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  1. Yeah. The odd dodgy face here and there but it looks amazing. Shun’s (fuck shun, seriously I hope he dies) stage especially compared to the most covered original.
  2. Training mode looks alright. Not evo levels of amazing, but definitely better than most.
  3. However I will happily show up in a glasgow living room of your choice and play vf. Trousers and sobriety are optional.
  4. That whole thing seems weird. I don’t see them raising the money to fly anyone anywhere but perhaps I’m just being negative.
  5. Akira is really good in FS. His guard break is amazing in FS’ simplified defence world. I haven’t stayed up to date but in the early years of FS Akira, Taka and Jacky were considered the top. He’s way less cool that 4 evo akira though. Facts.
  6. I will maintain to my dying breath that vf is the easiest fighting game to learn. There’s an initial curve (that’s way exaggerated IMO) and then you grasp the system you know pretty much all you need to know. I think it has way less weird minutiae at the intermediate and above levels than other games. The much vaunted depth comes from the fact that you have real and meaningful choices to make at every interaction. I am a fanboy though.
  7. I’d engage in some shit talking here, but it’s just not the same without the old ninja smiley.
  8. Best name. All the best items. All the best lines as well. Fighting is what he does on his days off from fighting sharks.
  9. I was a little unconvinced at first but the graphics do look a lot better. Edit - nothing enrages me like watching a shun player get to 20 drinks. Edit 2 - despite myself I am feeling some small level of hype. I might even turn my PS3 on and hit training mode tonight.
  10. Didn’t ps3 sticks work on some games. Was on the developer end to implement iirc. Vague memories of using a vshg for sfv but having to keep a ds4 powered on to stop it going to sleep.
  11. I’m repeating myself but same. I think I feel a bit weird at my own lack of excitement considering I’m the resident forum vf fanboy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have another period where I’ll be able to get games again, but it just feels like another sega rerelease and not something that leads to another main entry in the series. Would LOVE to be wrong obviously.
  12. Here’s hoping. Once it’s on steam I’ll always be able to get a game without having to fiddle with some parsec/emulation nonsense. I do not have the time. if you include vanilla I’ve purchased vf5 five different times since that original ps3 exclusive one. Few more won’t hurt.
  13. Jacky is a great choice. Great set of tools and his more advanced stuff can be added piece meal over time. Lau is another good choice. High damage, not much in the way of serious execution. Incredibly fun, has some stuff that could maybe lead to bad habits. if you want a character to actually learn the game system with I highly recommend Goh. He’s not as intuitive to play but he has all the tools and doesn’t have much in the way of strings, which I find helps with learning the rhythm of VF. He’s a great character for learning why you’re doing what you’re doing and why it is or isn’t working. Honestly though the whole cast is great and very viable at any skill level. Even akira’s execution stuff has been massively overrated for a good few versions now. Shun and Lei maybe have a bit more upfront memorisation but even then I’d say pick shun if you think drunken Kung fu is cool.
  14. Yeah. I know they’ve remade it in a different engine and all but if I can’t be sexy pink power ranger taka then what’s the point. Maybe they are going to put it on psn plus and then gacha the hell out of it with dlc. I’d be alright with that.
  15. It would be nice to have a few people here playing this again. 360 vf5 was the rllmuk fighting game of choice for a good while in the early days of online punch mans.
  16. I still wouldn’t have gone with ‘3’ though.
  17. BG was always fairly faithful. Turn on detailed combat logs and it’s basically adnd with characters resorting to auto attack if not given instructions otherwise. So if you take baldurs gate as a dnd game trying to be true to the source material starring a character that is in some way becoming something other/greater than he starts as, set in the forgotten realms then I think it’s worth the name.
  18. This helps a lot thanks. I understand that thaco is very unintuitive but bigger armour numbers being better than smaller is one of those old man things I can’t shake not getting.
  19. I like it a whole lot. Played ten hours. Runs beautifully. One crash, one buggy conversation and a few camera wobbles. I wish it would explain the math that goes into hit percentages a little more rather than just show the end possibility. Then again I’m not sure bg2 did that either, I was very fluent in 2nd edition adnd and I have no clue about 5e so it might just be that. Combat is very toned down from dos2 in a good way. I was concerned about making a sequel to a series of games that was very much about one story that ended it but they’ve come up with a great way of carrying on the same tone and themes without repeating themselves. Still not sure about it being a ‘3’ but business gotta business as well.
  20. I’m uncomfortable when things start feeling like a pile on but I think the part that troubles me is that their confidence has grown but their ability has not. I have never really watched any of the subscriber content regularly. I was happy to give them money just for the amount of work time the bombcast has helped pass for me. Nowadays it feels like it makes time go slower.
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