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  1. I think I might start compiling all the hot takes I’ve read over the past 24 hours and forward them on to Microsoft. Might help them decide if they really want to go through with this after all.
  2. Can only echo everything @metallicfrodo said above, it really is a great little game in every way. I love that VR is still wowing me almost 6 years on from the release of the first Rift.
  3. Maintaining the combat loop isn’t a criticism, it’s an absolute necessity. My criticism is that it’s the only thing Infinite has going for it, and I can go play any of the other Halo games to get that particular fix.
  4. And I’m of the opinion that people aren’t being harsh enough. Let’s not forget, it’s currently sat at 87 on Metacritic, has appeared on most big gaming sites top ten of 2021 and the majority of people on here seem to be loving it. That’s great, and I’m pleased for those that feel that way, BUT! … there are so many comments along the lines of ‘yes it has a lot wrong with it, but it’s still got that combat loop’. Well, yeah maybe, but every other Halo game has that combat loop as well, so what’s Infinite bringing to the party? And that’s where it suddenly falls down, in my opinion. It isn’t an amazing ‘open world’ game. The progression systems are incredibly weak. The story, well I think we’re all in agreement on that one. And on top of all that, it’s unfinished, after 6 years in development. 343 should absolutely be held to a higher standard, and if everyone gives them a massive round of applause and pat on the back, they’ll just do the same next time.
  5. I was particularly impressed with the following… Another Round Riders of Justice The Green Knight Pig Nobody
  6. I don’t think anyone is hating on people who love it for what it is, merely stating an opinion. Its obvious looking back on this thread since launch that there are a few of us that have been genuinely surprised at the positive reaction that Infinite has received, but we’re very much in the minority. What’s wrong with some balanced opinion? As for it being an amazing achievement, I would bet that a lot of people working at 343 would be smiling through gritted teeth at such a compliment. The campaign is a half-baked, compromised product that’s hanging on for dear life to a combat loop from a 20 year old game. But I tell you what, that multiplayer goes a long way to redeem it!
  7. Death Stranding Dark Souls Subnautica The Last of Us Ocarina of Time Honourable mentions: Halo 3, Destiny, Journey, Inside, Obra Dinn, Ico.
  8. I’ve never received a 30% coupon OR an £8 credit and I’ve owned every Oculus headset outside of the Rift S. Seems a bit weird.
  9. After being really excited for Jett: The Far Shore and then being a bit deflated by all the average reviews, this issue has reignited my interest with the nods it’s received in the awards. I also wasn’t aware they gave it an 8 when they reviewed it.
  10. As @Uncle Nasty says, hopefully you’ll get more mileage from it overall, but my feelings are quite closely aligned with his and I’d say the Tower level was still during the honeymoon period for me. Be interested to hear your thoughts as you progress, but I wouldn’t worry too much, the majority of folk seem to be loving it.
  11. I still haven’t started this even though I bought it at launch. Figured I’d let it bake a bit more and then forgot about it. Is there a general consensus on the best life path to go for? Or is it just personal preference?
  12. I agree, it does seem quite harsh, but I honestly believe that’s what they’ll be thinking. It’s quite obvious that somewhere along the line something went very wrong and they needed to scale back or maybe even scrap their original vision. It wouldn’t surprise me if they pretty much started from scratch a few years ago. Like I said in my previous post, if this came out in 2018, three years after Halo 5, I’d be more inclined to turn a blind eye and just say it’s not for me, but here we are 6 years down the road and a rumoured $500 million dollars spent, and what we’ve ended up with, in my opinion, is a very average title.
  13. I’m totally with you. I don’t want to stink up the thread with negativity either, but most people seem to be loving it so it can’t hurt to tip the balance a bit. I think if this had come out in 2018, three years after Halo 5, I’m still not sure I would’ve liked it, but I would’ve been a lot more forgiving of it. As it stands, I can’t believe this is what they came up with after 6 years and all that Microsoft cash. You’re damn right my expectations were high with all that time and money spent. I mean, go back and watch that first reveal trailer from 2018 when they should’ve been three years into the project (so arguably at that point not a concept piece). It has so much promise. Weather systems, different biomes, an abundance of wildlife, mysterious writing on cave walls. They really gave the impression that this was going to be Halo on a truly massive scale. Instead, we’ve been served another below par Halo campaign, hidden inside a much smaller open-world that doesn’t really serve any purpose other than allowing you to shoot more aliens in the face. 343 must have breathed a massive sigh of relief when they saw that Metascore come in. That same old dependable combat loop saved their asses. They got away with it.
  14. I’m really enjoying it, it’s a nice contrast to Verdansk which had much flatter terrain. That said, I wish they didn’t retire the previous map and just left it in so you could choose what you wanted to play. I understand that would dilute the player base down a lot but let’s face it, it’s the biggest battle royale game on the planet, I can’t see it being an issue.
  15. Has everyone watched Patriot on Prime yet? I posted about it on the first page and it’s still the best tv show ever made.
  16. It was buggy as hell when I played it the other night so it’s difficult to tell at the moment. It certainly looks as if it’ll be good once they’ve sorted it out though.
  17. I found the mongoose and warthog to be far too floaty. It was difficult to get anywhere without easily flipping them. Oh, and on a few occasions I got them stuck on rocks and had to walk the rest of the way to my destination.
  18. Under 10 hours on normal, pretty sure someone in here said 13 hours on Legendary.
  19. I honestly thought I was the only person that held that view. I agree with everything you’ve said there.
  20. It’s only Vanguard Royale at the moment which sticks to WW2 stuff only I believe, I reckon all the skins and modern weapons will be available in regular Battle Royale mode which should arrive later on today (6pm?). Was a bit annoyed when I booted this last night to find that the only way of playing the new map in the 24hr early access window (for Vanguard owners) was ‘Vanguard Royale Quads’. I didn’t have three others available last night and I don’t fancy my chances going Solo in a quads match, so that particular perk was a waste of time. What a bunch of dicks Activision can be.
  21. I souped up my Quest 2 with some bits from VR Cover and it made a world of difference to the comfort level. I usually get instant headaches when putting the base unit on, feels like it’s hitting some pressure points on my head, but with the foam pads front and back it’s really comfortable. The battery expansion strap really helps balance out the weight at the front as well.
  22. ‘Moss: Book II’ is in development I believe!
  23. Agreed! Moss was the first VR title I played through to completion and I loved every minute of it. It’s a great example of how VR doesn’t just have to be about first person experiences and I wish there were more titles like it available.
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