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  1. Most deadly strike force ever assembled
  2. I've downloaded the fucker, just need to find the time to play it.
  3. Yeah it really was difficult to break em down and it felt like Fennas was all over the pitch intercepting the whole world lol Thought we were gonna get thrashed in the second game after the sending off but we kept it tight and had to be clinical with the two shots we had lol, Well played lads. Elliot had best get his shit together .
  4. I could be a doubt lads, I'll do my best to get on though, apologies if I cant.
  5. What the fuck lads, we smash a team up namely Graham's team and no ones talking shit? What's that about? Good games, we played well from front to back Baz controling the midfield was a great move, the passing was unreal at times and the finishing deadly. Elliot smashed shit up on the any and Sladey was a beast at CDM, I'm sad about my passing as it was pretty awful at times but I broke legs to make up for it lol. If we can repeat those performances for the remainder of our games then the league's ours. Onwards and upwards bitches.
  6. Sheeeit I'm guessing it didn't go very well
  7. Sorry lads I won't be able to play tonight, kill em though.
  8. Hahaha you fuckers, next one is going top corner. I'll try and be about if my wife hasn't divorced me.
  9. Invite If you need a beast who can play anywhere.
  10. Yeah good games last night, absolutely smashed in game one and was doing really well in game two untill the crosses came. Next games will be tough as fennas and his crew seem to be on a good run.
  11. Never had a red card in my life, why you make up lies about me? I like the formation, you've done well Baz.. so many small children will be getting rekt.
  12. Thoughts on positions? Or you still figuring stuff out?
  13. Some team you've assembled, well played.
  14. Add me to the list aswell please.
  15. I'll be around, If anyone's around early just drop me an invite.
  16. Yeah still in Japan, smash it up bitches, I'll be back next week.
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