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  1. Some seriously jealously inducing set ups in this thread. I need to earn more money. Anyways I was taking pictures of my set ups to show someone else and I thought I might as well chuck it in here as well. Sorry it's not the tidiest. Livingroom set up. The other half is very understanding about me leaving joysticks and so forth on the floor. My little games room set up. Look I'm really sorry about the mess. The empty cabinet spaces are for when I bring one of the livingroom consoles back through here to play.
  2. VF - As always Phoenix Wright - Brilliant Shadow of the colossus - Somewhat late to the party and unsure of how I feel about the game to be honest. It's a great experience but I'm not so sure it's a great videogame.
  3. Mines turned up from gameplay today. It's awesome. Haven't read the whole thread but is anyone else getting a mental optical illusion effect when they look at something else after playing this for a bit?
  4. Mines arrived this morning, huge fan of the previous shadow hearts games. I was a little cautious about ordering this game after learning of the new setting and change of cast but so far I'm really enjoying this.
  5. Well my gameplay order turned up today so Im pretty chuffed. SHould be about online tomorrow night for some batterings.
  6. Always seems to me that the higher level the player you talk to the less intolerant of other games they become. Most of the high level vf guys I know can see the good points in other games, it's just not their cup of tea. I like to think most people are busy working on their own game to go about criticising those that others choose to play. As for the single minded devotion to a particular game, i think it has a lot to do with the sometimes vast and sometimes subtle differences found between the systems in games. When you see something done "right" in your eyes it becomes harder to accept what you see as a poorer version in other games. I also think any genre with such a slant towards dedication and competition and just plain being better than the other guy ideals, is gonna produce folk that are gonna talk a lot of shit. And alsoa hell of a lot of assholes unfortunatly.
  7. It's prety easy on the stick once you're used to the timing. I find the 360 the most difficult part unless I'm buffering it after a jab, and that's not always a good idea in actual combat.
  8. I really can't seem to get my head out of vf mode when playing this. Starting to get a bit better lately though. Hopefully will see a bit less lag with local release. GT still fadedfilm for anyone who fancies their luck.
  9. The november one was only two days as far as I'm aware. The rumour is the next one will be march.
  10. Faded

    Dead Or Alive 4

    GT= FadedFilm Been playing this a fair bit past few days. I'm still fucking shit though.
  11. Well just to add to the confirmation my copy is here and it's running fine on my pal 360. Not tried live yet. Plays like the same old doa But something has to tide me over til vf5
  12. Froze once during call of duty. Pretty sure this was down to me pissing about with the soundtrack at a daft time. That happened on day one and have had no further problems since.
  13. Really loving this online right now. Especially infection.
  14. But if I can manage it I'm goign to see if there are any other sad bastards online playing PD0.
  15. I fucking hate those things. I just slice them open with a stanley knife now. By far the easiest way to do it. I remember going at the original xbox dvd remote packaging with nohing but my bare hands (and teeth). It was a long hard war, but I got through it in the end.
  16. I know it's not the first game I ever played, but my earliest strong gaming memory is easily the double dragon arcade at butlins as a very small child. It was the first game to ever really capture my imagination and I'll always havea softspot for the whole franchise because of that. I still have a photograph somewhere taken by my dad of me playing the thing, my eye level being just slightly higher than the joystick and buttons.
  17. Vf4Evo is by far my most played game of the past ten years or so. Close to perfect imo. I also had a fantastic time travelling to meets all over the country. I'm still a little heartbroken about the lack of a PS2 FT. I was pretty impressed with tekken 5 too, but I'm shite at it.
  18. Faded

    New Vf5 Scans!

    El Blaze is a lucha libre style wrestler. The other new character is believed to use monkey style kung fu.
  19. You can change it to 50/50 it's just not available when PC is selected as the main picture. Seems Pip on the samsung is fairly limited unless one of your sources is HDMI.
  20. Guilty. Went for the 26" samsung. A quick test later and it's just going to sit there looking nice until dec 2nd rolls around now.
  21. I've been enjoying the beta quite a lot. It run's ok-ish on my not so hot computer. My impressions so far are really good and I can't wait for the final release. Things I really like The differing close combat animations, and various ways your seargant/dreadnought/greater demon will kill of an ememy soldier once it reaches 0 health. The way you manage your squads. For example basic 4 man space marine unit comes out of the barracks. You can then upgrade it to a max of 8 members in the field. Add various heavy weapons as you see fit, get a powerfisted veteran sarge for the extra close combat punch and/or attach an independant character to the unit. This makes your basic infantry a really versatile unit. Give them 4 missile launchers and they can wreck tanks and buildings, where as heavy bolters destory light infantry like orks. On the other hand if your taste's run more towards close combat, then flamers will greatly diminish an opponents morale as you charge in. Most of the units in the game can be customised to various degrees this way. The balance between close and ranged combat feels really well done. Most non orky units will prefer to stand and engage in close range firefights most of the time. But if your opponent's squad has a superior heavy weapon set up it's easy enough to charge into them and level the playing field a bit. The morale system is good. Once a unit is broken they become fairly useless in a fight. Specific weapons have fairly harsh effects on enemy morale. Sniper rifles and flamethrowers spring to mind. Space marines obviously have really strong morale and even when broken their sarge can command them to rally. Orks on the other hand will run away if you shout bang loud enough. The voices which are present so far are really good, the orks especially. Things I'm not so keen on. No chaos bikers. Race selection is kinda bleh. Guard aare in as an npc race apparently. I'm sure modding communities will improve things a fair bit though. Transports suck. Some units don't seem to be as strong as you think they should be. Mr bloodthirster I'm looking at you. The fact there is only going to be one single player campaign makes me Those are all teensy quibbles though. The game is great. It sounds kinda stupid saying this but it feels like everything is out their really fighting each other instead of the usual rts take turns whacking on each other stuff. Ok geek mode off for the day now.
  22. I thought it was great. At least as good as episode 1. Especially the Driver 3 review and the bosses skit. Can't wait for the next one.
  23. With akira all you really need to do if you want to be good is practice fffP, learning how to buffer a perfect sde will make you a monster. Everything else, knee and yoho combos, dlc, reversals and sabaki's etc is just gravy. The really scary (and to be honest boring) akiras are P, low P, throw and sde. With occasional yoho's thrown in for opposite nitaku. The basic idea is to grab a teensy bit of advantage of a P or low P hit or blocking your opponents move and mix up between throw and sde. This of course is the basic idea behind every character but because sde is so ridiculously fast you can potentially block a low P and crumple your opponent if he tries to throw another one. And of course it's only -6 on block so if you guess wrong and get guarded edteg will get you out of serious trouble against msot opponents. Thr downside of course is buffering fffP near constantly and fast enough to beat a low P at -4 is not only hard (I certainly don't have the dedication to put in that much practice) but sodding painful on the wrists after a while.
  24. After evo's reportedly rather poor sales in japan I'm deathly afraid FT won't see any console release at all. Honestly if that happens I think I'm going to go a little insane. Some of the changes look fantastic, and this is from someone who considers evo virtually perfect. On a similar note, more people in scotland should play evo.
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