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  1. Thanks for this. I have a dark core se that I’m quite happy with now but I’ll remember this for the future. I’d struggle to do without Qi charging on a mouse now going forward.
  2. The only thing that bugs me about modern pc gaming is that it seems very difficult to find a mouse with 4 and 5 on separate sides like the old intellimouse design.
  3. I honestly don’t know why I bothered. I have everything copied to a 4tb external usb3 drive. I should have just copied my photo folder to a thumb stick for extra safety and for rid. Why I think I still need access to mp3 files I downloaded from Napster 20 years ago is a mystery to me.
  4. I would have had a RIVA TNT2 around that point. Brand loyalty never dies. Come to think of it i I don’t think I’ve ever owned a non Nvidia gpu.
  5. I have a 2tb HDD in the machine just for backup of old pics and what not. I even hate the sound of it spinning up when I have occasion to access it.
  6. Yeah I understand that the 2080s is still a fine card and I’m not maximum settings obsessed. Being able to just set stuff to max and not worry about it sure is nice though. I am also failing to get excited about new consoles so that’s money I could spend on a card without feeling too guilty about it. This machine is my first using an ssd though. I never realised what a dark age I was living in. That’s the upgrade that anyone who hasn’t should make before anything else. I understand that I am the last person to realise this.
  7. As an aside for all the master race jokes I love how positive the PC threads tend to be here. I avoid the console topics because they tend to bum me out.
  8. I didn’t think I’d like the rgb stuff tat came with mines but I’ve ended up keeping it on. Its exactly enough light for me to be able to navigate from the door to my chair without having to turn on the main light so I can poopsock away in the dark like a true nerd. Oh and I’m ashamed to say I love it when a game has a custom lighting scheme for the rgb keyboard. My keys flash orange when a legendary drops in Diablo. Love that shit.
  9. Because I am a total idiot I recently bought a new pc with a 2080s in it. (I was aware this was a stupid decision at the time) Due to this year ruining a bunch of plans I could afford a new card without much of a sting but I would feel weird about the hit I’d take on the current one versus how much use I’ve gotten out of it. Also games still look real nice to me since I spent the last five years playing games on a toaster.
  10. I think it’s possible to get some international fighters out of their respective countries if they take care of the travel privately but they still wouldn’t get a visa for the US. I believe eve that was the reasoning I read at some point but my brain stopped working sometime back in April so pinch of salt.
  11. Oh boy that was a good main event.
  12. There is very little in this world that has such a powerful nostalgic effect on me as some of that old psygnosis box art.
  13. I’m not sure I’d even care if it was vf6 at this point.
  14. Got my first heart kill. Only A1 but feels good to have it done. Got a twisted funnel and sneaking skull early so obviously had to go in the poison direction. Got several copies of noxious fumes and a couple catalysts. Was able to play for Defense most of the time and just get some silly poison damage ticking away. Im not a massive silent fan but I always seem to do much better with her.
  15. I fell off early last season so I’ll probably blitz the first month of 20. I played probably a thousand hours of d2 as a frenzy barb so I’ll at least check out the new frenzy set.
  16. So I finally got a chance to play a few hours of this again. I don’t care if Holy Shotgun Sader is the daddy this season. It’s not for me. I’ve switched over to a pure fist of the heavens pony build that uses the crusader weapon and shield set that gives near constant horsey uptime. I might not crack gr100 this season but riding around costing the screen in lightning is pretty fun so far. This means getting an ancient weapon weapon will be more of a pain*, but farming the mats to do so will be much more pleasant. (Shotgun crusader uses the pig sticker dagger, any build that uses a dagger is a joy to get an ancient/primal for, because there are so few legendary daggers in the game. Anytime you upgrade a rare dagger you’ve got 50% chance it’s the one you’re after. This requires more easily obtained resources compared to getting the right weapon and then reforming it.)
  17. what class/build are you playing this season? you can always reroll that socket back to something more useful if you feel like spending a rami's gift on it.
  18. I haven’t touched it for about two weeks but I’m planning to get back to it soo. My build is item complete but I don’t even have a single ancient yet I think. I haven’t even levelled a third gem to 25. Im at 400 paragon ish. Can’t quite farm t16 yet, I want to get a decent db farming set up together and then waste them upgrading daggers.
  19. It’s worth remembering that you won’t see any primal sin the wild until you clear solo GR70. That one wasn’t even a drop. I levelled an alt WD last season because I heard carnevil build had been buffed and that was the first rare knife I upgraded in the cube. I was pretty pleased at the time. I’ve gotten primal before but they’ve always been useless. Augmenting isn’t especially complicated. Just cube; Any piece of gear A levelled legendary gem 3 flawless royal gems of the stat you want on the item. Rubies for str for example. All gems will be destroyed and the gear will gain 5 points of the stat per legendary gem level. Example i take that knife and put it in the cube with 3 royal topaz and a gem I’ve levelled to 100. I’ll get 500 int added to the knife. Because of the time invested in levelling the gems it’s best to save this for ancients or primal that have rolled well with the stats you want.
  20. Speaking of pet builds, the downside to a new season is having to leave this stroke of luck from the last one behind me.
  21. I pick pets to match my characters because that’s how far down the hole I’ve gotten. I’m using the golden armoured little ghost dude with my golden armoured crusader right now. This is the reason I’ve put so much time into it. It’s never competing with other games for me, it’s what I do when I don’t feel like doing much else.
  22. I still only play on PC. Half because I like mouse and keyboard, half because the pc is in a separate room where I can zone out and click on things for three hours while listening to a podcast without taking up the main tv. My heavens fury crusader has nearly all the right gear now. Just missing jewellery l, and I haven’t levelled any gems yet.
  23. I cannot face bounties anymore. I’ll do them for season journey and to get act specific legendaries. Other than that I make do with challenge rift mats. The odd season where I keep playing enough that I start seriously needing the mats I’ll make an exploding chicken witch doctor for the silly run speed just to do bounties.
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