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  1. I just unlocked it today, I honestly think it might be one of my favorite environments in any game ever. The attention to detail in terms of lighting, music, footstep noises etc is just beautiful.
  2. There's about 25 of you playing Animal Crossing on my friends list right now...Working from home clearly has it's upsides haha.
  3. Took a little break from working from home (ok, like an hour and a half) to set up my island, this is so lovely! I've gone with Esperanto for my island name. It means 'hope', which seems appropriate at the moment, as well as sounding generally islandy, and is also a Red Dwarf reference with overtones of getting lost in a virtual world, so it works on multiple levels!
  4. Icefall Canyon 3KR-RGM-C1G I decided to expand on the downward scrolling lift section from Starfall Odyssey and make a whole level out of it. The difficulty picks up a bit towards the end but it's nothing too extreme. This is my 4th level to use the SMB ice theme, I keep finding myself coming back to it! I think it's my favourite theme in the game, there's something about the combination of the music and tileset that I just love.
  5. Slightly random question but does anyone know if @J.Pickford posts levels anywhere? I liked his stuff on MM1, and he's still on my Switch friends list from the Wii U days, so I can see that he's played a ton of MM2, but thanks to Nintendo's strange decisions there's absolutely no way to see what he's up to in game unless you already know one of his levels!
  6. Rainbow Rush Galaxy 3 BT5-PG1-M1H The trilogy concludes!
  7. Game of the Year A1. Super Mario Maker 2 - No contest with this one for me. I loved the first one, and I managed to play over 200 hours of this in the first couple of months, while only slightly neglecting my family, and recently topped out at ranked 21st in the world for Maker Points. I had to take a break when I got tennis elbow from holding the Switch too much... The new additions to the game may look a little slim on the surface, but stuff like vertical levels, scroll lock and a much more generous limit for ground blocks massively expand what's possible. A2. Baba Is You - a proper puzzle game, you can scratch your head for hours over some levels only to feel like a genius when you get it. The graphics are perfect too, I love everything about this. A3. Tetris 99 - This came out of nowhere and is just so good. Pure, refined, digital crack, and I've never even won a game. A4. Katana Zero - It feels like it ends a bit too suddenly, but the pixel art is exquisite, the music is fantastic and the gameplay is great too. A5. Untitled Goose Game - Short and sweet, but utterly charming and properly funny. HONK! Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Pokemon Sword/Shield - I actually had a lot of fun playing, but my god this feels unfinished. Really needed another year in the oven. Nothing to do with BrInG bAck NaTioNal dEx!!1!!, just a lack of anything to actually do or any sort of storyline. All the house interiors in each town are identical, that sort of thing. Z2. Z3. Z4. Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Sayonara Wild Hearts S2. Katana Zero S3. Ape Out Visual Design of the Year V1. Sayonara Wild Hearts V2. Ape Out V3. Luigi's Mansion 3 Writing of the Year W1. Katana Zero W2. W3. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Switch Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo Best Supported Game (released pre 2019) of the Year B1. Fortnite (I don't even play it anymore, but it obviously is) Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2018 or earlier) X1. Into The Breach Best game character of the year C1. The Goose C2. Katana Zero guy... C3. Ape Out ape And the big one: Game of the Decade D1. Super Mario Maker 2 D2. Splatoon D3. Xenoblade Chronicles D4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild D5. Doom (2016) D6. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze D7. Into The Breach D8. Zombi U D9. Resident Evil 7 (VR) D10. Baba Is You
  8. A good place to start would be the top 100 makers list, if you go onto the leaderboards section and search makers by All Time Ranking. Some of them are just all speedruns and music levels, but most of them are pretty good. I'd recommend Frank88 for some pretty challenging traditional style levels, Nocturnowl for easier but very creative traditional levels, and Matilder for the best looking SMB levels you'll ever see. Mine are pretty decent too I think
  9. I'd say give it a go. She's probably not going to be cranking out masterpieces, but if ever there was a level editor suitable for a 6 year old it's this.
  10. Rainbow Rush Galaxy SP XQK-VN2-M6G Just a dumb fizzy speedrun. I actually uploaded this a while back but it totally bombed, so I've made a few tweaks to make it flow better, and added in some Pokeys and Spike balls because why not? Enjoy!
  11. Starfall Odyssey S2N-LTB-6HG This one is a platformer in a similar vein to Icefall Peak, but with a nice chilled bit sandwiched in the middle. It's currently on about a 5% clear rate, which is a bit tougher than I expected. That level above looks cool, but way too hard for me!
  12. Walk The Dog 9HJ-14W-LFF Have a Mario Maker level to get you through the misery of the impending Tory-pocalypse! This is built around the fact that spike balls follow you around at night in the ground theme. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be a bit fiddly in places just for the sake of doing something with the mechanic, but let me know what you think. And don't worry, the spike-dog doesn't die, it just goes to 'live on a farm'.
  13. Forgotten Temple T7S-HMK-N4G Here we go again! Should be a bit better this time!
  14. Forgotten Temple CSN-1SD-M8G Here we go, my first crack at a Link level. It's a bit rough and ready but I've tried to cram in all of the various moves Link has. The difficulty is making it so that you don't get stuck if you loose the costume, but without making it overly easy. By the way, they've changed the formula that's used to calculate Maker Score. Not sure how exactly, but it seems to be in my favour because I've jumped to a frankly ridiculous 22nd in the world on the leaderboard! *EDIT* I found a horrible softlock so I've deleted it. Hopefully I'll have time to fix it tonight!
  15. Can't wait! I do wonder how they'll handle taking a hit with the Link outfit though, if you turn back into Mario that's going to limit the options for dangerous elements in a puzzle based level, unless you provide a lot of swords in pipes. Ideally you'd still die in one hit as Link, or have 2 hearts or something.
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