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  1. Ah so that’s for actually connecting the hub to the Nano board? I’m still confused about where the “sketchy” connection comes into it but perhaps this will all make more sense once I get it all. Thanks all for your patience.
  2. lol ok so I need to make sure I have a splitter to power the USB hub. It says this on the site: So there’s a minimalist connection via [word soup] but there’s also a power splitter cable. That’s two separate options right? And the minimalist option is to be avoided?
  3. This was pretty good and had some nice funny moments. It’s a bit too Scooby Doo at times, a bit too Harry Potter at others, but it’s still very entertaining.
  4. Sorry, another: if I get an acrylic case, a USB hub V2.1 and a Mean Well PSU, can I stop trying to make sense of discussions about otg cables and USB hubs and power splitters?
  5. It's about time I started getting some of the things I need for my board, which is currently just sitting in a box. But as ever, I have questions Digital IO board allows you to load games from tape. I realise I'm in a minority, but this appeals to me as I own lots of tapes. Analogue IO board allows connection to CRT TVs. This appeals to me also, as I have CRTs. Can I use both? What are the three buttons mentioned above? Why can a fan not be mounted without an anaologue board? EDIT: Looks like there is a specific audio input board too. https://misterfpga.co.uk/product/adc-in-audio-tape-input-board/ EDITEDIT: Do I need a fan _and_ a heatsink? To answer some of my own questions: looks like the three buttons are for controlling the unit. Reset, menu etc. And both IO boards have these three buttons. So I can probably go with the analogue IO board and get the separate audio input board.
  6. Nothing to add other than I love Barnstorming. Also I love that Sky Jinks shot.
  7. Patchwork Heroes had a Jp UMD release. I forgot about the Wipeout games. I get them confused but I think it was Pure that I put a huge number of hours into. Great game.
  8. Yeah, same. It’s completely soulless. We need a Nas album with Apollo Brown, L’Orange or the Czar-Keys. Or just listen to YOD; he puts out consistently better albums at a daft rate.
  9. How about the Harryhausen Sinbad films?
  10. Thanks for the write-up. Still sounds like it was worth attending.
  11. One of mine has gone a bit leaky
  12. Worse were the ones you'd get back in a state
  13. Is that the gig with Romesh Ranganathan? I must admit, I cringe at that skit with him on the new album. I’d still be all over that gig if I hadn’t just moved to Wales. Let us know how it goes.
  14. Yes. Love them. L’Orange’s beats on all three albums are incredible and I love Solemn Brigham’s almost song-like delivery. Really really good stuff. Favourite tracks are Small Business, Medicated, Royal, Past Life, OG Funk Rock and Otherworld.
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