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  1. shut up you idiot, what do you know?
  2. Neil Hannon, Ben Folds, Elliot Smith...
  3. Everyone still on for tonight then?
  4. I'm actually going to be revisiting GR for the first time in ages tonight as a mate of mine has just got Live. I reckon I could be up for a game or two on monday night. I'm sure my mate would be up for it as well, my gamertag is 'EMPY C' and his is 'Dirty Beagle'.
  5. I loved the first one, and it was nice to see that the developers actually gave us some new levels to download as well. I'm really hoping that the multiplayer aspect of SC2 works well, I mean we can already see that it looks awesome, but how well will it play? The idea is certainly there, I just hope it works in practice. If it does, then I really think it'll be something special (and different) for online gaming.
  6. And now you've got to go all the way back to the shop and get it again now...
  7. I'll try and get on tonight, although i'm a Counterstrike virgin as well. Try for around 10pm...
  8. Mystacon

    Monkey Bowling

    My best is about 244, although I believe quite a few people have got 300...
  9. I'm actually quite pleased you told us this, it'll make me feel good if I kick your arse at Counterstrike tonight
  10. Oh come on, you cant just tell us that much. More please.
  11. Personally, i reckon if you were carrying a big heavy gun, it would take a bit longer than you think.
  12. On a recruitment drive now I see
  13. Oh go on then... (as you may have noticed, I don't need a lot of persuading) What time will everyone be online?
  14. So should I pick this up on my way home tonight then? I've stayed away from it until I read this thread as I always thought it was a trigger happy kill fest...
  15. I don't think this is the case at all. I think they made it the main selling point by calling it 'PSX'. They could've quite easily given it it's own seperate identity...
  16. It's actually only £6.99 on play...but it's sold out.
  17. I reckon it's a perfect difficulty level on easy, certainly for me anyway. I prefer a game that allows me to progress without too much trouble, otherwise I just get wound up and stop playing. That said, once I've finished it on easy I might go back and try on a harder setting.
  18. I would have to say Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Halo 2
  19. It gets a lot better as you go on, just in case you're not too impressed by the early levels (although I think the whole thing is ace...).
  20. I love this game, can't get enough of it. Best weapons for me would have to be the tether gun and recruiter grenades. I'd love to think they'll make a sequel but it probably hasn't sold well enough for them to bother. If this is the case it's a crying shame.
  21. haven't you heard? this actually happens in reality now...
  22. I got such bad motion sickness playing Halo once that I was laid out in bed for two days...
  23. Siege with one life is where it's at, feckin awesome... Might be on tonight, what time will you be on Elmo?
  24. Christ, I hope this one doesn't give me motion sickness. I'm looking forward to it too much.
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