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  1. ^ it's a really good collection. I need to get back into playing again.
  2. Ah yes, gotcha. The front end for T4K is very no-frills in that way.
  3. I'm surprised you think this. Lots of his 8-bit games have really good presentation for the era in which they were released.
  4. There's some discussion in the Master System appreciation thread in retro about the superior SMS version of Shinobi compared to the original.
  5. Is that Nomad modded to allow SMS games to run?
  6. Just came in to post that EDIT: I hope it's going to lead to more than just Hunter's Moon. For me, Hunter's Moon is one of those games that I really, really want to love but it just escapes me. I bought the original when it came out on the C64 (and still have it) and I've got the remastered version, but the slow turning/moving speed of the ship and speed of enemy bullets just leads to an unsatisfying experience where deaths aren't always avoidable. Would be nice to get sequels in the same way as Warhawk has been done; ie a souped up sequel. A new Armalyte would be amazing.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spectrumnext/zx-spectrum-next-issue-2
  8. £880,000+ now. They'd better get a move on with working out what the 900k stretch goal is going to be
  9. Triple, even. I too bought a pre-soldered Pi but it's just sitting there in its little bag, all sad.
  10. As I understand it, any of the models can be upgraded to be at the same spec. So not a shitty move at all. This isn't just a case of 'ooh, taxes were a bit higher than we thought, we'll jack the price up!', the people responsible for delivering the Next had to make up the shortfall themselves. So the first round of Nexts were delivered despite it being produced at a loss. Just think about that for a moment. In this thread there was speculation about money being "lost" when in fact, the Next team have delivered something pretty astounding despite having to foot a hefty tax bill themselves. I was surprised the prices were so much higher this time around but I 100% believe the reasons given; productions costs are going to be higher because sourcing the components is now more expensive and this unforeseen tax needs to be taken into account. There are 2,308 backers so far with 29 days to go. They're at triple the target a day in and you're moaning about the low numbers. I mean. tbh this is such a niche machine, I'm happy that the numbers are in the thousands. I think the price hike is putting off lots of people, yes. Given your expertise in the field of manufacturing niche micro computers, I'm surprised you haven't offered to help these guys out so they can get costs down and make the Next even more of a success. As mentioned, I have Baggers sitting here. And Warhawk. Tyvarian was released too. These three games are up for pre-order again I believe. Q-Bee came out too but is no longer available. There are a ton of games in development, but remember, this is a niche platform. Nobody is throwing money at games on the Next to get stuff out, so it's mostly hobbyists and homebrew coders. I didn't expect any different from the platform tbh. Buying a Spectrum Next in order to access a slew of new commercial games is asking for disappointment. I believe the platform will truly shine and become home to lots of excellent games eventually, but that was never going to happen instantly. I too use it a lot as a really good Spectrum gaming machine. Its BASIC is really fun to use and surprisingly powerful so I'll be delving into that more as well as adventures in assembly. Part of the problem is there isn't an equivalent of the £175 model this time round. I still can't get my head around so much (often baseless) negativity toward an actual new model of Sinclair Spectrum in 2020 which is really, really, surprisingly good. I mean that this thing actually even happened is ridiculous.
  11. One weird trick to rule them all.
  12. You can add everything that's in the accelerated version too. Is there anything released so far that requires more RAM? I don't think there is.
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