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  1. The song he posted after was also sampled on the same Doom album.
  2. Street Fighter II definitely. Multiple versions across at least 11 platforms.
  3. The sequel was great too. Both were a bit more than simple Gauntlet clones. The sequel suffers slightly from having to use the keyboard a fair bit during play. I can't remember if the first is similar in that regard.
  4. I love the cards. I had a few and got rid of them for godknowsthefuckwhy.
  5. The games section of Lemon64 isn't complete, but I'm pretty certain it'll have the major games you're after.
  6. The GameBase64 database holds year of release. Your best bet would be to get hold of the actual database as filtering by year on the website is going to give you hundreds of games to page through. I guess you'd need to determine what the 'big hitters' are.
  7. Donkey Kong on the Game Boy is amazing. As is the GBA sequel. I've never been a fan of Gauntlet. I've tried, but no. Spore on the C64 takes Gauntlet and condenses the gameplay into manic single screen blast fests and it's infinitely better. There's a bug that means you get stuck in gates sometimes which I'm hoping someone will fix one day. Other than that, it's perfect.
  8. Laser League is pretty good. Does Rocket League count? edit: I really like Hypaball and Bounces on the C64. Both got bad reviews, but they were fun in two-player.
  9. Ocean Wisdom and Dizzee Rascal make such a great team.
  10. It's a bit washed out compared to a backlit model but it's not unusable.
  11. It definitely solved the issue of having a screen you couldn't see unless you had perfect lighting.
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