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  1. The grenades you can throw for MILES... That's what I missed in later games, the ability to hurl explosive death from clean over the other side of the level. It really helped with the whole 'you are a cybernetically enhanced super human' thing.
  2. Which console is going to have the least obtrusive front end for me to fight with and the fewest gimmicks and gadgets? That'll be the one I buy.
  3. Saur's posted up videos of himself and a couple of buds playing this online (Yo Singho!) and it does look like fun... Moosegrinder has a copy I'm hopefully going to acquire off him.
  4. 88h88

    Dredd 3D

    You didn't think "how do they know where he is behind all that concrete" ? They were firing blind yet somehow following him... /actionmovielogic
  5. All the stuff I've bought in the last few months has been new vinyl, yeah as it's all been new releases. I don't know what my thinking is really when I can have the digital file which I'll use far more often which takes up zero space. Other vinyl acquisitions have just been given to me by friends, best price.
  6. I'm down about 40 quid on digital downloads, 20 on vinyl, 35 on gig tickets so far.
  7. I was wondering if someone else would post about Black Stone, I was too lazy to do it myself, sorry. Anyway, I loved this. My one true love when it comes to FPS games is the quite rightly highly praised Quake 3, UT was great but somehow it felt more squashed than Quake in terms of freedom in certain arenas. Also: was great. Mansized FPS along with giant speedy robot FPS in the same game? Yes please. Ugly as shit but played really well, especially online. It also contained the best rocket launcher in any game ever, the Bullgut. Quad spiralling rocket joy on every pull of the trigger.
  8. 88h88

    Dredd 3D

    Snap. I noticed banding and noise on the rip but did it detract from the actual film itself? Nope.
  9. Devil May Cry 3 this very evening. Never had it for the PS2 so the HD pack was bought aaaand I love DMC games still.
  10. Yup, the guy's got some serious talent and yet nobody is taking any notice. Rashida This Time
  11. The character and item pickup, yeah. I noticed that too. Ripe for a bit of cheat action.
  12. It's better as the entire screen is shit you're supposed to be seeing in full detail rather than the effects shown in that video. The video is a nice idea but if you give me the option of having a TV augmented with a projector halfarsing a picture around the outside or a full on projector set up you'd be clinically insane to pick the first...
  13. I have his latest album and a stack of tracks by him, yeah.
  14. So towards the arse end of last summer I'm clicking through some music blogs and find a track by this dude called Vanilla, it's off a beat tape he made, samples from old soul and motown records lovingly rearranged into new compositions. Yeah that ain't no thing you're thinking but fuck me his tracks are actually flawless from a production standpoint, usually with a beat tape the cuts are raw and you can easily tell where a music sample loops. Vanilla is some kind of production ultranerd because his shit just sound so. fucking. smooth. Anyway I dug up his bandcamp page and found 3 albums for download (free at that) and proceeded to listen to them pretty much on constant rotation for weeks, I just couldn't get enough of them. http://vanillabeats.bandcamp.com/ So he's released an album of 'outtakes' 2 days ago and it's every bit as great as the other 3 tapes...
  15. So those of you with taste who liked Vanilla when I posted up his stuff before need to be clicking here: http://vanillabeats.bandcamp.com/ as he's just dropped an album of 'outtakes' 2 days ago. Lol that'll be shit then eh? Wrong. So fucking wrong. To keep shit 2012 relevant though he did this remix which is fucking sublime:
  16. It'd be fairly sweet and offer a cunty advantage if you had a massive white wall to play on but then you have a projector so why use a TV?
  17. That bit is part of the plot apparently. I'm betting we find out exactly why and it won't be pretty when we do. ...also GIANT ROBOTS AND ROCKET PUNCHES, what the fuck isn't silly about the entire premise?
  18. Also note the Glados voice won't be in the film (thank fuck). This needs to do well as Del Toro wants to pitch At The Mountains of Madness again seeing as Prometheus was utter shite. http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/guillermo-del-toro-says-hes-trying-to-mount-mountains-of-madness-one-more-says-the-hulk-tv-show-is-possibly-dormant-20130107
  19. All I want to say here is this is why American product designers for the most part (Apple don't count) are fucking awful. The Shield and the Razer thing are just mindblowingly ugly.
  20. Most of the house content is on a central server which feeds a couple of PCs dotted around the house running XBMC, there's a few oldschool xboxes doing the same. It's mostly digital but other stuff not deemed worthy of transfer is still in disc format.
  21. 88h88

    Vinyl lovers

    Pff, better specced than 1210s.
  22. 88h88

    Vinyl lovers

    Been playing some vinyl today and dug this one out which I'd only listened to a few times before. Shook's Rise and Fall EP. Dat white vinyl.
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