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  1. Yeah, I thought that was over fiddly.
  2. Yep, and the best thing about that is that the industry will no doubt take note when you consider the reception this has received.
  3. Have to agree on the shoddy Series X frame rate unfortunately. I don’t usually notice that sort of thing but I found it very off-putting here. Was tempted to get a refund and go PS5 but it sounds as if that’s unstable as well (albeit with some extra frames in play). Gonna stick it on my gaming monitor instead of the TV and hope that VRR does the business.
  4. I’m guessing running the Series X version at 1440p should help with the performance? Less bothered about 4k.
  5. Bit annoyed about the reports of poor PC performance. Might switch to console.
  6. Reviews in 45 mins. Anyone steering clear of them completely? Skillup has said his will be spoiler free so I might just listen to it to stoke that hype machine.
  7. I’m pretty sure with the Souls games, Miyazaki always said that the story was only ever piecemeal and it was left up to the player to interpret and fill in the gaps. I believe this was because that’s how he felt when reading a lot of fantasy books growing up.
  8. If this ends up as a 99 on metacritic there’s going to be uproar.
  9. Do you mean the £25 Argentinian version? Also tempted.
  10. I’d hate it if I found these games easy to be honest. You’d be robbed of the immense satisfaction you get from conquering what’s on offer.
  11. Oh, I’m sure we’ll all still have trouble if we come to a fight armed to the teeth! But then ‘easier’ doesn’t mean ‘easy’
  12. I believe it’s going to be more open and allow you to go off and do other things* if you come up against something too difficult, but I don’t for one minute believe they’re going to make any of the enemy encounters easier. *By ‘do other things’, I hope this to be a more involved and rewarding version of grinding. So instead of rinsing the Undead Burg fifty times to level up a bunch, you’ll achieve the same thing by clearing dungeons and exploring the environment.
  13. Understandably quiet in here at the moment, but just think, this time next week this thread is going to be spoiler tagged posts as far as the eye can see. Can’t wait.
  14. As somebody that is absolutely awful at videogames in general, and also as someone that has finished all the Souls games*, I can promise you that an easy mode in a FromSoft game would just kill what’s so great about them. The sense of accomplishment after you finally beat a boss after 100 attempts cannot be beaten. It’s at the very core of what sets these titles head and shoulders above the rest. *I sense some people thinking, “Well you can’t be that bad”, but the first Dark Souls took me 250 hours to complete.
  15. Loved the date tease at the end. Looks very promising.
  16. I’m sat here listening to the soundtrack and it’s so bloody good. Played it on release but listening to this has it all flooding back. Such a great game.
  17. Maybe less of the ‘shut up’s’? It’s only going to get peoples backs up. You’ll still get your point across without it.
  18. This has well and truly got its hooks in me. It’s so good. A bit too good in fact. I’ve got too much other stuff to play!
  19. I started this a couple of hours ago. I just want to check, am I right in thinking that there’s a lot of just holding the space bar down for ages to craft initial materials? I should add that it isn’t a problem if this is the case, I kinda love mundane repetitive tasks in games, I just want to check I’m not missing something i.e there’s a way of setting it going and coming back. I’ve finished upgrading the hub and now it just says ‘build the space elevator’ without any other guidance. I’m assuming that figuring it all out for yourself is where the fun lies? Good first impressions!
  20. So this launches the same day as Elden Ring? Well ain’t that a treat? That said, mine isn’t due until Q2
  21. So ridiculously excited for this. When I think about all the games From have made up to this point, and then consider the sheer scope of this project, it has the potential to be my GOAT. I don’t even have any concerns about it not meeting my expectations, I just can’t imagine Miyazaki dropping the ball. I do realise that means I’ve got even further to fall if I end up not clicking with it, but it’s fun to stoke that hype train sometimes.
  22. I would start with Red Matter to get you back into it as it’s not too long and it’s really good. I played some Asgard’s Wrath when it first came out but didn’t get very far into it. What I did play was great though.
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