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  1. Ages ago I played on xbox live with a guy called the_horny_frog, his COD emblem was a really badly drawn frog with a huge erection. There was also a guy in the same game whose name I cant remember but his emblem was a picture of the two towers being crashed into with the words '9/11 and 7/11 were the best things ever'
  2. Anybody got marvel legendary deckbuilding game for sale or trade?
  3. I would love to see a list if possible? Aftervarious things atm
  4. I love part 6, its probably my favourite, some great kills
  5. Some great recent recommendations, cant wait to watch all three of them!! Thanks guys
  6. I saw this as well in Glasgow last week, yourmini review really sums it up well, it was an incredible experience, ididnt think it could be topped but then Autopsy took to the stage!! Lol
  7. Cool, thanks, I will try and get a game tomorrow
  8. Bought the season pass for this today in the ea sale on xbox one, tried to get a gameon the death star dlc modes and couldnt find any!! Is there really no players with the dlc or was it that I was trying to play in the daytime? Gonna be annoyed if theres players, that will be a waste of money
  9. paddyo

    The Bookies

    Anybody betting on Lincoln city at arsenal?
  10. YESSSSSS!! thats it!! thanks so much!! actually its not as oriental as i thought although the techniques are similar. I can see why it freaked me out when i was a kid too!!
  11. Thanks but I dont think its traditional bian lian. There was a more western vibe to it and it was creepy rather than traditional and authentic. Thanks though
  12. Ive been trying to find out the name of a magician I saw on TV probably in the 80s or early 90s. It was a really creepy Japanese masks trick that had the usual maskchanges but also floating masks and stuff. It may have been on the Paul Daniels magic show. Cant find it by googling and all the mask tricks on YouTube are modern not 80s and arent as creepy. Any ideas whatit could be? Its driving me crazy!!
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