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  1. NES version is a good effort. Always find it weird seeing the Ocean logo on console games.
  2. Would totally put this on my CV. Best wishes @Nate Dogg III.
  3. It will be the arcade ROM on Taito Legends. Any approximation will be in the emulator.
  4. Loaded up the BBC version of this tonight as I was messing around with the Beeb core on my Next. Eesh.
  5. Never been a massive fan of Rainbow Islands, much preferring Bubble Bobble and Parasol Stars but I'm happy to give it another chance to prove me wrong. Started with the Speccy version tonight on my Next and it's a masterful job by Graftgold considering the machine's capabilities and up-to-jump control issues. It hasn't really grabbed me so far but I'm still getting to grips with the mechanics of the game. I'll probably move onto the PCE version soon where I'll be less distracted by the limitations of the host machine. I'll also give the C64, NES, MD and Game Boy versions a bash. I've got a PlayStation release of it too, coupled with Bubble Bobble. I imagine that's going to be pretty much identical to the arcade version which I could otherwise access on the Taito Legends compilation. Are there any versions of it that are wildly different?
  6. The rope swinging just doesn't work that well. Shame because the rest of the game is ace. Reminds me of Athletic Land in that it's just a game of timed jumps, but somehow loads of fun.
  7. Fuck me, I had no idea Gus Fring was Buggin Out in Do the Right Thing!
  8. How are games discounted on My Nintendo and how would you buy them? Slightly confused. edit: I think I see what you mean now - by redeeming earned points.
  9. Stage 5 is frustrating for the wrong reasons.
  10. Camel

    This is Hip-Hop.

    I assumed the whole 'lol it was an April Fool joke' was the actual April fool joke? Is it not? Too meta for me.
  11. Only report I've seen of an inline switch causing a sound issue was more of a crackling caused by a faulty switch. Coud be external interference. Is there a mobile nearby? If nobody here has noticed similar I think you'd be better off asking on the forum or FB page.
  12. Clicking while you navigate the Next's menus is normal. Unless you mean you get a click even when you don't press a key ? Not sure what to make of that audio file, sorry. What's going on?
  13. Camel


    Haven't really shmupped very much for ages but this week I've been getting quite into Darius Burst CS on my PSTV and Ghost Blade HD on PS4. Really like the segmented nature of the levels in DB CS. I can't get on with the three-screen width style of arcade mode at all though; just feels too weird to have such s narrow view. Am I right in saying Ghost Blade doesn't get much love? It's really clicked for me. Seemed way too hard to begin with but once my eyes got used to picking out those pink bullets among all the madness I really started to enjoy it and I've been making some headway.
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