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  1. I've done a search but can't find anything definite on this - will PS3 fight pads work with this? Maybe they work already? - I don't have one but will get one if they do. I have a 360 USB one which I guess won't? So many questions.
  2. I hadn't noticed that... how'd you know they're unwashed? (he does look like they might be unwashed) I'm a total Triple D snob, I only really like the early seasons I find on youtube where it's all the weird, family owned places in small towns. The new ep's seem too focused on places ran by hipsters in big cities.
  3. I almost always watch an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with my dinner.
  4. jaynay


    It was UB40/Johnny Cash/The Wurzels on constant repeat in his car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkz71zy8T8s
  5. It's a pretty good cam version, the sound was perfect - that's the bit I usually can't get past.
  6. In a hungover moment of weakness I almost went to see this, so glad a cam version popped up yesterday... Anyway the main takeaway I had was how psychopathic the good guys are (human & robot) and are constantly shouting out their intention to kill each other. I couldn't believe how long it was either and ended up skipping ahead to the dinobots.
  7. The was like the 'bro' trailer but still looked amazing, I'm glad they did the first two before though.
  8. I really liked it, the first half feels like a decent Hollywood action film, made interesting by some good performances but about half way the tone changes and the slightly surreal Korean/Gilliamness comes in. It's like cross between Bioshock and the Matrix films.
  9. In AD 2031: the passengers in the train are the only survivors on Earth.... Anyone seen this? Not sure it's been released here yet. Chris Evans is the lead with Billy Elliot as his sidekick, it's a sort of sci-fi action movie / art house hybrid, like a more action packed Gilliam film (one of the characters is even called Gilliam). The trailer has Hunger Games vibes but it's more interesting and weird than than that, Tilda Swinton's seems to a have based her character on Margaret Thatcher.
  10. He was talking to his child with what might've been fake enthusiasm. He did look quite fat and very grey however. Just watched that clip. Oh god. https://twitter.com/jamesnation/status/439089490519687168
  11. I saw Stewart Lee in Stoke Newington yesterday. He was with his kids. We made eye contact. His eyes said please don't talk to me.
  12. Good timing, they literally just announced that Fincher is doing a movie based on the official bio Apparently it's going to be "three real time 30-minute scenes to capture the Mac, NeXT, and iPod product launches, in 1984, 1997, and 2001 respectively" I love Fincher, maybe an obvious choice but the Social Network made the Facebook story thrilling and Jobs is a way more interesting character than Zucks. It'll be amazing.
  13. I've watched this about 20 times. I agree with Smitty that the delivery on some of the lines *could* have been better but the overall tone is just beautiful. With Hooked on a Feeling in this and Blue in Iron Man 3 Marvel are making the best use of pop music since Tarantino.
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