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  1. I’m loving this. The bosses are tough, and I usually get pretty pissed off after a few tries, assuming I’m unlikely to ever beat them. But I keep chipping away, trying new approaches and eventually bring them down. So very satisfying. And I’ve beaten all the Souls games! I think the difficulty took me by surprise as the cartoon look and cute pet sidekicks had me thinking this would be a lighter affair, but I’m glad they went tougher on the gameplay. Reminds me a bit of Immortals: Fenyx Rising, which I also really enjoyed.
  2. Really enjoying this. The EMMI encounters can be a bit frustrating, but when you take them on it’s pretty cool.
  3. Yeah, you’re not wrong. Took me far more attempts than I’m willing to admit!
  4. Really? Is that a new thing? I swear it worked when I got my Lite.
  5. Just seen that Satisfye have announced a new grip for the OLED model. Bit frustrating that the previous one doesn’t fit, but I’m not sure I could go without it now. https://www.satisfye.com/products/zengrip-oled
  6. Agreed. It’s pretty shitty pirating the game in the first place, let alone blatantly admitting it on a public forum.
  7. Oh christ, let’s not stir all this up again.
  8. I will say, I think this is slightly unfair, even though it works both ways. Nobody really knows how ‘upcoming’ titles will perform until someone gets their hands on them and reports back.
  9. Bearing in mind what I just said in my last post, I will just say let’s consider for a moment how spoiled we’ve become. Slight performance drops aside, we’re now able to play proper, full fledged AAA games on a bloody handheld. It’s nuts.
  10. FFS, it’s an un-winnable argument on both sides. It doesn’t matter! Let’s all just have our opinions and have a massive hug.
  11. Although having a more powerful machine would obviously be beneficial for performance, I fear you’d just get the same issues on upgraded hardware. If there’s more power, devs would throw more at it, and the same thing would keep happening. I imagine more time spent better optimising games would be the best move.
  12. Hmm, I do wonder if this is going to effect their sales a bit. I expect there are quite a lot of people in the same boat as me that played it when it was out on GamePass and don’t really relish the idea of forking out over thirty quid for a game they’ve already finished, just to play the DLC. Does anyone know how long the DLC clocks in at?
  13. I played this through on Gamepass as well. Do you need to buy the base game and then the DLC? Or is there some sort of cheaper bundle available?
  14. Just to add, I’m not sure I’ll ever forget the first time I used a zip line. After the tens of hours tackling rough terrain it felt almost as if I’d learned to fly in real life.
  15. Yeah, but with zip lines it’s REALLY fast I found them especially useful when carting stuff up to the Elder. Such a pain getting up there!
  16. I also set up a big network of zip lines across the whole central map. I imagine some might think it makes the game too easy, but it took so much work I reckon I’ve earned it. I’m on the home stretch now. I played about 20 hours from Friday and then ended up loading my Edge Knot City PS4 save over. Was great to start playing again from the start but I’d already built all the roads and five starred most of the centre of the map on my old save. I just couldn’t face all that work again. As it draws to a close, I’m starting to think this might pip the post as my favourite game ever (previously Dark Souls). It’s just such an amazing experience.
  17. I’m starting again with about 60 hours on the clock on PS4
  18. Anyone know when the review embargo is up for this? Seems as if it’s going to be a last minute thing like Kena: Bridge of Spirits was earlier this week.
  19. A fiver really is excellent. Did you hear that, Ghost of Tsushima? Surprised to see that PS4 save files will also carry over to the Directors Cut.
  20. I’ve got a really good feeling about this one.
  21. Mystacon


    It’s a strange one this. I certainly feel compelled to go back and keep playing, but my opinion of it feels very much aligned with @Moz. The combat is really easy, to the point where I simply don’t need to use any of the powers. It might be ‘fun’ to use them, but unless they’re essential, I feel that’s a bit of a failing of the games design. Also, so far at least, I haven’t had to figure anything out for myself. As an example, I needed to find out some information in order to identify one of the visionaries and at one point I entered a room and suddenly Colt said something to the effect of ‘ok, I’ve got what I need’ and it turns out some enemies had had a conversation telling me what I needed to know. Well, I didn’t even hear what they said! And suddenly I’ve completed my task. At this point I can’t even be bothered trying to follow what’s going on. Someone else mentioned Outer Wilds earlier in the thread and I think it’s a good comparison. That game forces you to be invested in the story in order to proceed, and I think that’s what made it so successful. This just feels like a long series of checkpoints. For those that have completed it, does this change at all?
  22. Mystacon


    Just had my first scripted fight with Juliana on the roof outside my flat. Once I killed her it said to check her remains for a slab, but I’ve checked everywhere and can’t find anything. Bug or am I missing something?
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