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  1. I did wonder if a lot of people may have missed that fight. I thought that section felt a bit tucked away. Did it though!
  2. I managed to find one point to the left of the door you come through, at the first corner, where she would turn her back for a second and you could bomb along quickly and just get a hit in.
  3. Not at my Xbox right now, but I think I’m at about 90 hours on the clock and level 85, with an emphasis on Vigor and Strength. There’s no doubt that I’m quite OP for a lot of the enemies I’m encountering, I just wish they’d governed my progression a little more. That said, it’s still the best thing I’ve played since Death Stranding and will surely be my GOTY.
  4. I think you’re absolutely right, but I’ve never been a fan of playing something differently in order to get what I want from it, I prefer the experience to be designed. It’s just a matter of personal taste I guess.
  5. I do wonder if it could use some gated progression. I realise this kind of goes against the idea of an open-world game being completely ‘open’, but the issue I’m having now is that I’m twatting most of the bosses I’m coming across in 5 or 6 hits, so it’s not feeling quite as satisfying as it could. If my progression was paced out a bit more I doubt that would be happening. What’s strange is that there are places where they’ve kind of implemented some gating, but then not really as there are ways around it. As much as the sense of freedom is great, I do think it can have a negative effect as well.
  6. This was me. And then I decided to persevere with Dark Souls. And it became my favourite game of all time.
  7. I always assumed I didn’t like open-world games, but it turns out I love them. Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Subnautica, RDR2, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Satisfactory, BotW and now Elden Ring. All incredible. Halo Infinite can get fucked though. Sad excuse of an open-world game.
  8. Finished up Redmane Castle last night (post Radahn). I hung my head at that last encounter. Bloody did it though!
  9. I feel as if I should’ve got an achievement for finally not pressing the map button to back out of the map.
  10. Radahn is down. Finally. It’s an interesting one. This fight really took me to the point of thinking I might have to give up, for the first time ever in a FromSoft game. Not even O&S made me feel like that. I was feeling pretty down about it. I’d tried a bunch of different ways but finally went with an incantation that just screwed him over time. It would probably be considered ‘cheesing’ it, but I don’t feel that way at all. It was still difficult. Getting up close to him was such a dice roll as to whether I got one-shotted or not. What I have realised though, is that all that effort put into ‘finding the way’ has actually benefitted me greatly going forward. I now have a Horn Bow +8 from where I tried poisoning him on horseback (too slow going), whereas before the fight I had no ranged attacks in my arsenal, and it also pushed me to level up Faith and Arcane in order to try out Incantations which I hadn’t touched up until now. So as stressful and time consuming as it was, I’ve come out the other side way more equipped and diverse in my build. It’s at this point that I’m probably supposed to chant ‘Onwards!’, but I think I’ll take a break and have cup of tea. Anyway, chin up if you’re struggling.
  11. It’s already all I ever use
  12. Does anyone know if there’s a way to imbue a claymore with ‘Get fucked’? Asking for an enemy.
  13. Radahn. No. And every strategy I’ve seen that says it makes it easy or you can cheese hasn’t helped. Had him down to about 10% health, so as you can probably imagine, I’m going to need a new controller.
  14. I’ve never been into cars, or ‘real life’ driving for that matter. I’m 45, but I only got my license 4 years ago. And yet I love Gran Turismo. Always have. Can’t wait to play this!
  15. My wife just offered to take the kids out for the day so I could play Elden Ring. No no no no no. No way. That is 100% a trap and I’m not taking her up on it.
  16. I really wanted the Claymore and someone on here (sorry, can’t remember who it was!) mentioned they’d just got it. They also said they’d been exploring the southern part of the map, so I just went off on an adventure, hoping that’s where they found it. After a couple of hours there it was. Man, that felt good.
  17. Also, here’s a picture of some terrible 360 era graphics, taken on my phone.
  18. Honestly, I think he likes it as much as me. Still here, getting in the way.
  19. I found a little cave network that had quite a few smithing stones in it…
  20. Not only am I being judged, but he’s getting in the way.
  21. Yep, went straight into my top 5 after I played it last year, it’s really really good.
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