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  1. I don’t remember any talk of Amazon selling the Next. It’s never been funded upfront so wouldn’t even make sense. I love my Next, but accept it for what it is; a hobbyist machine available in very limited numbers. I expect we’ll continue to get a trickle of software for it in the same way we get homebrew for old consoles/micros. It’s a great way to play speccy stuff and has a really powerful version of BASIC if you’re that way inclined.
  2. Nah, Atari 2600 version is still the best. There’s a slightly tweaked C64 version of HERO used for high score competitions that they could include as a bonus though.
  3. This means we’ll get a H.E.R.O sequel on Xbox, right?
  4. There’s a Quickshot joystick where you hold a ball and move it around like a stick.
  5. Camel

    The Jazz Thread

    James Mtume also deserves recognition for being responsible indirectly for the creation of one of hip hop’s finest songs - Stetsasonic’s Talking All That Jazz. Another answer record of sorts, created in response to his criticism of sampling.
  6. ^ wanted one of those so badly
  7. Nooo. I really liked the clicky d-pad of the first DS. Gutted when I got a new-fangled DS and its d-pad was squidgy and useless for anything requiring diagonals.
  8. No. I still use one to this day. Great controllers. Those long flat ones that came with the Jr are terrible though. The creaky Colecovision controllers are pretty awful as well.
  9. That's right. There was an attempted coup. Hopefully it's over now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-59900738
  10. It’s hard on a real machine too. I’ve never got very far on it. Shame as it’s really nicely done.
  11. They have a current offer of three months for £1.
  12. I’ve reached the episode where you guys talk about Rapper’s Delight. You’re right, it’s a much earlier song - 1979 - so I’m not sure why it was back in the charts in the mid-80s. It’s not the first recorded rap song though. Don’t think I’ve ever played Black Hawk, sounds like I need to give that a go. Space Harrier has always been a pretty shallow and pointless game underneath the -admittedly impressive - showy exterior. I think they did the best that could really be managed on the 64.
  13. Went there to teach English and stayed, basically.
  14. The developer of this game is a really old friend of mine who moved to Kazakhstan many years ago. He has an excellent coding group on FB called Happy Coding ZX. https://www.facebook.com/groups/happycodingzx/?ref=share As well as the above game, he’s worked on some excellent projects via the group including a really close conversion of Asteroids and the brilliant Jetpac RX. If anyone wants to support the development of these games he has a Patreon page and could do with the support at the moment. The country is in a state of unrest which means he can’t work currently. www.patreon.com/happycodingzx
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