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  1. The carts ain't lying - they won't work with anything else. Unless the pots have been cleaned you'll probably find the paddles are a bit jittery.
  2. I guess he fits the bill when you're making a game about jumping around on rooftops. Maybe they were going for goofy rather than cool? What's cool about a ladybug? Or a frog? Edit: or a plumber?
  3. I used to love the original arcade game; they had it at a social club my parents used to go to. I even wrote a terrible version on the Spectrum in BASIC featuring a caterpillar (dunno). I liked Hunchback II on the Spectrum too and remember footage of it during development being broadcast on TV at the time, but I can't remember which programme. I think the arcade game was quite popular. edit: actually I had Hunchback II on the C64 too but remember nothing about it all unlike the Spectrum version
  4. Doesn't it all just stem from the original Hunchback arcade game?
  5. There are Jp games that don't work via RGB SCART :/
  6. As much as Sega are rightly praised for the high number of 60hz DC releases we got over here, it scrambles my brains that they green lit a library of games with a mess of a compatibility matrix across three different types of cable. It's absurd.
  7. I used to love Hypercircuit but haven't played it for a very long time. I haven't played either of the BC games for many years either but I recall them being a bit .. finicky. The second one especially. I was only vaguely aware of the tie-in back in the day but they still had massive appeal because of the awesome graphics. I used to quite enjoy them back then; I'll have to give them another go. Back in the day I liked these American releases coming over here after a bit of lag. It meant we got to play them and some were quality. Bruce Lee was Datasoft IIRC. Lode Runner
  8. Little Racers Street really didn't grab me back in the day for some reason, but I've been playing it tonight and it's REALLY good. I also played some Chiebura; a very strange Jp XBLIG shooter I'd completely forgotten about. Had no idea it got a Vita release: https://ricedigital.co.uk/doujin-classics-chiebura/ edit: remembered another good one - Tobe's Vertical Adventure. edit: how fucking great is One Finger Death Punch? Anyone know if the sequel is any good?
  9. I got my name into this game and I can't quite remember how.
  10. Weren't the Ultima games a big deal in Japan, essentially laying the foundations for JRPGs?
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