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  1. Just want to thank @LaveDisco for talking up Dusk in the B category. I bought it on sale on the eShop and it's fucking amazing. Thought I'd give myself 5 mins off work to try it out and an hour later I'm struggling to turn it off.
  2. Before reading this thread I barely knew what Returnal was, now I find myself actually wanting a PS5! Oh well, maybe in a few years time. Game of the Year 2021 A1. Metroid Dread - I do wish it had been a bit less linear and more like Super Metroid, but the minute to minute gameplay is just so slick and fun to play and the overall presentation is fantastic. It helps that it looked amazing on my new OLED Switch too. Some great boss battles too, really hard but always fair so you get a bit further each time. I agree with @Wiper that the controls could have done with some options though, my old hands were pretty fucked by the time I finished it. I don't remember exactly what was wrong with them, too much reliance on L and R for things that should have been on ZL and ZR I think. I could have remapped them at a system level, but...I'm lazy. A2. Game Builder Garage - I put over 100 hours into this in the space of a few weeks, which with the amount of gaming time I get is neither easy or advisable! It's a really accessible way to make simple games, but the restrictions do start to grate when you try and make something more complex. It's a shame there's no in-game sharing hub like Mario Maker, but it's not hard to see why given it's a lot easier to just draw a cock and balls texture than make one out of blocks. A3. No More Heroes III - I love that this looks like crap, and it doesn't give a toss. The important bits are really fun to play anyway. A4. Neo: The World Ends With You - Been playing this since Christmas, it starts a little slow but it's starting to pick up now, and it's just so stylish and fun to play. The original is probably my favorite DS game, so it's amazing to finally be playing a sequel that really stays true to the original. A5. New Pokemon Snap - Another dream sequel that expands and improves on the original in so many ways. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Quake B2. Streets of Rage 4 B3. Baba Is You (Level editor expansion) Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. The usual wankers still being wankers Z2. NFTs Z3. Not playing Returnal, apparently Sound Design of the Year S1. No More Heroes III S2. Neo: The World Ends With You S3. Deltarune Chapter 2 Visual Design of the Year V1. Metroid Dread V2. Bowser's Fury V3. New Pokemon Snap Writing of the Year W1. No More Heroes III W2. Neo: The World Ends With You W3. Deltarune Chapter 2 Format of the Year F1. Switch (OLED) - Love that screen so much. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo
  3. Haha, those MOBA guys should have done a bit of research before splashing 4.5 million on that place, it's already in the process of splintering and falling apart and this will finish it off. Shame, it started with good ideals but it's just such a hellhole now. I've joined the new Nintendo focused offshoot https://famiboards.com/ and it's much nicer, for now at least...
  4. Daaaamn I just tried Sayonara Wild Hearts on the OLED, just insane...
  5. Couldn't resist setting it up, the screen is lovely. It's amazing how suddenly my perfectly ok old switch transformed into a scuffed up, wobbly old piece of crap once I turned the new one on! One slight design flaw with the new dock though, the old one has rubber feet to stop it sliding around, and the new one doesn't. Because of where everything plugs in, the wires are almost at full stretch and it wouldn't take much for one of the kids to catch them and slide the whole thing off. The old one had the same issue with the wires and it never felt like that was a risk. It was a bit sad going through my massive list of eShop games and deciding to what to redownload to the new Switch, I've spent a lot of money on stuff that's not even worth the effort of redownloading haha.
  6. Ivan from DPD has come through! Now, how much of my 'work' time this afternoon can I justify using to set it up...
  7. Woop, got my delivery slot for this afternoon now. Looks like I could have just gone to Smyths and bought one this morning anyway though haha.
  8. Yeah my Smyths order has dispatched too, just need my Metroid Dread to dispatch as well now haha.
  9. Yeah I did but he ignored me. Probably thought I was only applying to take the piss!
  10. Gawd playing in handheld is a bit of a handicap lol
  11. This is great! Usually when I play a demo I go from wanting to buy the game to realizing I don't really need it, but this the total opposite. It wasn't really on my radar, but now I must have it!
  12. Christ that was intense! Time for this old timer to go to bed haha.
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