chequered flag in the pits at Silverstone, Monaco qualifying, crowding Barrichelo into the wall when he came back for Mercedes
  5. After what we've had at Silverstone and Imola this season it could be interesting (it won't be...) to see what younger fans think of Schumacher's exploits at Adelaide '94 and Jerez '97
  6. I'd also like to see the continued focus on there being something on each day. I'm not sure on using the sprint for quali, I don't think it's shaken up the grid enough as is. I wonder if the sprint is just too short? Make it a bit longer, no mandatory pit stops but just long enough that the harder tyre would have to be managed whilst giving the teams the option to use any tyre they wish. With points up for grabs (maybe the old 10 for first etc until you get the top 6)
  7. Any driver would do, would be interesting to see how well teams are managing it.
  8. So, does anyone know if/when a championship contender hasn't had to take an engine penalty since that rule was introduced?
  9. Not sure whether to include Kimi Raikkonen or not. I think he likes racing but there's a story that he could have played Ice Hockey but didn't like getting up early for practice so chase to race cars instead, plus other stories like racing snowmobiles using James Hunts name whilst under contract to Ferrari
  10. I love hearing old drivers talking about corners and saying "you don't pass there" or "don't you think you were being a bit over enthusiastic trying to pass there" ... Yeah, maybe in your day but times change
  11. I've always loved that Williams, didn't know about the weight and crash test issues, just assumed it wasn't as good as the noses and wings everyone else was running at the time
  12. I always forget to manage my team...
  13. Except Senna wasn't in a potentially championship winning car until he got the McLaren drive. Nor did drivers receive the same level of coaching and analysis as they do now, it's not really comparable.
  14. He wouldn't "just become Bottas" there's a difference between attacking and trying to win every corner and having the maturity to know when to attack and win a particular corner. Max is still missing that. Does it make him great to watch? Sure. But he has a petulance about him, which is multiplied by his bosses licking his arsehole at every opportunity that means he's actually making this battle harder for himself than it needs to be.
  15. Also, I want to take a moment to talk about McLaren. How different do they look!? I remember in the 90s and 00s they were this clean, sterile, pretty boring team, yeah they were successful, but they were hardly likeable. The 2010s saw them slipping further and further back until you get Alonso and the absolute state they were in. Zak Brown and Seidl have got the team competitive again, given them a new identity by adopting the teams heritage colour and given them a personality by letting their drivers have personality's, it's been great to see and I hope it continues
  16. So, despite my comments on how Horner saying it was a racing incident means it was Max's fault last night. I do think it was a racing incident, like Silverstone, due to one driver who refuses to give an inch but expects everyone else to jump out of their way and another driver taking the "I did this once already this race, it's your turn to budge". Again, much like Silverstone. Was the penalty fair and just? Eh, not sure, the FIA have to be seen to be doing something after Silverstone, hopefully now that it's "evened out" somewhat. Now, people are saying "but Lewis went on to complete the race and even win at Silverstone, the penalties aren't comparable" but at Sochi Verstappen won't even be honouring his penalty as it's clear they'll replace his engine there, which again brings up "yeah but he wouldn't have to replace his engine if it weren't for Silverstone" but, and I'm not certain on this, the teams were always likely to replace his engine and take a grid penalty for that at some point, maybe @kiroquai@Dudley@SeanRs son can answer, has any front runner done an entire season only using their quota of engines? I do think the teams and drivers need to have a sit down and talk with some mediation as, like others have said, I can see this all getting out of control due to the mentality that the Red Bull team seem to breed but it's all very exciting (I think I'm gonna coerce my OH to watch the rest of the season with me as she's watched each race since Silverstone).
  17. I know I shouldnt read the comments but Hamilton trying to reverse out has (in some quarters) been turned into an attempt on Verstappens life Also, what the fuck was Verstappen doing walking out onto the circuit anyway? Probably expected everyone to avoid him rather than take the sensible option
  18. Max is very much like Schumacher imo, extremely talented (and likely to be as successful) but the red mist can descend very very easily. Anyway, delighted for both McLarens (Lando will be dissapointed he didn't win but it was also his best ever result)
  19. Catching up with the thread still watching the fallout on Ch4s coverage but Horner said "racing incident" that means "Max's fault"
  20. wev


    So, got round to starting that second volume of 20th Century Boys and could not put it down. I've got the third one on my book shelf already but got a couple of novels and a non-fiction book on the go, plus I like picking out manga/graphic novel to pick out to read over a weekend, so maybe next weekend (though I've also got vol 4 of Berzerk, vol 5, 6 and 7 of Persona 5, Uzamaki, Vol 3 of Prometha and vol 4 of Alan Moores Swamp Thing Run all to read too...)
  21. Though The Guardian about 12 months behind there
  22. Still undefeated! But those draws are getting annoying
  23. He's gonna follow Latifi around
  24. Jean-Jacques Burnel has provided some absolutely awesome bass lines on the new Stranglers album
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