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  1. Everything everywhere all at once The new film from Daniel’s (Swiss Army Man). Saw this last night at the BFI IMAX followed by a Q&A with Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Wow, what an incredible film this is. It’s just bonkers. A multiverse hopping, martial arts comedy drama with a a heavy dose of surrealism. The cast is amazing, but of particular note is Ke Huy Quan (of ‘Short Round’ and ‘Data’ fame) who just steals the show in my opinion. Really hoping this opens more doors for him going forward. Hollywood needs to sit up and take notice. They shot it in 8 weeks on a budget of $25 million, and roped in a load of friends and collaborators to take care of all the fight sequencing, special effects and music. The whole thing is just off the charts insane. 5/5
  2. Yeah, and if you don’t like big team battle it’s basically one new map. Mind boggling.
  3. What blew my mind, and I’m sure it’s probably already been mentioned…
  4. If you consider any gameplay in Infinite that could be regarded as decent, I just feel you could just go and play a previous, better Halo game instead. I find the entire game pointless. I don’t even think the grapple helps to set it apart that much. In combat it’s overpowered, and from a traversal perspective it’s hardly ever a necessity. The only saving grace for Infinite was the multiplayer, and the amount of content available for that since day one is frankly laughable.
  5. Yep, and it’s a sizeable and awesome section as well! With regards to comments made about it being a bit of a boss rush towards the end, I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case. I mean, it can be if you tackle things in a certain order, but it’s also possible to still have areas to explore in-between.
  6. You probably haven’t been there yet…
  7. I’m on my NG+ run through and managed to get to Melania after about 4 hours. Absolutely ripped everything to shreds up until I got to her and once again she’s a sticking point.
  8. Wasn’t happy that I’d run out of Elden Ring after finishing it yesterday, so I started NG+. Rinsed Tree Sentinel, Margit, Godrick, Red Wolf of Radogan and Rennala in about 40 minutes
  9. And done. Level 150, 180 hours on the clock. This game is an incredible achievement. Well done FromSoft.
  10. It is, and I’m pretty sure it’s made possible by the fact that they don’t reinvent the wheel for each game, and instead reiterate on what’s come before. For me, I would still place Demons and Dark 1 over this, partly because they’re the games that set this whole genre in motion, but also because of how dense and tightly designed they are, especially Dark Souls. Elden Ring in comparison is crazy in its size and scope, but suffers a bit because of that in my opinion, at times it just feels a bit too big. Also as I’ve said before, I think it would benefit greatly from some light gating to make the progression smoother. It’s still a solid 9.5 though
  11. I’m at over 150 hours on the clock and I’m guessing nearing the end, but I’m not overly keen on the backloading of really hard bosses. At this point in the journey I should be on a giddy power trip after all the character levelling and weapon upgrading, but then I meet an enemy that moves stupidly fast and can two-shot me and it takes the wind out of my sails a bit. I’m not expecting a walk in the park, don’t get me wrong, but I also don’t fancy another boss that takes me 50 attempts. I would say overall it’s either been crazy hard or stupidly easy. I imagine trying to strike a good balance in a game of this scope and size must be one of the biggest challenges they face though.
  12. I didn’t make it there until I’d clocked over 100 hours
  13. I did wonder if a lot of people may have missed that fight. I thought that section felt a bit tucked away. Did it though!
  14. I managed to find one point to the left of the door you come through, at the first corner, where she would turn her back for a second and you could bomb along quickly and just get a hit in.
  15. Not at my Xbox right now, but I think I’m at about 90 hours on the clock and level 85, with an emphasis on Vigor and Strength. There’s no doubt that I’m quite OP for a lot of the enemies I’m encountering, I just wish they’d governed my progression a little more. That said, it’s still the best thing I’ve played since Death Stranding and will surely be my GOTY.
  16. I think you’re absolutely right, but I’ve never been a fan of playing something differently in order to get what I want from it, I prefer the experience to be designed. It’s just a matter of personal taste I guess.
  17. I do wonder if it could use some gated progression. I realise this kind of goes against the idea of an open-world game being completely ‘open’, but the issue I’m having now is that I’m twatting most of the bosses I’m coming across in 5 or 6 hits, so it’s not feeling quite as satisfying as it could. If my progression was paced out a bit more I doubt that would be happening. What’s strange is that there are places where they’ve kind of implemented some gating, but then not really as there are ways around it. As much as the sense of freedom is great, I do think it can have a negative effect as well.
  18. This was me. And then I decided to persevere with Dark Souls. And it became my favourite game of all time.
  19. I always assumed I didn’t like open-world games, but it turns out I love them. Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Subnautica, RDR2, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Satisfactory, BotW and now Elden Ring. All incredible. Halo Infinite can get fucked though. Sad excuse of an open-world game.
  20. Finished up Redmane Castle last night (post Radahn). I hung my head at that last encounter. Bloody did it though!
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