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  1. Well done on guardian. I got ranked back down to 25 a few days ago, partially my own fault as I kept playing in the am when the connections were flat out horrific. The lack of Taka is probably because anyone playing him semi sensibly is going to rocket past our rank fairly quickly. He’s as strong as anyone in the game, minus any execution challenge and normal go to combos don’t work on him. I don’t think he’s broken at all, but if you don’t know some Taka specific stuff against him it’s a real uphill battle.
  2. The damage you can get off evade flip kick is fucking insane. Same with akiras bodycheck. Rage inducing.
  3. I’d never go for that personally as it’s very high risk for fairly low reward. Even if you were right on the back dash you still need them to be standing their holding guard when you reach them. Iirc connecting with someone backdashing registers as counter hit in FS and every sidekick will give the weird butt down stagger that practically guaranteed a follow up. Taka is really good at this. His standing K has crazy range and will knock a round start backdash led on their ass for a (maybe strugglable? I haven’t seen it blocked) 33P+K and that’s half a bar gone in the first exchange.
  4. Backdash launcher! seriously though I’ll always start off with back dash and watch the opponent and make my decisions on the following round based on their reaction. If you wanna attack right off the bat you want something very fast or something evasive.
  5. On the subject of lei I really liked this guy’s little string of offence in the second round. Did I have to sit there and respect it? No idea. Sure was pressuring though.
  6. Lei Fei is tricky to win up close battles with as most of the stances you end up in have very specific choices to make to avoid specific attacks. I have zero advice with him as I’ve never put the effort in to learn him. One example is you often get into bokutai up close and then hit out of it, the evasive 2 from bokutai would have possibly evaded some of these allowing you to punish. A lot of those matches were closer than the final result suggested sometimes though. Had you gotten bigger damage after your launchers it would have been a different final score line.
  7. Me and my good friend Jack Daniels played until 3am until things got a bit too laggy (and blurry). Ended up hitting lv26 with a 69% win ratio. Nice. For all the talk of defensive technique over the last few pages I’d like to reiterate that I am doing absolutely none of that whatsoever. I’m just back dash launchering, abusing anti 2p moves and tft’ing mf’ers out the ring everytime I can. The best game.
  8. @Darwock it’s easy to say don’t take it too seriously but I’m as guilty as anyone for getting frustrated when I feel like I’m losing all the time. I’ve learned to deal with a lot of characters bullshit by just eating it over and over again until I didn’t. Sometimes you’re making progress even when it doesn’t feel like it. regarding throws - yup, you just have to know the animations or have a grasp of what each characters highest damage direction is. It’s not as bad as it used to be at least, having to break 4,2 against kage 6,3 v akira, 4,3 against jacky etc. One thing you can do is just pick a direction and stick with it, example 6p+g lazy throw escape style with hitting guard first and then holding the escape. Get hit by a throw after this? You now know that’s not a 6 break.
  9. Thanks to @Hyper Pfor the games last night. Really decent connection. Shame I still have no idea what to do versus flamingo stance after 15 odd years.
  10. I’ll be around playing this for the next couple hours if anyone is about.
  11. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not an easy buffer in that window. I doubt I’d be able to do that mid match if I wasn’t expecting it. (Doubt is being kind, I wouldn’t) I do think it’s healthy to not worry about responding optimally and just find something that works for you in the situations you find yourself in. Most of the time I’m just yolo’ing it myself so my advice should never be taken too seriously.
  12. Nah if you look at that second clip I posted I don’t put any inputs in until after the punch connects. You just have to squeeze everything inside the recovery frames. Input display is good for this as you can see how long it’s you to execute things. that said I think getting in the habit of interrupting the low p with an easier input like 3p is much better to focus on in the short term and once your reactions improve executing something like 66p can be added in.
  13. No worries. I like starting with ideal circumstances so regardless of anything else I know what does work numbers wise. In this case I can block 2P and stuff it with 66P. Learn what the timing is. From there you can move on to why it might not be working mid match. It’s hard to react to a single 2p in isolation, but if it’s being spammed and you know you have the correct execution from experience then you can chalk it up to lag and go wild. also what recording mashed 2p does a good job of showing is just how stubby the reach of it is. A lot of times 2p abusers get away with murder because we keep trying to challenge it. Backdash launcher is good too.
  14. No idea if it’s more helpful but with input data on. I know nothing about lei fei so I can’t give any character specific advice. Night all!
  15. Best way to record this is to add a dash before the move you’re trying to beat. actually I should be heading to bed but fuck if this will only take a few mins…
  16. The easiest to use and widely applicable defensive technique in fs/us is yutori (lazy throw escape) I haven’t done any of the tutorials so no idea if it’s covered. Just hold p+g making sure you hit g slightly earlier and whatever direction throw you wanna escape, 4, 6 or neutral. You’ll block highs and mids and even if you’re just uneducated guessing on the direction you have a 33% chance to escape a throw. Can be blown up in a variety of ways (guard breaks will really mess you up especially) but it’s a good start to thinking about defending against multiple threats at once at disadvantage. If I was struggling against 2p as lei I would embrace chaos and start whoring 9K+G. In other news I wish I was playing more of this but circumstances mean I seem to only manage to play Thursday evenings for any real length of time. Kage is sitting at lv23 rank with about 130 matches played or so. Couple weeks off coming up, really hope there’s at least something of an active player base by then still.
  17. When it comes to defensive techniques my muscle memory is so ingrained that I’ll auto do vf4/vf5 vanilla evade multi throw escapes. Never mind the fact you can’t escape more than one throw now, I’m mashing out escapes to throw directions that no longer even exist in this game.
  18. Yeah it’s a technique for recovering from a failed evade. regarding the lag, I am also finding it very difficult to fit moves in between blocked 2p span that I would not struggle with offline. If I know they’re just gonna keep spamming I’ll block then 2p>buffered launcher. The 2p is fast enough that you’ll fit it in even with the lag and then with the advantage from that any 17 or less launcher will usually hit. you’re not really playing vf at this point though.
  19. I play Taka and Kage. When I was “decent” at FS my Taka was probably stronger. I’ve more or less abandoned him completely in this because of the poor online. Stupid kage mod low mixups all the way.
  20. Yup. I have a bunch of online only combos I use, my offline stuff is way fancier I promise. I’ll be around very late this evening if anyone fancies matches.
  21. Quarter circle throw. That is what I was getting hit by wasn’t I. I don’t know his animations anymore.
  22. Not sure if you mean ground throw since you mention being kicked. Ground throw attempt should be guaranteed I believe. Low throws used to be guaranteed attempt on stomach crumple in previous games. I do not know if that’s changed because I noticed they changed Jeff 6p+k and you can’t attempt a throw anymore. Might be system change could be character specific. I never learned FS to the truly depressingly sad level I did previous games. However! 6K, 3KP, P, 46P+K P 6P works on everyone except Taka and is MAD damage yo.
  23. Sometimes just scrubbing it up is the way to go. It’s real easy to give your opponent too much respect, especially in ranked. SURELY they’ll start blocking now, I think as I dash in to throw... no. I had a pretty nice burst of form when it was just me and jonster last night. Mostly cause the booze kicked in and I stopped over thinking everything. He dominated the goh mirror match though. 270s all day with that boy.
  24. Yeah that’s essentially the same for me. If I land a ten foot toss that should be 80 damage in my pocket. Last night we didn’t have the best connection in the world but I think people I probably landed the combo after the throw about 90% of the time and the failures were user error. Loads of ranked matches the knee hits way too late and they can actually tech roll and Im at disadvantage. Id rather just concede then get pissed off trying to win under those circumstances.
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