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  1. I always felt like Jeff was burnt out on games after doing this so long. Really seems like it was just the corporate culture that he was tired of. 

    Dude is a unique talent when it comes to talking about games. I might finally have to get a patreon account. 

  2. I’ve only tried 3 so far. 


    The starting location for the undivided faction is ROUGH. Chaos is auto at war with non chaos, being so close to the south makes this a problem. 


    It also heavily triggered my analysis paralysis so I’ve sacked that off for now. 

    Khorne is quite straightforward. The growth penalty if you don’t keep fighting can make it a little tough to get rolling at the start. I love blood letters on juggernauts though. 


    Nurgle has a lot going on on the campaign map. I haven’t messed with the plague stuff enough to not how necessary it is yet. Seems a little weak on the battle map. 



  3. I really want to be playing this more but it is running incredibly poorly for me right now. The campaign map is especially brutal so I’m going to hold off and keep an eye on Reddit etc with the hopes that things improve.

    My pc isn’t a monster but it is better than the performance I’m getting. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Goemon said:


    In the session yesterday I got schooled but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. It can be great fun being in a friendly session with a group of people that are on the same wave length.


    I actually really enjoyed your patience and willingness to actually defend at the appropriate time instead of trying to steal turns like a lot of the rest of us are guilty of. Made me wake up a bit and stop playing on autopilot so much and I really enjoyed all the games I had with everyone yesterday much more. 

    Now I  just need everyone to forget the terrible amount of tfts I missed. 

  5. On 09/12/2021 at 10:16, Fitzcarraldo said:


    Prince of Darkness is top tier Carpenter. On certain days, it's my favourite. That shot towards the end gives me chills every time.

    It’s my favourite film of all time. 

  6. 1 hour ago, deerokus said:

    They've started doing quick looks again!


    For some reason, they've started editing them down, wtaf.


    According to Reddit it’s only the YouTube versions that are edited. I haven’t checked the site myself in sometime so didn’t confirm. 

  7. Wilder was definitely improved from the second fight and I hope that performance rebuilds some of the goodwill he lost with his reaction to the previous fight. 

    Fury wasn’t as sharp as the second fight. A little too confidant early on I thought. He was letting wilder measure him with the jab and I don’t think the best version of fury allows that. He’s still the best heavyweight boxer on earth right now. 

    wilder a little better, fury ever so slightly worse. Makes for an absolute banger. 

  8. That puncher’s chance is always there but I think it only happens if Tyson is slacking somehow. 

    If Tyson is properly focussed on this fight and wilder in front of him it doesn’t look too different from the second match. 

    I suspect he’s already beaten wilder again in his head and that costs him a little bit. I think he still wins, a bit rougher than it has to be. 

  9. That’s unfortunate because the current podcast doesn’t inspire me to subscribe to their patreon. 

    On the other hand I have been subscribing to GB years and I genuinely couldn’t tell you when I last consumed any premium content. I just like supporting them. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Darwock said:

    I’m in training mode right now with CPU set to guard. Every time I do that string I was spamming above, the low kick somehow goes through the guard for a hit and I don’t get to see the frame data. Can confirm all the other finishers for that string have a worse disadvantage than -18 though. 

    This is where I get a bit lost, as that implies all of these moves are too risky to use (although I suppose it’s just about not being predictable).


    In training is there a setting I can do to ensure that the CPU will actually block everything?


    Also I’m trying to follow those Pai combos above and think there’s an error in the first one - the video shows a 46K+G but the command listed is a 6K+G. Bit frustrating until I went through the command training and found the kick that matched.

    Most strings in the game are unsafe if you finish the last hit. The idea is the ppp part of it gives you time to hit check and you can stop before finishing. The opponent has to gamble to pressure you after because the canned K will still beat anything. 

    Jacky’s 6PK is an excellent example of this. You block the 6P and it’s your turn, but if you try and take it and jacky finishes the string you’re getting knocked down. You guess right and you block the K he’s punishable. You give him too much respect and he can just apply fraudulent pressure over and over.  

  11. friendly reminder that you don’t always have to finish strings. Especially if opponent has caught on that you’re doing ppp sweep and blocking everytime. Do ppp low throw. 

    Conditioning goes a long way in vf. Try not to fall into repeating the same habits and instead look at how your opponent is responding to certain situations, put them in that situation and crush them with the move that beats their response. I suck at every single technical aspect of vf, all my wins come from winning the Rock Paper Scissors game more times than the other guy. 

    Don’t stress about rank. Don’t worry about winning. Have fun with the guessing games and figuring out some set ups that work for you. Winning will take care of itself after a while. 

  12. I do love me some repeated elbow spam.  😍 
    Honestly though there’s nothing cheap there, if anything he’s doing himself a disservice. if he’d done elbow > 33p you’d have been dead a few times over. 


    I wouldn’t bother with any fanciness. If your opponent is gonna spam the same move over and over just block and smash the next one with whatever move the connection/your reactions will allow.  If he’s not gonna block I’d just do elbow spam myself for the lols


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