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  1. My point is that apart from Shrek they put so little effort into their trailers that most of their films slip by without being noticed. Like a plain looking girl who gets no attention, the trailer for this was her in her Tesco uniform stocking Hovis. The trailer for Shrek was her in a Small skirt with huge cleavage and killing Zombies- it showed all the best bits. If they got her to remove all of her clothes for the promotion of this film maybe there would have been more awareness and fanfare- instead they were so lazy they just gave her some stale bread and left her to clean up the baby sick in Aisle six.
  2. It takes so long to load, and how a game from the guys behind one of the most charming games ever created can make something so souless and bland I have no idea. The racing and track creating is ok but everything else lets it down.
  3. So it's actually Game Gear games? That's put me off, I know they are designed for the smaller screen but they were nearly always inferior to the Master System versions of the same title (eg Sonic 2). Sega must make money from these but I don't get why these companies with a rich back catalogue of titles that would never sell induvidually on Live/PSN don't just do a 'Megadrive Collection' alike more often. I'd buy a Master System one, so that would be their dev money recouped
  4. They are already advertising the hell out of the next Shrek- this sadly never stood a chance. As LC says their adverts are horrible and Sony Animation deserve more recognition then these guys. I think this film was a fluke.
  5. I don't think it is, I remember saying some actors were contracted until season 6.
  6. Never seen one of these before, the above link has no option to purchase. Looks very similar in design to the portable Megadrive. Anybody played one?
  7. Gonky


    Currently loving this, high score of 23,938 How do you pass when there are a line of three monsters alongside each other?
  8. Worst thing about Blitz is that the scores reset every week. This really, REALLY pissed me off when I first noticed my outstanding score vanish Currently my best is 350,250
  9. I pretty much used to constantly play this on Saturn, I remember I could get times on Desert of under 51" with the Celica (manual) without breaking a sweat. Played for the first time in over ten years it at a friends last week and I could barely break a minute
  10. Cheers, just applied for the PS3 Beta
  11. The only spin off we need is a Sawyer & Miles cop show.
  12. Oh yeah, taking down Suvarov would surely be Jack's main aim, maybe then it could feature the two remaining Hussan women. This would demand previous show knowledge though, ruining the chance for it to do well at the Box Office. I doubt Logan could come back from his injuries in any usable way. Arlow was shit, but Aaron wasn't in this season at all was he? That kind of sucked. We can say for sure that Chloe and Tony will somehow be involved but having it set outside of the US will be a bit crap. The show completely revolves around the country and it just doesn't work outside it, as 24: Redemption proved. I guess they have committed to it now.
  13. I'm trying and failing to think of a scenario for the movie. Surely if it has current characters other then Jack it would be the same as the start of season 7? Possible characters: Chloe Kim Tony Cole President Taylor Wayne Palmer Jim Everyone else from the past 8 seasons is dead, and if it is set abroad there's no way we're going to see many of the above in it.
  14. I agree with this, even as an 80's lover I went to a free screening and felt ripped off.
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