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  1. The inventory management alone is worth the price of admission..
  2. Well, I didn’t see that coming. Currently sat at 81 on Metacritic.
  3. Agreed on all counts. I played this for ages yesterday and loved it. It feels so strange to know an environment so well and then be ‘in’ it. I think RE having tank controls is what makes the switch to VR so successful.
  4. I imagine they’re really feeling the pressure for this reveal after the previous effort. Fingers crossed.
  5. Oh, really? I could’ve sworn it had been announced? Oh well, guess I’ll get it on PC then!
  6. Argh, I really wanna play this but I want the Switch version!
  7. I played this a little bit when it first came out but fell off pretty quickly before I got a real feel for it. Is it basically a first person Hades meets bullet hell shooter?
  8. Christ, tough crowd. I’m not sure I’ve seen a better impression of anyone ever if I’m honest. At first I thought he was just able to do the exaggerated zany parts of his personality, but I was impressed by how he captured his mannerisms and quieter moments.
  9. A lot of people keep saying this. It wasn't mentioned in the rules, no, but come on, the characters in the show and us as viewers surely know that that isn’t going to cut it. The people running the game don’t think twice about killing the contestants so it’s not much of a stretch to assume that doing what you say would result in a sniper shot to the head.
  10. What the fuck is going on with the release date for this? Not only is it out a year late because of Covid, but it’s coming out on November 18th meaning it’s missing the Halloween window, which just seems crazy. And reviews have already dropped! This should be hitting cinemas tomorrow, surely!?
  11. I’m loving this. The bosses are tough, and I usually get pretty pissed off after a few tries, assuming I’m unlikely to ever beat them. But I keep chipping away, trying new approaches and eventually bring them down. So very satisfying. And I’ve beaten all the Souls games! I think the difficulty took me by surprise as the cartoon look and cute pet sidekicks had me thinking this would be a lighter affair, but I’m glad they went tougher on the gameplay. Reminds me a bit of Immortals: Fenyx Rising, which I also really enjoyed.
  12. Really enjoying this. The EMMI encounters can be a bit frustrating, but when you take them on it’s pretty cool.
  13. Yeah, you’re not wrong. Took me far more attempts than I’m willing to admit!
  14. Really? Is that a new thing? I swear it worked when I got my Lite.
  15. Just seen that Satisfye have announced a new grip for the OLED model. Bit frustrating that the previous one doesn’t fit, but I’m not sure I could go without it now. https://www.satisfye.com/products/zengrip-oled
  16. Agreed. It’s pretty shitty pirating the game in the first place, let alone blatantly admitting it on a public forum.
  17. Oh christ, let’s not stir all this up again.
  18. I will say, I think this is slightly unfair, even though it works both ways. Nobody really knows how ‘upcoming’ titles will perform until someone gets their hands on them and reports back.
  19. Bearing in mind what I just said in my last post, I will just say let’s consider for a moment how spoiled we’ve become. Slight performance drops aside, we’re now able to play proper, full fledged AAA games on a bloody handheld. It’s nuts.
  20. FFS, it’s an un-winnable argument on both sides. It doesn’t matter! Let’s all just have our opinions and have a massive hug.
  21. Although having a more powerful machine would obviously be beneficial for performance, I fear you’d just get the same issues on upgraded hardware. If there’s more power, devs would throw more at it, and the same thing would keep happening. I imagine more time spent better optimising games would be the best move.
  22. Hmm, I do wonder if this is going to effect their sales a bit. I expect there are quite a lot of people in the same boat as me that played it when it was out on GamePass and don’t really relish the idea of forking out over thirty quid for a game they’ve already finished, just to play the DLC. Does anyone know how long the DLC clocks in at?
  23. I played this through on Gamepass as well. Do you need to buy the base game and then the DLC? Or is there some sort of cheaper bundle available?
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